Many years has passed since Malefor was defeated and Malefor's forces seem to have vanished. But a new plan is about to unfold.

"Spyro I'm going to find you if it's the last thing I do!" Said an angry Cynder as she stormed through the temple. The guardian Terrador poked his head out of the Library.

"Cynder what's wrong?" Said the worried Terrador.

"Where is Spyro?" Said a still angry Cynder.

"In his room asleep I think. Is he in trouble?" Replied Terrador.

"If not he's going to be." She said as she walked towards Spyro's Room. Spyro lay asleep on his bed but in his sleep he was talking with the New Chronicler.

"I can't believe that you're alive Ignitus." Said the overjoyed Spyro.

"It's good to see you too Spyro." Said Ignitus. "Spyro I loved to play catch up but I've got something important to tell you."

"What is it?"

"I fear that trouble is brewing." Explained Ignitus

"What do you mean?" asked a worried Spyro.

"A unusually large amount of dragons have come up dead recently. " Said Ignitus.

"What is the cause of it?" Asked Spyro worried.

"I'm not sure I can't seam to find the cause of it." Ignitus said solemnly.

"So what do you recommend we do?" Spyro asked.

"Right now there is nothing we can do. All I ask is that you be careful. There is still to much unknown." Ignitus said puzzling over the situation before him.

"Alright I promise to keep a eye out for trouble." Spryo said nodding his head.

"Thank you and It's great to see you again." Ignitus said fadeing away into the darkness.

"You too." Spyro said waking up. Spyro stood up out of his bed and stretched his bones creaking into place. He looked out the window and saw the position of the sun. " Ahhh my date with Cynder, I overslept." said Spyro in complete fear of Cynder. He bolted out of bed charged through the door. But Spyro hadn't even gone two feet from his door when he crashed into someone on the other side with him on top. It was Cynder and he toppled on top of her into a kiss. They broke this surprise and unattended kiss. Both of them looked away unaware of each other blushing. "Cynder I was just on my way to see you." Said Spyro awkwardly. He helped her to her feet.

"You said that we should hang out and take a walk through the temple's garden." She said, both of them still looking away from each other.

"Sorry I overslept. I wanted to be able to stay up late tonight to spend more time with you."

"Oh you wanted to spend even more time with me." She said getting hopeful that he felt the same way about her.

"Yeah you're a great friend to hang out with." He said unaware of Cynder's feelings for him.

"Oh." she said a little crushed at the word friend. "Should we get going then?" she said to change the subject.

"Sure." He replied. The two walked out to the gardens together.


A cloaked figure walked through the room examining cages as he walked by. The room was brightly lit with torches and crystals. Shadows danced on the stone walls and floor cluttered with books and pieces of paper. On a long table that stretched the whole room were beakers full of strange liquids and chemicals, shards of crystal lined the table and the smell of blood wafted out of the room. As the figure walked by each cage jotting down notes and mumbling to himself.

"Dead... dead... died during phase one... hmm?" The figure looked up from his scroll and examined the last cage in the line. Heavy breathing could be heard inside the cage. He smiled to himself and walked out the door shouting. "It's ready... It's finally ready!" while laughing hysterically.


"Drake wake up!" said his mother. The young man slowly woke up. It was almost noon.

"But it's Saturday." He wined.

"I know but work called. They want you to come in today."

"What? Ugh fine I'll get ready." The boy said getting up. He got a quick shower, got dressed and went back to the bathroom to finish getting ready. He looked in the mirror and saw his reflection. He had short dirty blonde hair, calming green eyes, and pale white skin. His hair was spiked up in the front. He is wearing the black McDonald's uniform. Under his shirt is a Red and green crystal pendant. After he finished getting ready he got in his car said goodbye to his mom and drove off. On his way he began to feel dizzy. Suddenly the dizziness began to overwhelm him and he passed out driving hitting an oncoming car and a voice rang out in his head "Accept..."