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Lucy's POV:


Master had sent Team Natsu to a photo shoot for Sorcerer Weekly. Now I have the photographers, Loke, other guild members from across Fiore, and of course Hibiki and his team flirting madly with me… Damn!

Juvia—by some random potion given by a tired and unthinking Mirajane and Levy, no doubt—couldn't and didn't want to have anything to do with her 'Gray-sama'. "If he wants to sleep with that blonde whore who can't even keep her legs shut or wear longer skirts, then he can have her. Juvia wants no part of him whatsoever!"

That was what she said to him right as we were leaving. She reeked of strawberry shampoo and sakura body wash… wait… she was in my apartment! I have that stuff, and I know she uses guy shampoo, something like Irish Spring she said, so she was in my apartment. Stupid bitch!

Uh-oh…the guys have noticed my aura.

"Lucy, are you okay? You look pretty pissed, Princess…"

"Loke," I growl, and slowly enunciate each word. "Stop... calling... me... that! And you should go. I'm with Natsu, Erza, and Gray. They won't let these creeps touch me!"

"We won't?" Natsu asks.

"I am your nakama! You should care about me. You wouldn't let them publicly rape me, right?"

"Of course, you weirdo! We are nakama. Just, if they simply look at you, I see no harm, after all." He begins a snide comment I know won't end well for him. Erza and I can ensure it. "Lucy, there is, after all a lot of you to look at."

"Sexual harassment every time with this damn Team! Why, why, why?"

"Lucy, calm down, I'll handle this," Gray says.

Loke nods to Gray and leaves for the Celestial Plain. Gray turns to the guys staring lustfully at my body. He yells out over the noise and their inner thoughts, bursting their mind bubbles.

"Lucy Heartfilia of Fairy Tail is mine!"

He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me tight to where we are smooshing closer together. My body presses deep into his chest. I look up at him with big eyes and blushing face. He just glares out at the sea of men, then looking down at me with possessive eyes. He bends down to where my ear is level with his mouth, he whispers quietly for my ears alone.

"Okay, I hope you don't mind, but now I may have to kiss you so they leave you alone. If you don't like it, I am sorry, and if I suck, I am really sorry."

He pulls back for a second before descending upon my lips. It feels soft and sweet, but not short. His mouth does things to mine that I never knew were possible. It feels like the ocean on my mouth, soft, smooth, cold, and in constant motion. This is my first true kiss. Loke would give me a peck for a good job. As a child, my maids explained that kissing is a nasty thing and shouldn't be done in one's lifetime except on your Wedding Day. Now I see they are dead wrong! I should have kissed Gray ages ago!

Breaking apart, I suck in much-needed breathes. Gray smiles as our foreheads touch. Smiling ever so slightly, I wrap my arms around his head and kiss him again. I can hear groans, complaints, and even a few 'you have got to be kidding me' from the crowd.

"Excuse me, I need Team Natsu from Fairy Tail in photo shoot room one, please," a receptionist calls over the intercom. We all race to the room. Inside is a male photographer who says to get a group photo shot.

"Kole, Kole Kidman," he introduces. "You all must be Salamander, Lucy, Titania, and Gray, yes?"

Natsu smiles and says, "Hell yeah! This is us! And this is Lucy!" The idiot—even though I love him—has to point out I am new.

Natsu suddenly grabs me by the waist and puts me half-ass on his shoulder... literally. Half of my butt is on his shoulder. Gray notices I am about to fall off, so he stands shoulder to shoulder with Natsu. Then he smiles and points me to the camera as Erza stands in front of me. I rest my head on top of hers and wrap my arms around her in a sisterly sort of hug. Erza smiles and looks up at me as I look down at her. Click! We all end up laughing as the shot is taken. Then we realize, what we do for fun normally is considered posing in here.

Kole smiles and says, "So, any comments about this one? I mean, why did you point out Lucy?"

"Well duh! We do baby Lucy…"

"Hey! Natsu, why are you mean to me?"

"Lucy, it's true. We do baby you, Erza says. "You are the Guild's 'Little Girl'!"

I pout, looking down to her, and stick my tongue out at the Titania. Gray and Natsu pale in fear. Erza laughs, grabs me by the arms, pulls me off the guys' shoulders into her arms, and holds me like a young baby.

Kole, after wiping blood off his nose, speaks. "Wow! Okay, comments?"

