The weeks went by,

The ground unfroze,

But his heart was still cold as the December snow.

As spring came and passed,

The days grew long,

Max spent them down in the down under,

Reading and writing the unvanquished truth,

Of the knight and his steed that once stood tall above the world.

Now that knight has fallen,

His steed stands alone,

Thinking and remembering the freak he knew.

The fireworks came loud bangs and pops,

This time there was no knight to sit on his head,

And look up in awe.

This time he is alone,

Looking up at the stars,

Hoping his knight came see him,

Where ever he may be.

Oh but Max don't you fret,

You and Freak will see each other again,

When your time comes,

To leave and go home

Your Mom and Freak will be waiting for you at the gates of Heaven.

Once again Freak the Mighty will stand tall,

Slaying dragons,

Saving the princess,

And eating at King Arthur's round table with his knights.

But until then,

Just remember,

That Freak will always be with you,

Weather you see him or not,

For he has touched you,

And you have touched him, in way no other could.