To say Anders has some interesting friends would be an understatement. Today I met the gang, and when we walked into this smelly ass tavern bar thing, that was the least of my worries.

First their was Varric, who I'd sort of met, he was nice. Nothing really bad I could say about him, but he egged on the worst of the group.

Isabela. That woman just has to make every word that comes out of her, or anyone elses mouths, a sexual innuendo. I have to admit I kind of like her though.

Then theirs Merrill, the very talkative elf. I like her already, and I think she likes me too. Although Anders did pick me up several times when I walked across the table toward her. He gave up eventually and let me steal attention from everyone at the table.

Garrett's brother Carver was there too. He wasn't really at all pleasant to be around. He grumbled a lot and sneered at his brother. I don't think even my own brother would act like that toward me. But weirdly enough he still respected him. Their relationship was weird to say the least.

Then there was one more that sat at the table. Another elf, with white hair and a temper that would make little kids scream for their mothers. Not once did he smile at anyone. When he was asked a question or the conversation steered in his direction he was blunt and to the point.

He didn't waste time joking around with anyone, and refused to look at Merrill and Anders. But oh boy when Anders made it a point to get his attention did things get ugly.

I am so glad that Merrill is holding me right now. I swear Anders is about to do something that would make him look foolish.

"Enough!" Garrett barked over the two before anything actually started. "If you can not converse without it turning into a conflict, then leave." He pointed off at the door his scowl only hidden behind most of his short beard. "Stop acting like children." Anders sank back down into his seat, so did Fenris, the elf, and they were both quiet for the rest of the afternoon.

Varric ended up pulling out a deck of cards, and they all started playing. Things seemed to calm down around them and they all settled in for drinking, eating and playing.

I stared over the cards in Merrill's hands at the group as they all wore their best poker faces, or lack there of in some peoples case. I have no idea what kind of game they're playing, the pictures on the cards look like the ones you use for fortune telling, but I guess that's not really the case for these particular ones.

Several rounds were played, and the group began to dwindle out until Anders called for me. My head popped under Merrill's arm until I could see him. I slid off her lap and landed on the ground easily. Anders didn't let me stay on this nasty floor for long before he picked me up propping me over his shoulder letting me ride from there.

"Calling it quits already, Blondie?" Varric asked downing the last of his beer.

"I need to get back to the clinic." He reached up and pat me on the head and I closed my eyes leaning into his hand.

"Come now, we were about to play Diamond Back. Where the losers strip." Isabela leaned on the table and gave a wicked smile and winked. Anders groaned out loudly, he didn't want to be there for that. Not a little bit at all. Neither did I come to think about it.

Anders got back to the clinic in record time. Unlocked the nearly rotted doors, really what was the use in locking them? One good sneeze and they'd fall apart. He plucked me off his shoulder when we got into the large empty room. He looked around sadly before he took to cleaning up the mess from the day before.

I jumped up onto a chair and onto a table taking an old cloth and dragging it to where he put the dirty laundry. I heard him give a surprised gasp and then chuckle.

"So you want to help me?"

"Meow!" I dropped the cloth, pleh it tasted nasty. I don't want to do that again, who knows when it'd been washed last!

I picked up small objects from the floor and sat them on Anders desk. There wasn't to much I could do given my size. I wasn't very strong in this body.

Soon though I had to lay down in my little bed. It was nice and soft. Anders had gone out of his way to find me something comfortable to sleep on. I took a nap until he was finished, and it only ended up being messed up a few hours later. Another cave in had happened and several people were injured. No one was killed at least.

I woke up early in the morning, the sun hadn't even risen yet and looked for my water bowl. I nearly tripped into it I was still tired and half asleep. I sneezed the water out from my nose, I'd always made fun of my dog for sticking her nose in the water bowl. Now look at me... yay hypocrisy!

I could hear Anders was still awake, the door to his room was left open and I walked, trotted, over to the open door. He was sitting at his little table resting his head in a hand. He looked like he'd been raking his hand through his hair for several hours as he wrote on what ever it was he'd been doing.