Erza smiles and laughs. "We told you, she is our baby!"

He nods and on the two photos he scribbles something down. We all laugh.

"Uh, I think it is time for some couples' shots. Erza, Gray, Natsu, and Lucy are partners. Erza, please tell me, do you have some type of skimpy bikini? Lucy, I know you do, word gets round fast about how you dress… and Lucy, take off your shirt, Erza you gotta take off your armor and shirt."

Gray's jaw drops as Erza unlatches the armor and strips off her tops, leaving her in some random string style bikini top. Under her bottom armor, she has a floral print chemise skirt!

"Wow! O-Okay!" The poor cameraman looks ready to nose-bleed again. "Now, can you two find a way—oh, I don't know—look sexy. And uh, Gray, boxers? Like a sexy couple."

Erza and Gray look at one another. Them? A sexy couple? They look like they should be in a sweat box. Gray keeps looking away and blushing. I swear they are so dense.

Kole sighs. "Gray, who on this team wouldn't you mind looking sexy with?"

All jaws hit the floor. Natsu looks at me slyly and nudges me to Gray while speaking.

"Kole, I think the 'baby' likes Ice more. As for Erza, she is in love with a criminal."

Gray growls softly as I bop him on the nose.

Gray's POV:

Did she just bop me on the nose? Like a bad dog?

Ohhhh hell no!

Sneaking my arms around her waist, I grab the bottom of Lucy's shirt and yank it up, completely removing it in one swift move. The camera flashes intensely.

"Lucy, you may be the baby, but I am the beast!" I lick the side of her neck and chill her toned stomach. Then a brilliant idea strikes me. I turn her around to face me and whisper, "Lucy, don't freak out. I'm going to take off your bra and replace it with an ice bandeau, okay? Don't worry; I'll tint it to make sure no one can see your nipples."

"Damn Gray, if you can see them on the picture, I will kill you! But fine, just make it quick."

The string on the back of her bikini is gone. I take my hands on her back, in between her shoulder blades, and then bring them forward to her breasts. I look at her with worried eyes and ask, "Are you sure?"

"Gray, shut up and finish it. I'm freezing either way!"

Nodding, I take the ice spreading out through my fingers and run my hands under, over, and to the sides of her boobs, just so they squish together in the frozen bodice-style tube top. The shaping of it is in a 'uu' and the back is just a straight line. Kole looks at my Lucy and wipes a nosebleed.

"That is amazing! Wow, uh… can you pose really provocatively with her, Gray?"

"With the guild's baby?" I exclaim in surprise.

Natsu yells a snide comment. "Looks like you love a baby girl, pedophile!"

I smile and look to Lucy. "Natsu, what part of her is little? You just miss her because you two resonated magic once!"

Smiling, Kole laughs. "Hey, I need you two to pose now."

I grab Lucy from behind and place one hand on the borderline of the ice bikini top, the other on her face. I lean in to bite her lip.


"I love the guild's baby," I say. Natsu smirks.


"New pose!"

We nod. Lucy, thinking the same crazy idea I am, grabs my shoulders and then pulls me close to her. She pushes herself up onto me, and I bend down to give her better reach. Lucy pulls herself up on my shoulders, flips so that her stomach is to the back of my head, and she puts her elbows on my head. She smiles giddily as I grab her around the legs so she doesn't fall off.


We pose again, the last one before Natsu snags Lucy away from me. She stands on my shoulders, and slowly bends backwards and just as he 'clicks' the camera she jumps off, giving the illusion of being in flight as behind me you see this shimmering ice dust in the shape of Fairy wings, and you see her face, surrounded by ice dust, her eyes and face smiling at me. I look back in amazement, and I use my powers to make an ice net to catch her, and that caused the shiny dust in the air before it formed.

That picture looks the best in my opinion… our little Fairy… the words leave my mouth the same moment Natsu and Erza say the same thing. Kole even has sparkling eyes. The poor bastard, she is our Lucy, our baby! He can't have her.

Natsu comes and takes her away from me as soon as I set her down. When Natsu and Erza are sent up, they have an awkward time. Erza looks to him, and then he looks to her in pity. Erza has had a thing for violent photos; Natsu knows his won't end well.

Natsu's POV:

Lucy puts her bikini top back on as the ice bandeau melts faster than expected, she swears lightly as she is colder than normal.

