Chapter 69

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Samantha Gibbs woke to the sun shining through blue curtains of her bedroom window. Smiling contentedly she reached over for the man that had fallen asleep next to her in the middle of the night after a wonderful evening of romance and love making. Panic filled her when she did not find him there. "Had it all been a dream," she thought. Shaking her head to clear the cobwebs she realized that the bed was still warm and smelled of his aftershave. She was covered in nothing but a sheet and was blissfully naked underneath. She sighed. "Must have gone downstairs for coffee." She giggled to herself. "Must have been almost ten hours since his last coffee fix." She sat up and looked around at the room he had created for them. The carved bed, dresser and bed side tables had all been made with love and care. Reaching for his T-shirt that had landed on the floor next to her side of the bed she pulled it over her naked body and got out of bed. She quickly headed for the restroom inside she saw the remnants of their shower sometime around midnight. She smiled to herself and blushed as she looked into the large mirror over the sink. Her hair was a mess. But her skin had the shine of a woman blissfully happy.

As she exited the bathroom she immediately knew where her new husband was. The smell of coffee floated up from the kitchen below. She followed he smell downstairs and slowly tiptoed into the kitchen. She saw her husband standing in the kitchen in his boxers and a NIS t-shirt. She smiled as she watched him start fixing breakfast. "Wow, just what I needed. A handsome man working in the kitchen almost totally naked," she giggled.

He turned around seeing her standing in the doorway dressed in nothing but his large white t-shirt. First after giving her a wolf whistle he moved over toward her wrapping his arms around her waist. "Like what I see as well," he smiled then began kissing her neck. He then pulled back with an impish grin on his face. "If we continue this you won't get your breakfast and we'll miss our flight."

"We're catching a plane today? When?" She asked excitedly.

"We leave from Dulles at 1500 hours." He smirked, kissed her and then turned back toward the refrigerator. After handing her a can of Diet coke, he turned her around and pointed her toward the bedroom. "Now go back upstairs and get back into bed. I'll be up in a few minutes with your breakfast." She gave him a wink. "Will we have time for dessert after breakfast," she smiled seductively.

"Well, I see your getting into this adventure a little bit." He joked patting her on the rear. "You just might get that dessert if you get upstairs and stop distracting me." She gave him a glare and then a wink as she bounded up the stairs toward their bedroom. Gibbs chuckled to himself and returned to his breakfast surprise.


When Gibbs came upstairs he found his bride sitting in their bed watching a movie on her laptop. He stood at the door with the breakfast tray smiling at her. "Well a beautiful half naked woman watching a movie in my bed."

"Well, you took forever. I can't just sit and do nothing."

Gibbs walked in carrying the tray. Samantha quickly moved the laptop shutting off the movie. Gibbs sat the tray over her legs and then scooted next to her. He lifted the cover off of the plates to reveal two Spanish omelets. Next to the omelets was a bowl of Samantha's green sauce to put on the omelets. "Ok before we eat. Do you see a theme here? It is a clue to our honeymoon destination." He smirked at her kissing her temple.

"Ok, Spanish omelets with green sauce. Well I don't have a passport so we are not going to Mexico to stay with Mike Franks," she smiled. "Thank goodness. That wouldn't be very romantic. Where else could we get Spanish omelets and green sauce?" She really was confused trying to figure out where he was taking her.

Gibbs decided to help her along with her dilemma. He leaned in and kissed her lips and then whispered. "When we first met where did you say you would love to travel with me someday?"

Just then her eyes lit up and immediately filled with tears. "You're taking me home. Home to Texas and New Mexico," she gasped.

"Yep. We have a flight this afternoon to Lubbock. I understand it is the closest airport where we can get a commercial flight into where I planned on spending our honeymoon." She looked at him puzzled. "Where?" she signed. "We have a cabin in Ruidoso. We have the cabin all to ourselves for two whole weeks. "

She grabbed his face and smothered it with kisses. Finally her lips captured his in a long passionate kiss. When they had to break for air she looked into his eyes. "I want to spend days and days with you alone but can we go exploring. My grandmother had a place up there and I would love to see it again."

He looked at her and grinned. "My plan exactly sweetheart, I also want to find a certain lake you told me about. Maybe we can catch some fish. "

Then Samantha looked at him puzzled. "Kelly?"

"She will be fine. Dad is taking her to Stillwater for a week. Then Abby and McGee are driving up to get her. They will bring her back here to DC. Abby has her signed up for a Science Camp during the day and then she will stay with Abby. Then after our two weeks the "family" will be joining us. We have the cabin for a month. Abby wants to go to the UFO museum. Bet you can find some other places we can visit. I think she has a list."