He dropped his quill and slammed his head into the table groaning loudly. He just lay there and didn't move letting an arm dangle limply by his leg. He picked up his head slowly rubbing at his forehead and shook his head lightly. He was either getting to tired and didn't know what to write anymore, or he'd just gotten completely stuck.

I backed away from the room, not bothering to be quiet. He wouldn't hear my little footsteps anyway. I walked out of the clinic and into the narrow dark streets. I wasn't going to go far. I'd keep the lanterns in view.

I just wanted to at least give the poor man some privacy.

A sudden cry caught my attention. My legs locked up and my ears perked up trying to find where the noise had came from. I heard it again, and it sounded like someone was in pain. One good thing about being stuck as a cat, I could see really well in the dark. I slink around a few corners until I came across the one making the noises I'd been hearing.

It shocked me to see a small child laying in the middle of a gutter. Bleeding from a long gash in his leg. I jumped over several piles of junk to stand at the poor kids head. Who could have done this, I swear if I ever find out...

The kid cried again, this time a lot weaker than he had been. Why wasn't anyone coming out to help him! What's wrong with people here. I rubbed my nose against the kids cheek and he opened a swollen eye, and of all things, smiled.

"Kitty..." He hoarsely whispered and coughed. Hold on kid, I'm going to get help! I but my head against his hand and took off back to the clinic. I scrambled under the little hole in the doors and ran to Anders' room. He was laying on the desk with his head on it again.

"Meow... meow! Meow!"

Anders moaned loudly and grumbled. "Not now Lady... sleep time..." He threw a hand over his head and tried to go back to sleep. Damn-it not now, you got work to do mister. I meowed louder, turning into more of an annoying and irritating howl.

Come on Anders that kid's life is in your hands.

"Lady go away..." He mumbled through the table. I jumped on the edge of the chair and onto the table using my little paws to push his head. It didn't do more than rock it slightly on his arm. Anders come on stop being such a pain in the ass.

"Meow!" Wake up already... Alright you asked for it. I extended my claws and scratched them down his cheek. He jumped up nearly knocking me off the table. I jumped down as he threw a hand over his slightly bleeding cheek.

"What was that for!"

"Meow!" I howled out again taking off through the clinic, Anders chased right behind me slamming into the door when I dove under the gap. He fumbled with the lock for a few seconds before he threw the door open finding me standing in the light of the lanterns.

I took off down the ally and he was right behind me. Anders gave a curse when he saw me scramble over the junk in the gutter to find the little boy. He was still alive, but had been barely breathing.

Anders threw the garbage that had began to pile on top of the kid and scoop him into his arms. He rushed back to his clinic, careful not to jar the kid to badly on his way. He set to work immediately on mending the kid up. He used what magic he could before he fell exhausted into his chair. He'd wrapped up the various cuts in clean bandages. Treating anything else that could have posed a problem.

He breathed heavily and I jumped up into his lap. His hand absentmindedly scratched behind my ear and I purred happily. I hope the kid will be alright.

"You did well Lady." Anders finally opened his eyes and tiredly looked down at me. He looked drained, but happy that he had found the child in time. I gave a quiet meow, you're welcome. "That boy owes you his life." He sighed heavily and relaxed into his chair leaning his head against the wall.

I wasn't the one that had taken him to the clinic, healed and bandaged his wounds. That was all you Anders.

The next morning Varric came to visit. And when Anders retold what happened, Varric was slightly shocked. "Sometimes, I wonder just how much she understands me..." Anders tried to say without yawning.

"I'd say. If she were only human, you'd have the perfect assistant." Varric gave a little laugh. Oh if you only knew.

Alrighty then! So, I've gotten most of the story already written out for the Fenrisy goodness, but I'm still unsure of how long to make this where she's a cat. I was thinking maybe another two chapters at most. Then get into the main plot. Yes the story does have a plot... takes awhile to get to it though dur hur...(is a special author)