Well, there goes the baby… HAH! Baby my ass! Erza sees her as the baby, the rest of the guild save the Team Natsu knows! Heh, I could have asked, Freed and he would have said yeah, she is the baby of our guild. Master even admits giving her leniency, or whatever word he used to dumb it down for me, even though I had heard ice-pole-stripper read that word in Lucy's story. He always asks Levy; they have some type of deal, you see. Gray reads her novel about Fairy Tail, and he tells Levy in exchange for the definition of unusual words novelists use. Levy is gonna freak; I found the ending and it had big words, one being intercourse. I will have to ask about that after the photo shoot.

No! I have to be with Erza! I don't wanna die!

Okay Natsu, just breathe slowly in and out, in and out…

"E-Erza, we are up."

"I know Natsu, calm down would you, I don't plan to kill you in the photos, and you really should learn to control your excitement! Honestly… look down! And you think Gray's bad!" She sighs as I look down to see a tent pitched in the front yard. Crap. No sooner does she mention that, I get grabbed and pulled to the side by that Kole dude. He smirks shadily.

"Okay just so you know, I think that you, Lucy, and Gray should stay here after the photo shoot for something called extracurricular photos…A.K.A. hentai, or pornographic photography. Do you think you three would be interested in it? I mean, Lucy after all would make a great porn star actress. Gray… heh, he is a natural stripping machine! You… you would be the perfect opening! I mean what common straight guy would have pink hair? Also, I would be willing to pay all of you at least 300,000 Jewels an hour, and these things can take up to seven hours. Think about Lucy. She needs to pay her rent somehow, right?"

He whispers even softer so Erza won't hear. Hell, what is pornographic photography, and porn star? Hentai I know because Cana yelled it at me once, but I have no clue what it means. It doesn't sound too bad. So I think I will accept it. I mean what is the worst that can happen, right?

"You, sir, have gotta deal. Just let Erza know there is a special meeting for the three secondary members. She's a Diva when she hears praise."

Kole smiles evilly at the thought of having three more participants to his dirty schemes." Perfect. I assure you; the money I give you three will be enough and won't even make a dent in the funds I make on a regular basis. Hell, the photos we take separately will not even be featured in this magazine or any other issue of Sorcerer's Weekly."

I nod and grin. "Perfect." Walking away, I mumble, "I think…"

Lucy smiles at me, that heartfelt smile that makes me want to stick out my neck for her. Then those eyes, those flash-flashy eyes… they make it worthwhile. She then sends me to my doom. With Erza… crap!

"Natsu, I won't kill you. Calm down!"

"Okay!" Kole begins. "For you, my Titania, we need the Warrior Goddess, Queen of the Battlefield. Can you do that for me?"

"Of course."

She re-quips into her Heaven's Wheel armor, then grabs me and places her sword at my throat, just the tip, but still it is scary. I pale visibly. Ack, I am so very dead! Lucy you have to help me, please…


"Another pose, please!"

She changes it and times it just right so it looks like she threw me across the room. "Damn it, Natsu! Don't move around so fast!"

Click. Then scribble.

"One more, but now show us the Queen sex symbol, please!"

She nods and re-quips into a thong and string bikini top. Grabbing me, she pulls the side of my pants low enough to see the pelvis line, I flush with embarrassment as she reaches her hand close to the flagpole I feel I am getting. After a few more provoking photos Erza apologizes and leaves to go get strawberry shortcake and some sleep after we all heavily praise her.

Now it is just the three of us. Crap… what do I tell them?

Lucy's POV:

Natsu has some explaining to do.

"Natsu, what words were you wanting a meaning to?"

"Luce, I have a few questions actually."

"What are they?"

"Just say you accept. Gray, you too."

"Flame brain, what did you do?"

I can tell by his face, this is going to be bad. "Natsu!" I growl. "What did you do?"

"Just say that the two of you accept!"

"We accept! Now tell us!"

"Kole, you heard that, right?" Natsu shouts over.

"Yah!" the photographer cheers.

"Okay, now explain, what did you want to know from me?"

"Well Luce, I signed the three of us up for the sake of your rent. The job pays 300,000 an hour, so we will be paid a lot, okay? And Gray, I know you would love this. I wanna know, what is a threesome, pornographic photos, and intercourse?"

Those four consecutive words are the words every mom, daughter, and female nakama dread.

"G-Gray, help me out here…" I beg, shrinking away.