She smiled shaking her head. "I am so happy that my face hurts from smiling." He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her temple again.

"Let's eat."

"Then maybe I can thank you with dessert," she smirked seductively as he popped a piece of her omelet in her mouth.


Tony, Ziva, Abby and McGee met for lunch at a local diner. The group was busy talking about their trip to New Mexico in two weeks and some of the places they wanted to see. "Ok, Tony we can go to Lincoln and see the court house where Billy the kid escaped but I want to see the Bat flight at Carlsbad Caverns." Abby jabbered excitedly.

"I wouldn't mind going to White Sands Missile Range." Tim added.

"I would just love staying in the mountains enjoying the cool air." Ziva chimed in.

"I have an idea. Why don't we talk to Samantha and Gibbs about the agenda when we get there?" Tony suggested taking a sip of his coffee. He looked down at his watch. "We best hurry up and eat. We don't want to be late to pick up the Newlyweds to their plane." He motioned to the waitress. "I would like a piece of apple pie with some ice cream. Anybody else? "The others nodded no. Tony always finished eating before the others and always wanted dessert. "Boss will kill us if they miss their flight."


Jackson Gibbs and Kelly drove over to the house followed by Ducky in his Morgan. Jack drove his truck into the driveway just as Tony and Ziva pulled up in front of the house. Abby and Tim were not far behind. Jack could hear Tony and Ziva bickering as they got out of the car. "Come on Tony, you have to knock. They are on their honeymoon."

"Ziva, it's almost 1300 hours. We need to leave for the airport in a few. They can't be "romantically occupied" right now." Tony argued. He headed toward the door and grabbed the doorknob expecting it to be unlocked as always. He immediately encountered a locked door running into it and hitting his nose on it with a thud. Ziva suppressed a giggle. Tim McGee and Jackson could not hold the laughter inside. They both started laughing.

"Boss got the door locked Tony" McGee chuckled. Tony eyed his partner with an evil eye.

"Very funny McGoo" Tony replied rubbing his nose before knocking on the door.

Inside Samantha and Gibbs had been sitting on the couch wrapped in each other's gently enjoying some slow passionate kisses when they heard the thump at the door followed by the laughter. Gibbs pulled away from Samantha. "DiNozzo?"

Samantha smirked. "Bet he didn't expect the door to be locked. I would bet he rammed is nose into the door." Then they heard the knock. Gibbs stood up and opened to the door to find DiNozzo rubbing his nose. Gibbs looked over at Samantha and smiled at her shaking his head.

"Nose hurt DiNozzo." Gibbs smirked. Tony just smiled a sheepish smile and walked into the house.

"Did not expect the door to be locked, Boss"

"Been locked every night since Samantha and Kelly moved in. Some investigator you are. "Kelly ran into the house jumping into Gibbs arms.

"Morning Dad," she said kissing him on the cheek.

"Morning baby. How was it last night at Ducky's?"

Jackson Gibbs came up behind them. "She crashed just after you to left and slept until 9 am. She was exhausted." Kelly nodded.

Samantha came up after hugging her daughter she turned to Jack. "You sure you can handle this ball of fire for a week Jack?"

"Been looking forward to it since Leroy called about a month ago. We have lots of plans."

Kelly scooted down from her father's arms and ran to her mother. "Don't worry Mama. Grandpa Jack and I are going to make cookies, go fishing, and he said I could help him in the store."

"Sure she won't tire you out."

"Positive, I also talked to a couple of mothers I know with girls Kelly's age. We have some play dates planned and the local girl scouts are having a day camp. I have her enrolled already." Jack reassured his new daughter in law. "You just don't worry about her and have a great time."

Samantha hugged him and then kissed him on the cheek. "You call Tim or Abby if you need anything. They can reach us on email. Not sure about cell service to the cabin but thanks to Tim my laptop is satellite ready so I can get on the internet."

Jackson smiled. He loved his new daughter in law. He always wondered how such a technology savvy lady was ever attracted to his dinosaur son. "We won't need anything will we Kelly girl." Kelly hugged her grandpa and nodded.

Samantha and Kelly then went upstairs to her bed room to get the rest of the things she would need on her adventure to Stillwater and the team loaded it into the back of Jackson's truck. He needed to get on the road so he could get them home before dark. They were going to say their goodbyes here and not go to the airport.


It had been hard to tell Kelly goodbye but they would be seeing her in two weeks. Gibbs and Samantha stood arms entwined behind their backs both waving as Jackson's truck disappeared around the corner heading to Stillwater. Samantha wiped a small tear from her eye as the couple walked back toward the house. Gibbs sensing his bride's apprehension at letting Kelly being so far away from them leaned in and kissed her temple. "She'll be ok. Dad will take good care of her," he whispered into her ear. She turned to him and grinned slightly and signed I love you.

