"Onii-san!" Haruna called to her older brother. "There's something I need to tell you."

Kidou looked at her in surprise. His sister never usually kept secrets, especially not from him.

"But first, you have to promise me you won't freak out!" Haruna said seriously. Kidou sighed.

"Is this really necessary, Haruna?" Kidou asked. "We're not little kids anymore. Just tell me-"

"Promise me, oniisan." Haruna retorted in serious tone which furthered Kidou's curiosity.

"Fine." He sighed heavily.

"A 'no goggles' swear." Haruna said. Now Kidou was even more curious. The only time a 'no goggles' swear was made was if it had to be something very important and very big.

Kidou took his goggles off and looked at his sister straight in the eye.

"I swear I will not freak out."

It didn't look like he has lying and Haruna gave a happy nod to signify that it was alright for him to put his goggles back on.

"Now what is so important that you needed me to do a 'no goggles' swear?" Kidou asked with a sigh as he went to do his paper work.

"I'm getting married!"

Kidou stopped and looked at his sister.

"And I need your approval on the marriage!"

Kidou woke up immediately in a cold sweat and was shock to see the entire Raimon team, snickering and laughing. It was all a dream. He must have fallen asleep while doing desk work.

He looked to his side and was confused to see Endou laughing and Haruna red with embarrassment and anger.

"O-O-Onii-saaaaan!" Haruna yelled angrily. Kidou moved back a bit in fear, not knowing what had just happened. Midori, who was standing near him, tapped his shoulder a bit, holding back her laughter as best she could.

"You were yelling in your sleep on how Otonashi-sensei was never ever getting married because she is and will always be your little sister."

Kidou immediately looked towards his sister but she had already stormed out of the room. Kidou quickly got up to apologize to his sister.

-Soccer Field-

"Haruna! I'm sorry!" Kidou apologized but his sister stomped her foot angrily even more.

"That's not what I'm angry about!" Haruna yelled. "You won't allow me to get married? How could you? You are my older brother! You are supposed to be supportive and approve my marriage! Not scream and rant!"

Kidou looked down, ashamed of his own actions. Whether he liked it or not, her happiness came first. Even if it meant letting some bastard come in and take his little sister away from him.

"I understand. I'm sorry." Kidou said before taking his goggles. "I promise. I will approve of your marriage when the time comes. A 'no goggles' swear."

"Good!" Haruna sighed. Luckily, the only good thing about this promise was that it would never happen in a very, very, very long time, thanks to all her work.

"Because…" Haruna suddenly said nervously. "I've wanted to tell you this for a long time oniisan but I didn't know how but now that I've seen how much you've matured…"

Kidou was surprised but stayed to hear her out.

"I'm actually seeing someone right now!"

Kidou stared at her for a few minutes…

…nope. It wasn't a dream.

This my first humor based fic so go easy on me!