"Well Natsu, for starters, intercourse happens when two people… a male and a female usually… sometimes two guys or two girls… and they like each other… and then one night when the both of them are ready…" He was blushing and stumbling over his words. "Come on, Natsu! You really don't know how sex works?"

"Ohh! So intercourse is another word for sex?"

Gray and I look at each other and mentally, consecutively, face palm.

"Yes Natsu, and a threesome is sex with three people. As for pornographic pictures… I beg you, tell me that those aren't what we are doing."

Silence follows. Shit… not good. "Natsu!" I groan.


"Pornographic pictures are photos of people having sex, doing sexual activities, or in sexual situations or positions."

Natsu's jaw hits the floor as he freaks out. "Well then, I guess we should… well, we should m-make the most of this opportunity. Lucy, you go, first."

I can't help but go since they left me no real choice. We accepted blindly—stupid, stupid—and damn it, I need that rent money!

"Fine! So Kole, what do you want me to do?"

"Well sweetheart, just look sexy and use all the swim wear and skin you have to your advantages."

Sighing, I sit on a stool in my miniskirt and the bikini top, bend my knees inward, and place a hand on top of my almost-bare thighs as I give a sexy pout and put on the 'bedroom eyes.' The three guys suffer a bad case of slack-jaw syndrome. I laugh while Gray smirks.


"Lucy, have you been doing something we don't know about?" Gray asks.

"Just so you know, this isn't the first time they've asked me to pose like this. They wanted me and Erza to pose together before, so this is nothing new to me. I really didn't know what pose to do besides this. Oh, maybe two more. I found these on accident. Stupid Loke left Playboy around my apartment, and being a girl who never saw my father owning one—hell, even when I went snooping I never found one—soooo, I kinda sorta…"

Gray chokes on his own spit. "You looked at one of those magazines? Lucy, I never knew you had it in you!"

"Shut it, Gray! I know you would have paid to see my face about when I saw those photos."

"How right you are, baby!"

I take my next pose after hopping off the stool. I then take off my tight mini skirt with speed I hear Gray applaud about. Smirking, I lie on the floor, spread my legs, and then push my boobs up with my crossed arms. I slightly part my mouth as I hear the guys grab their pants and adjust. Smiling, Gray looks down at me and blows a kiss. My eyes widen just a bit before the camera goes…


"Gold, baby girl! You are gold!" Kole screams in excitement.

I gulp at my next shot… crap, crap, crap! Okay… breathe… I can do this.

I kneel as I grab the strings keeping me covered. I sigh and tug the strings and let the bikini top falls off. I give a small 'eep' as the cold air hits my bare breasts. Gray watches and hums a song that Natsu knows by some random act of God.

"I take the spot light, always gives you stage fright… Wish this song would end right, wish that you would stop. Making my head spin over and over. It's over but what if we... If we just pretend. You'll play the love and baby. I'll play the lead! So strike a pose and fake a smile. You're coming with me… I'll strum my guitar, 'cause girl, I know how you are. You're just a little bit camera shy but you're still a star!"

They dance around the room like idiots on parade. I can't help but love them. Hey, they do know what they are doing… at least, I think. I stand up after stretching out from my stiffening position on the floor and grab a nearby stripper pole. The back my leg slides along it. I grab my stilettoed feet and place my hand at the ankle, bending at about parallel to my hip. My other hand grabs the pole overhead while I push out my ample chest. A collective sound of nose blood vessels pooping could be heard for a quick moment before the sound of gushing blood and hands flying to the nasal recesses is heard throughout the room.

"G-Golden!" Kole screams. "Baby, you are golden!"

Click, click, snap, click.

"Now we need pairs. First up, Gray… and Lucy, stay beautiful golden. You boys get up there and help her with those group shots!"

I smirk and sigh with a little pleasure as I feel a warm body come up behind me. I don't doubt that it's Natsu, and looking up I am not disappointed. At my distraction, Gray kneels in front of me and hugs my waist. His raven hair tickles my sensitive nipples. I tense as Natsu leans to where his hands are at the topline of my bikini bottoms. I feel a little lightheaded as a primal instinct takes over. My arousal is no doubt smelt by both of the guys.

"Gray, chill out, and s-s-stop moving your head!" I moan.

Gray moves his head again to look up at me. "Why, Lucy? Is it bugging you?"

"Yes, so just keep it there."