Tony and McGee were coming out of the house carrying the bags to the car. "Anything else Samantha?" Tim asked knowing that she would have more things to take on their trip than their boss.

"No Tim. Just my electronics but I am taking them on the plane." She squeezed Gibbs' hand and quickly spelled "Not that I will need them much." Gibbs winked and pulled her close. "Just need to check up Kelly."

"Well we need to get this show on the road. Checking in and security might take awhile." Tony announced.

"We need to check the kitchen Tony. Don't want any science experiments in that refrigerator to greet us when we get back." Abby replied.

The three women left the group and hurried into the kitchen. "They want to talk about us." Gibbs replied. "That refrigerator has been cleaned out for almost a month."

"Girls want to check out the romance Boss." DiNozzo winked at his boss. All four men smiled to themselves and nodded.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Samantha looked at her friends. "Science experiments Abby?" Samantha questioned. "I cleaned everything out a month ago."

Abby smiled and sat down at the kitchen table joining Ziva. "Oh that was just a rouse. How was last night? Was it all you wanted it to be?"

Samantha blushed slightly and sat down next to her friends. "It was wonderful." She then turned Abby and Ziva and took their hands. "I have a feeling I have you two to thank for the decorations in my bedroom last night."

"Not totally. We just applied the finishing touches. Most of it was Gibbs' idea." Abby told her."

"Well I know I have to thank you for the bubble bath." Abby and Ziva both grinned and nodded.

"Gibbs wanted you pampered but being a man he was not sure how to do it." Abby added.

"Well it was just wonderful."

Just then Gibbs stuck his head in. "If you are through talking about us, we really need to go." Samantha smiled and signed, "Coming dear"

She then turned to Abby and Ziva. "I hope I get to return the favor for both of you. Once Tony and Tim get up the nerve to ask you." Both ladies tried to avoid the subject with a surprised look. "Believe me Gibbs knows that Rule 12 has been broken." Both ladies then blushed and they all walked out the door.

Gibbs was standing by Tim's car. He and Samantha would be riding with Abby and Tim to the airport. Tim's car lead the caravan to Dulles followed by Tony and Ziva, then Ducky in his Morgan.


After checking in bags and getting boarding passes the troop of well wishers met in front of security to say their goodbyes. Abby came up to Gibbs and Samantha giving them each a hug and patting them each on the back. It was after she pulled away that Samantha noticed the large 8 by 11 inch sticker stuck to Gibbs' back. It read, "Just Married, June 6" She looked at Abby and discreetly signed. "Do I have one too?" Abby signed back," Yes but don't tell Gibbs." Samantha smiled and blew a kiss to her friend.

Tony and Tim were next. They shook Gibbs's hand and then each gave Samantha a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Gibbs could not help but stare. "Why don't you two get your own girl? This one is taken." Gibbs came up and possessively wrapped his arm around his bride's shoulders and then winked at her. Tony smiled but Tim still was concerned that Gibbs really meant it.

Ziva gave both Gibbs and Samantha a hug. "Have fun you two."

Ducky came next shaking Gibbs hand and then giving Samantha a fatherly kiss. "You won't be joining us Ducky for the family vacation." Samantha asked him.

"Well somebody needs to be here and hold down the fort and Mother still needs me." Samantha leaned over and gave him a kiss. Samantha and Gibbs then turned to go through security. The team stood watching them until they were on the other side of the gate. Everyone waved good bye and watched as Samantha and Gibbs walked toward their departure gate.


Samantha and Gibbs found a seat near the back of the plane so that maybe they would not be bothered for drinks and etc. They wanted to be alone for their flight to Texas. Gibbs had her left hand entwined noticing how well they fit together and how beautiful her rings sparkled even in the lights on the plane. "Ready for your Happily Ever After," he whispered.

"Yes, I never knew I could be so happy after David."

"After losing Shannon and then Jenny I thought I was going to be alone forever. Now we have a new family and wonderful future to look forward to. "

"That was sure a wonderful day when you came up to me during Valet parking duty and I saw those gorgeous blue eyes. I felt something special was going to happen that day but I did not predict this." Samantha sighed.

The plane then began to taxi for takeoff. Nothing else needed to be said. Samantha laid her head on Gibbs' shoulder ready to start a whole new life with him. They were kindred spirits in their hearts and in their life. They had both seen tragedy in their romantic life but now they were together ready to face the world ahead.

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The End