Chapter 68

The Wedding night

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Previously on NCIS

The couple smiled and then walked hand in hand out to the charger that was parked in the driveway. Gibbs held the door open and helped his bride into the passenger side of the car. He carefully closed the door and walked around to his side getting in sliding his hand over grabbing hers.

She was beginning to feel a slight sense of nervousness in her stomach as he started the car. Gibbs turned as if he could read her thoughts. "Don't worry sweetheart. This was meant to be."

"So Special Agent Gibbs. Where are we staying tonight?"

"Still need to know and you still don't." He said handing her a blindfold. "Here put this on." She looked at him puzzled. "Nothing hinky I promise. Just want our destination to be a surprise. That's all. Trust me."

She took the blindfold and smiled at him. "I will always trust you, Jethro." She then put the blindfold on and leaned back against the seat as Gibbs pulled away from the curb.


Abby and McGee were pulling away from Gibbs' house as the yellow Dodge Charger turned the corner of the street. Gibbs waved at the couple as Abby signed "All done" as they drove past. "So you are not going to tell me where we are going?" Samantha asked.

"You'll know soon, I promise." He turned into the driveway and stopped the car. "We're here."

"Can I take this off now?"

"Nope, not just yet."

"How am I going to walk? I can't see."

"Don't worry I'll take care of that." Gibbs got out of the car and walked around the car and opened Samantha's door. He reached in and took her hand gently helping her out of the car. As she stood up Gibbs pulled her close to him and kissed her softly on the lips. Then without warning he put his arm under her knees and lifted her up into a bridal carry.

"Well we must be near a door." She giggled and she put her arms around his neck and rested her head in his neck. "Carrying me over the threshold, Jethro."

"Kind of." Then he continued to carry her toward the door. When they reached the door Gibbs used the hand under her knees to open the door. The living room was just as he left it. He then made his way toward the stairs. He could feel Samantha stiffen.

"Jethro, I trust you but I need to know where we are." She told him.

"Trust me you are some place totally safe" he whispered kissing her on the ear. He decided to tell her what he was going to do. "Ok, relax we are going up the stairs right now. When we get to the top, then you can remove the blind fold." He immediately felt her body relax and she began to rub circles on his back.

At the top of the stairs he set her feet back down on the floor and he turned her so she was facing their bedroom. "You can take the blind fold off now." She removed her blind fold and stared at the door to her new bedroom. It was covered with a huge white bow and a sign "Honeymoon suite" was tacked to the door.

Seeing the door she smiled a huge smile with tears filling her eyes. "We're spending our first night together here, in our house." She turned and wrapped her arms around his neck. "This is so special Jethro." She kissed him deeply and he responded pulling her tighter against him.

When the kiss came to its natural end he reached over to the small hall table and handed her a large pair of scissors that was decorated with roses. "Will you cut the ribbon on our new bedroom?"

Samantha smiled and took the scissors from him. She quickly cut the white ribbon on the door and Gibbs leaned in to open the door. Before she had a chance to take a step, Gibbs lifted her up again and this time carried her over the threshold. Once inside the room, he set her feet down on the floor. Samantha looked around the room. It was so beautiful. It was like a paradise. The room was lit with fifty candles. Above the bed Gibbs had strung several strings of white Christmas lights that blinked almost in synch with the flickering of the candles. "Wow" Samantha gasped. "This is so wonderful. This is more that I could ever imagine."

"Let me show you around," he whispered. He took her hand and led her over to the bed. "This is your wedding present." He showed her the carved headboard. It was made out of oak and totally hand carved. It was a symmetrical shape with an oak tower on each side of the bed and the wood rising up in an arch in the middle of the bed. On the arch was a huge heart with their wedding date carved in the middle. On either side of the heart their first names were carved in a scroll print and under the heart was a quote. "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. ~Dr. Seuss" Samantha gasped as she read the quote. Gibbs looked into her eyes and saw the wetness from the happy tears filling her eyes.

"Jethro, this is so beautiful. How did you keep this secret from me?"

"Wasn't easy," he replied wrapping her from behind in his arms. "The bedspread you picked out fits the furniture nicely." The bedspread was blue, lavender and purple with a butterfly floating up toward the pillows that were the color of a summer sky. At the foot of the bed the bedspread was covered with Texas Bluebonnets growing in the field. The curtains on the wall matched the colors of the bedspread and Gibbs had also carved a dresser and dressing table to match the bed. On the dressing table was a vase of flowers to match the bedspread.

"Oh Jethro, this is a dream come true. This is the bedroom I have always wanted."She turned to him and pulled him close kissing him firmly on the lips.

He pulled away from her and smiled. "If I knew I was going to get this type reaction I would have revealed this sooner" he chuckled. She kissed him again and started removing his tie. "Not yet sweetheart. We have all night. I want this to be romantic and memorable." She looked at him puzzled. "Not that I don't want to rip your clothes off and throw you on that bed right now. I want you to remember this night for the rest of your life. It has to be romantic."

"Oh I will. Who couldn't remember the way this room looks?"

"I know but the buildup is part of the fun" he whispered leading her toward the en-suite bathroom. "Abby has set up the bathroom for you. You take a bubble bath and relax. When you come out I have plans for you."

"Ok, my love. Whatever you say. I trust you with my living soul." She kissed him again. Gibbs watched her until the door closed and he heard the water start. "You sure you don't want to join me."

Gibbs chuckled because after just a few hours she was beginning to relax and act like a wife. "Maybe next time," he managed to say. He got busy making sure the music was ready to go and the champagne was chilled just right. This was going to be a special night.


