"A ramen eating contest?!" Shinsuke chimed, his eyes practically sparkling.

" was what the sign said." Tenma said. "I figured you'd want to try it. But it's a lot! Like, a twenty bowls!"

"Hah, that sounds easy!" Shinsuke gloated. For a small boy, he was quite the gourmand. He could finish a full serving of whole turkey, two buckets of chicken, three donburi, one whole strawberry cake, and a pitcher of tea on his own.

"There's a time limit of ten minutes. It's pretty intense." Tenma warned worriedly.

"What's the prize anyway?" Kariya asked.

"Free food for life." Tenma replied. "At least until someone else comes along and beats your time."

"I guess they're confident that no one can do the challenge." Hikaru said.

"Then we'll have to prove them wrong"! Shinsuke said.

"You sure? You eat a lot, but you do take your time." Kariya teased.

"Yeah! It'll be easy, no problem!" Shinsuke said.

"If you're sure." Aoi said. "Still, the prize for eating food is food…that's bait boring, isn't it?"

"Not for me!" Shinsuke said. "I can eat there all I want after!"

"And run them out of business." Kariya added.

"Anyway, we should go visit the place later after practice." Tenma said.

"Alright, here they are, twenty extra-large bowls of our famous, original, homemade ramen!" the cook said. The bowls were huge, intimidating the small boy's friends from behind.

"Scared? You can back off now, kid!" he laughed heartily.

"Nope, I'm definitely going to finish these!" he said. The cook started counting down and Shinsuke began eating as fast as he could. The ramen was actually pretty tasty, but by the eleventh bowl, he was beginning to get full, but chugged through. By the fifteenth bowl, he was readily full. With his goals so close, his friends cheered him on. With the last of his strength, he downed the last five.

"Ugh…" Shinsuke groaned.

"Are you okay, Shinsuke?" Tenma asked worriedly.

"I-I'm fine." he stuttered. "I can't believe I'm saying this..but I can't eat another bite!"

"Hoo boy. Here's a cup of tea on us to help bring it all down." the cook said apologetically, though Shinsuke couldn't move.

"Don't push yourself any more, Shinsuke!" Aoi said. "I knew this was a bad idea!"

"Come on! I'll carry you home!" Tenma said. It was fairly easy, picking up the small boy like he was stuffed animal; and stuffed he was. Shinsuke passed out moments later.

"…ugh. What happened…?" Shinsuke muttered. He had blacked out for a moment. He remembered that he was doing something of great importance. "Oh, right. Did I win the eating challenge?"


"Huh?!" Shinsuke yelped. He turned to see a giant ramen bowl. It moved before toppling over, spilling all its contents of soup, noodles, meat, and egg over Shinsuke, who screamed as he was swept away. He found himself drowning in ramen, sputtering out what flowed into his mouth as he a loud voice calling him.


"Argh! N-no-Urp!-more!" he yelled. He then awoke, surprised to find himself behind Tenma's back, whom with Aoi and his other friends were staring at him worriedly.

"You okay?!" Tenma asked. "You were yelling, "No more!"'

"…I…I won't be eating ramen any time soon." Shinsuke muttered sickly.