"Fine," he says, but then he coughs, his hair still touching the tips of my exposed breasts. I wish I could say I hate it but… I don't.

Natsu snickers and the camera clicks as we are about to arrange ourselves in a new pose Kole stops us.

"You two guys have way too much clothing on. Take some off. Hell, have her do something to you two. I mean, I'm not even pitching a tent, and if you two look down, neither of you are!"

I sigh and drop to my knees as I grab Natsu's and Gray's waistbands. I pull them both back and get the cloth halfway off their hips. I grabbed Gray's freezing hand and Natsu's hot one, and I do something I thought I would never do. I place each of their hands on my bare breast. They squeeze, I moan. Loudly. They look down at me, my eyes rolling back as they squeeze harder, leaning me back onto a soft carpet. That is when we hear.


He is snapping a photo. That is when I get an idea. I grab both of the boys waistbands and rip them to the ground, thus leaving them au natural. They gasp, but I take it a step farther. I'm already gasping at the fact that Natsu is cold and Gray is hot. I wrap my hands around each one's manhood. I am then even more shocked when the placid anatomy shoot up like rockets.

Gray and Natsu grit their teeth as I move my hand up and down them. Gray is long but not as much girth as Natsu. What he lacks in length, he makes up for in width. He has to be at least, a standard seven-incher, but that thing is t-h-i-c-k! And Gray, being less thick than Natsu, is a good two inches longer! I then feel each one give a small leap in my hands. I squeak and let go; the boys growl the same exact thing.

"L-Lucy, p-please don't stop!"

I squeak again, completely ignoring the random mutterings of Kole and camera flashes as I focus on pleasing my two newfound lovers. Gray growls as his hips buck forward with each touch I give. Natsu arches his back and snarls. I giggle, but then suddenly, I feel each penis give a giant leap. White stuff comes out. I'm not entirely sure, but I think they are cumming. I drop my hands and lay flat on my back between them in shock at the spurts meet in the middle. Gray and Natsu's cum mixes in the air and lands on my flat, toned stomach and a bit on my face and mouth.

It's sticky, a texture like warm honey, so I dip some onto my finger and stick it in my mouth. Luckily, Kole snapped the picture before I made a face at how bitter it tasted. Soon the spurts stop. The boys pant heavily as the two members fall flaccid again.

Natsu's POV:

"Best…handjob… ever… Luce."

Gray smirks and pants out. "Natsu…that is… probably… your first… ever."

"Shut up, Gray! I loved every minute of it… I'm sure you're no different! And how is L-…" I suddenly see Lucy laying there between me and Gray, covered in cum and sucking it off her fingers. "Holy crap, that is hot! Lucy, you smell nice."

We smirk as she blushes. The camera clicks rapidly at all we do. Gray smiles and takes off Lucy's drenched underwear.

"Is this what you are smelling, Natsu?" He twirls the article of clothing on his finger. Then he stops and wrings the cloth over his mouth. Juices flow onto his tongue. I snag the bottoms away from him before he drains them all. The smell of sex and arousal is evident on these panties. I let the remaining juices fall in my mouth like a blessed sweet rain. Lucy's smell is better than strawberries and comfortable, something that makes you think that you belong to her, makes you want to belong to her.

A feeling in my stomach makes my member rise to the occasion, as does Gray's. Then we decide, if we have been pleasured, what about Lucy? We pin her to the ground, hands tied to the pole with my scarf, and we tie her legs apart. Lucy doesn't object.

As the wet spot on the carpet grows, I smirk. "Come on, Luce, don't waste all your sweet nectar on the carpet. Save some for us!"

She blushes, and I take her upper half while I let Gray service her down below first, after all I want to be the one she remembers, not the ice-stripping mage… the one she looks up at and says…

"Hey fucking buddy, help me out here and fill this empty shell with fire!"

I do as Gray asks and then realize what it was he had me fill up: a dildo made of his length and my thickness. I pale at the sight of the impossibly-sized fake ice penis and say back to him with humor in my voice.

"Gray, I would hate to have that size of a dick! Man, I'd fucking pass out from blood loss if it was me. I mean, come on, that thing is fucking huge!"

Lucy scowls at our foul language but not for long as Gray inserts the dildo into her rapidly moistening passage. Gray barely pushes it in when she moans and bucks her hips wildly. She thrashes against the restraints we constructed with our clothing. She moans rapidly and then gasps out a phrase before going animalistic again. Gray stops much to her persistent mewls of pleasure and ecstasy.

