~Closer to the Edge~


The kidnappers threw the small cat across the shore, she had gotten in their way, and as a result had been tossed aside like a rag doll. The little body collided with stone in a sickening crunch that sent Anders into a rage of blue light. The little cat was his friend, that little cat was me, Valerie.

I've heard that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes, but in my case I don't really see anything except fading images of the world around me. I've never really been one to think to hard on superstition and the like, but recently I've started to make exceptions with the place I've been.

I digress. I better get this out before I really can't think any longer. I should start back from the beginning, back when I had been once human. How I had ended up like this is beyond anything I can comprehend. It all started when my friends and I had returned home from Christmas break. The accursed holiday just a few days away, we had returned home from college to be with our families. And all hell broke loose, literally.


Over the last few years since I had started college I had learned people are extremely stupid, fussing over the most ridiculous nonsense. December 21, 2012 being the most ridiculous of the bunch. We're supposed to believe that the world is just going to end like that because a calender says so? Ours ends every year and the world just doesn't stop like that. Besides these people believed that sacrificing people to their 'gods' would make it rain and crap.

Sorry I'm rambling again about this. I've just heard about enough of it on the radio today and I'm pretty sick of it. I would rather not listen to a bunch of morons scare the crap out of people just for entertainment purposes. We're dumb and gullible enough without having crap like this shoved down our throats.

Anyway, after saying goodbye to friends we all returned home for the holidays. I like the college I go to, don't get me wrong, but I'm glad to be home without the stress of when my next exam is.

"Hey I'm home!" I call busting through the door. My parent's and brother don't even look up at me staring glued to the screen of the Television. Thanks guys, glad to know I was missed.

If I had known that would be the moment I may have never seen them again, I would have said more. Told them that I loved them, and that my brother wasn't as much of a geek that I thought he was. Perhaps the first thing that tipped me off things were going wrong was the fact our dog was cowering under the table for no reason.

I still remember the look of pure terror in her eyes as her little paws covered her nose. I wanted to go over and pull her out, but that's when the room began to shake. And everything went black...


I hiss at the man as he tries to grab me, and swat at his hand. He recoils giving a loud curse and the small table I've been trying to hide under is thrown across the street. My eyes widen as the only protection that I'd had splintered and broke apart. Scooting across the dirt I back into a wall giving it a quick glance before returning to watch the man. He grins thinking that he's finally caught me, but I make one last lunge and run between his legs.

Okay lets get some things straight, one I'm not really a cat I'm a human. And this other human is trying to catch me for his dinner. And two, I don't even know how the hell I got here or ended up like this in the first place.

I had never believed that 2012 crap, but now I'm starting to wonder if this is what was supposed to happen. Or if it's just me? I've been stuck in this weird world for three days now, I've seen a good bit of this cities not so glorious interior. Needless to say I've almost given up hope of trying to even understand any of this. All this running from these poor starved people isn't helping matters. When I outrun one, I just run into another and end up chased around in circles.

At least when two people chasing me meet they begin fighting and lose me entirely. But I can only run for so long before I'm to tired. I'm hungry myself I haven't eaten anything here. It scares me to even smell the rotten food left laying around. Dashing a corner I duck behind it's walls and watch as the man chasing me passes by completely unaware. Giving a huff I squeeze tighter into the small space I'd found and lay down. I can't keep up with this, it's just to much.

I want to cry, but I don't think I can. I've never seen a cat cry so I guess it's imposable. Then again I don't think I'll be throwing that word around so loosely anymore. Seeing my current position. I can settle for snorting through my stubbed nose.

Three days without food or water finally did make it's mark. I didn't realize that a hand had came down toward me. I jumped up and gave a weak hiss at the new man that came at me. I pushed myself farther back into the hole as far as I can but I don't think it's enough. His arms look pretty long, he's not a small guy not at all.

He looks surprised at first, but a smile tugs at his lips and he squats down on his knees. "Here kitty, I'm not going to hurt you." Sorry not falling for it, I hiss and swat feebly at him as he reaches his hand forward. He only gives a little laugh. "Come on I promise." He holds both hands out expecting me to just walk out of my hole.

I've wedged myself to far into here, I am not coming out for you buddy.

He sighs and sits back farther on his legs tapping his hands on his thighs a few times. He bends back over leaning down making a clicking noise and wiggling his fingers close to the opening. Take a message go away. "Come on. It isn't safe for you out here kitty."

Gee, wonder what gave that away? For a second he doesn't move, and then just sits down cross legged and folds his hands on his legs. Waiting game? Great, is there still time for me to not join in?

A few hours tick by, he still doesn't move a muscle. I'm not budging either, but my eyes are to heavy to keep open and I feel my head sinking down toward the ground and my body relax. I'm not sure how long I dozed off for, but it couldn't have been long the man's still there.

Persistent bastard.

"Anders? There you are what are you doing..." I snap my head up and tense up again at the second voice. The first man turns his head slightly to talk to the other man.

"Found a cat!" He boasts proudly. I can only glare at him from the darkness. "Won't come out though, probably scared half to death by now." He scratches at his stubbled chin sheepishly. Again, what gave that one away?

"Alright..." The second man just gives the first a blank stare from behind him.

"Why are you here, Garrett?"

"I came to pick up the notes you made."

Anders? Took in a deep breath. "Ah yes, I'm sorry I left them in the clinic." He made to get up but threw his eyes back at me and took a gulp.

Garrett sighed loudly. "Bring them by The Hangedman later..." With a wave of his hand he turned around and walked off out of my site. Leaving me and Anders to stare down and wait for the other to break. He just leans forward on his knees drawing in a deep breath and resumes to have a little smile.

"I used to have a cat... Ser Pounce-a-lot..." I pin my ears against my head again, don't care. "Such a good cat. I wish I didn't have to give him up. 'You're becoming to soft, Anders!'" I blink slowly as he gives a sad chuckle. Don't move just stay in your little corner, Val, just... stay … here...

"What about you? Did you have an owner before?"

"Probably not, huh?" He looked over his shoulder a few times and stretched his back. "Come on, I don't have much, but it's more to offer than what's here." He clicked his tongue again and held his hand out waving his fingers. I guess... he doesn't seem so bad? He hasn't made an attempt to seem threatening, but then again he could be trying a different ploy.

Nope staying here.

"Kitty come on, it'll be dark soon." He did have a point, and I don't want to be out here in the dark for another sleepless night. He sits on a knee and rests his arm on it. "Coming kitty?" He stands and stares down at me. I slowly peek my head out around the corner trying to see if anyone else is nearby, but I don't see or hear anyone.

One small step after the other and I stand not quite at Anders' feet. He reaches down and I hiss a warning up at him. "Alright, I won't touch you." He clears his throat and takes a step back. "Follow me kitty, home is this way." No, home is nowhere near here.

He walks off and obviously expects me to follow after him. He glances over his shoulder every few seconds to make sure I actually am following. He opens a door and looks down waiting for me to enter. I quickly trott in keeping my eyes fixed on him in case he made any kind of unwanted movements. He didn't and I went to find a spot to hide in.

Here we go again... My recent obcession Dragon Age 2! And Fenris... broody elves are the smex... ughhh... ahem :3 My attention span is so short lived. Hope you guys will enjoy, and if i mess up anything(it's going to happen) please please let me know so I can fix it. Anywho review mah lovlies, and yes this will be an eventual FenrisxValerie fic. Sowwie Anders. Going to try not to go anywhere near the game storyline, except for major plot points as in the Expedition and Fenris' stuff.