Inside the bathroom were more candles flickering softly. Sitting next to the large bath was a bottle of lavender bubble bath. Abby must have set this up earlier. She had Samantha's IPod on the speaker pedestal. There was a note taped to it. "Thought you would enjoy this romantic music mix. Relax and have fun. Love Abby" Samantha smiled as she started the water she noticed the negligee she had bought for her wedding night hanging on a hanger over the shower rod. "Way to go Abby" She smiled as she slipped out of her wedding dress.

Outside the door Gibbs had removed his tie and jacket. He read Abby's note about how to turn on the music. He chuckled to himself. "Abby has out done herself." Then he heard Samantha singing with the music Abby had provided for her bath. "How did I get so lucky?" he murmured.


Samantha spent extra time on her hair. She wanted to be beautiful when she walked out of that door. "Hey beautiful, whenever you are ready." Gibbs said outside the door.

"I'm almost done, Jethro." Samantha called just finishing putting a large white ribbon in to tie up her hair. She stepped back and to double check herself in the mirror. She was wearing a floor length negligee with two inch straps that crossed her shoulders and then made an X on her back. Above each breast were little white bows and lace across the bodice. The silk clung to each and every curve of her body and even Samantha was amazed that she looked so beautiful. She then reached for the blue stoned necklace and put it around her neck. The stone rested just where Jethro had said it would right above the curve of her breasts.

Samantha double checked her hair, make-up, and then reached for the silk, sheer cover up. She tied the ribbon on the front of the cover up. Her hand felt the lace as it crossed over her shoulders. "He is going to love it." She whispered to herself as she once again double checked herself in the mirror. "Why was she so nervous"she thought. "He is my soul mate. We are meant to be." Shaking her head at herself doubts, she smiled at the mirror and then opened the door slowly.


Gibbs heard the doorknob and he immediately turned toward the door. He watched as it opened slowly and Samantha stepped out. The bathroom light was still on and it seemed to frame his bride as she exited the room. The light caught her from behind and he could see the shadow of her figure through the silky negligee she wore. She looked like an angel dressed in white. Her hair was piled up on her head tied with a white ribbon. The curls from her wedding hairdo still evident as they curled around the ribbon, her face and several strands were hanging past her ears.

Samantha turned and then flipped of the light off. She then looked at him. He reached for the two champagne glasses he had poured for them. He walked toward her with a huge smile on his face and a wetness of tears in his eyes. "I take it you like."

He handed her a glass of champagne. "You look amazing. You take my breath away." He leaned in and kissed her. " Only thing that would make it better is your hair to be down," he whispered as he pulled away.

Samantha took a sip of her champagne eyeing him over the glass with a sparkle in eye. "Really?" She smiled. "Well I sort of knew that." She whispered coyly. "Just grab the ribbon and pull." Gibbs looked at her with a gleam in his eye. He set down his champagne and slowly reached for the white ribbon. He pulled the ribbon slowly looking deeply into her eyes. As he pulled Samantha's hair fell softly down and landed on her shoulders with mounts of bouncing curls. Gibbs took both hands and entwined them in her hair. He lent in and kissed her along her cheek bone working his way toward her lips. Samantha sat her glass down next to his on the dresser and wrapped her arms around his neck.

As the kiss ended Gibbs looked down admiring how Samantha's body looked in the white silk that was clinging to her curves. He noticed the necklace as it took its rightful place nestled in the valley between Samantha's breasts. He smiled. "Thought that would look nice right there the moment I saw it." Samantha giggled as he ran his hand across her arm reaching in and gently fingering the blue stone of the necklace. Smiling at her he then pulled the ribbon that was held the cover up closed. The cover up came open and Gibbs slowly removed it from Samantha's shoulders and let it fall to the floor. His eyes danced as he again took in her beauty in the silken fabric. He again leaned in and kissed her.

Just then the music changed to the song "You" by Chris Young. Gibbs pulled out of the kiss and whispered. "Dance with me." Samantha nodded. Gibbs took her hand and led her into the middle of the room. Taking her in his arms he pulled her close and they began to dance as the music and the words filled the air with romance.

The bluest skies don't seem so blue
And the stars seem to be a little dimmer too
Now that your around you put them all to shame
Let me break it down because I'm trying to say is

No one gets me like you when you kiss me, girl
You rock me harder than some down town band
I thought I knew what love was but I didn't have a clue
I never found anything that makes me feel like I do about you

Samantha sighed as she lay her head against his chest. He began to run his hands along the curves of her back. He pushed her head away from her neck and he began kissing it toward her shoulder. The music continued

Got a whole new direction it seems these days
I used to rush off to work and get home late
But now I show up late and rush back home
My priorities are different I can't leave you alone

" My priorities have changed. You really changed my life," Gibbs whispered into her ear. Samantha looked at him and smiled.

"Me too." She then took his face in her hands and began kissing his cheek going down his jaw line. "Abby picks great music."

"So I'm busted." He smirked.

"Well this is my romantic music play list from my IPod and I know that you could not get it. So it had to be Abby." She smirked.

"True." The music changed to another song. This time it was "Your Man" by Josh Turner. He pulled her closer and began kissing her again.

I've been thinking 'bout this all day long
Never felt a feeling quite this strong
I can't believe how much it turns me on
Just to be your man.

Gibbs then lifted her up bridal style and carried her over to the bed. "Been thinking about this for months." He gently laid her down on the bed and joined her kissing her softly.

"Me too." She smiled running her fingers through his hair. Gibbs reached up and turned off the lamp.

The room was alive with sparkling lights from the candles and the Christmas lights. Samantha looked into Gibbs' sparkling blue eyes. " I love you."

"I love you" he replied as he continued to kiss her. "Talking right now is over rated."

"I agree," she whispered as she helped him remove his shirt. "Way over rated."

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