"Gray, why did you stop?" she pouts and yanks against the bonds.

"Because I wanted to know what you said just now. Hey Natsu, stop squeezing her mounds and come down here to help me. I'm having no luck and the flames are dying, so it'll be too cold to use soon!"

"Fine, but Luce should talk soon!"

"Fine, what I said was…"

Kole shuts the camera down and shushes us all to be quiet. Footsteps are around, and then low murmurs.

They leave as rapidly as they came, but Kole gets nervous and has us leave. We dress, and he pays us 900,000 Jewels, 300,000 Jewels for each of us, although it was less than an hour of work.

Soon we find ourselves in Lucy's apartment, all three of us horny as hell and wanting to continue that sweet ecstasy. Lucy strips faster than we realized she could and takes out a small black box hidden under her bed. Gray has her put it away as we strip and tie her back up like a rack of lamb. She moans loudly as I begin to figure out what pleases her. Then I remember what Cana told me when we went drinking once.

'Natsu, girls have a *hic* small button called a clitoris. Find it, lick it like your favorite ice cream, and watch what we do. Also find the hole where the *hic* 'good stuff' leaks out and shove your*hic* fingers in it while still licking her button. If you do, a woman will reward you greatly with either a handjob or a blowjob. I *hic* am serious!'

As the flashback fades, I do as she instructed, quickly finding the sensitive pile of nerves that she had kept hidden from us with clothing. Then I lick that button furiously as the smell goes to my head. Lucy pants and mewls, while Gray teases her breasts with something that vibrates. Kinky… never thought he had it in him.

Somehow Lucy gets loose from her bondage of clothing. In a swift move, I find myself underneath her as she straddles my head. She spreads her pink lips, revealing that mysterious hole Cana talked about, and squishes her wet folds down onto my face. I grab her hips and move my tongue as she rocks over me. She screams as Gray tweaks her breasts.

Then Gray does the only thing I could think of for him to help me. He grabs my painfully throbbing cock and rubs it against his own. My sweet and sexy baby then stops sitting on my face and squats above me, spreading her dripping self so she can watch what Gray does to me. And Gray does it so well…

Gray's POV:

I have no idea why I did that, but it feels so nice, my ice-hard cock rubbing against his hot one. I think I might actually be bisexual with my best frienemy.

Natsu moans into the cumming Lucy. She screams in orgasmic excitement when I feel unexpected warmth. Natsu's left hand grips the tip of my flared and sensitive head as his right hand pumps in and out of Lucy. I groan and thrust into his fingers.

I finally stop grinding against Natsu's member. He whines into Lucy whose legs give out in a sheer flush of pleasure. As I look at Lucy's mouth, she looks at me and then nods. I crawl over to them on the bed and place myself so her mouth is in front of my dick and my mouth is above Natsu's.

I smirk at a passing thought. I'm no longer a virgin, and I must have bisexual tendencies to do half of what I'm doing here.

Lucy attentively takes me in as I suck Natsu's dripping cock. Natsu groans into Lucy who moans around me, thus creating my moans which keep the chain of vibrations going. She then gently bites the sensitive tip in a way that I grit my teeth and scream around Natsu. I jerk my head up along the thickly veined shaft. Natsu, the sneaky fuck, started it by nipping her clit just as she comes again to his mouth.

Lucy's continuing vibrato and warm grip around my dick sends me catapulting over the edge. I cum into Lucy's mouth; she swallows it and sucks on my shaft, milking me like a baby on a bottle. Right at that moment, Natsu cries out in orgasm, and his shaft floods my mouth with bitter stickiness. I have no choice but to swallow or risk choking on it.

We then all sigh and unmount from the position we were in. By the time we finish, our dirty deeds have exhausted our darling Lucy. I look outside to see pitch blackness. We place Lucy between us as we wrap our arms around her. As soon as she is asleep, we put a soft nipple from her enlarged bosom into our mouths and suck. We fall asleep like that, waiting for an early dawn so we can wake her up with sex.

Good God, I am such a pervert!


No Gray, you are wrong, I am the pervert! Heh I had to write this… XD I just had to, no idea why but I had to! And I would like to thank my lovely editor, Wild Rhov, for editing this and making sure it was salvageable! XD