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My Little Bunny

I Have A Sister!

(Chapter 1)

"HARUHI!" was heard all Ouran High School. Tamaki came running into the Host Club room. "Sempai?" asked Haruhi with a confused look. "Tamaki, what are you yelling about now?" asked Kyoya as he looked at his clipboard. "You guys are not going to believe this, but I just found out that I have a little sister! But I haven't meant her yet." Tamaki said as he hugged Haruhi. "Say what, boss?" said Hakaru and Kaoru at the same time. "My dad just told me. Her name is Usagi and she is three years old." Tamaki said with one of the biggest smiles in the world. " Tama-chan, are we going to meet her sometime?" asked Honey with Usa-chan in his arms. Mori just nodded as he stood next to honey. "I hope so." said Tamaki as he was jumping up and down for joy. The day went pretty much like this for the whole day.

(The Next Day)

The Host Club was having a meeting to plan the next ballroom dance. When they heard the door open, so they looked to see who was at the door. At first, they didn't see anyone so Tamaki got up to closes the door, he stopped to a pair of clear sapphire eyes looking up at him from behind the door. "Hello, little princess. What may I do for you?" he asked as he got down to the girl's level. "I…um…looking for someone." she said in a quiet, but sweet voice as she hugged her little pink blanket and her black kitty that had a crescent moon on its forehead. "And who are you looking for, little one?" asked Tamaki with a kind smile. The others came over to see who Tamaki was talking to. "My big brother." she said. " What's your big brother's name?" asked Haruhi as she got down to the girl's level too. "Um…daddy said his name was Tama…Tamaki!" said the girl as she put down the black kitty. Everyone stared at her in disbelief. "Wait, is your name Usagi?" asked Tamaki. The girl nodded. " Everyone calls me bunny." she said with a big smile. "That's because your name means bunny." stated Kyoya as he pushed his glasses up. "I know that." she said in a matter-of-fact voice then stock out her tongue at Kyoya. The twins started to laugh, honey was giggling, Mori was smiling a little smile, and Haruhi was shocked. Tamaki grinned up at Kyoya then picked up Usagi as Kyoya glared at everyone. "Lighten up Kyoya. And now to answer your question, I'm Tamaki." with a grin. Usagi's eyes lit right up and she hugged Tamaki. Tamaki hugged her back. A few moments after Usagi and Tamaki hugged, a woman with long green hair walk up to them. "There you are, bunny." she said happily. "Setsuna! Big brother!" said Usagi with a big grin. The woman known as Setsuna smiled softly at Usagi. "I see that, but you shouldn't run off by yourself, bunny." said Setsuna in a motherly way. "Setsuna, did you find bunny?" asked a woman with aqua, shoulder length hair with sandy blonde guy. "Yes, I found her, Michiru, Haruka." answered Setsuna. Michiru stood next to Setsuna and Haruka walked up to Tamaki and Usagi. "Bunny, you had us all worried. You know better then to run off like that.' said Haruka. "I'm sorry. I found big brother!" said Usagi proudly. Michiru giggled, Setsuna smiled softly, and? Haruka just shook his head. "Come on, bunny. It's time for all good little bunnies to have a nap." said Haruka holding out his arms to Usagi. "But I'm not sleepily." said Usagi as she rubbed her eyes then yawned. Haruka just smiled and Tamaki handed over Usagi to Haruka. "Of course you're not, but what if Michiru read you a story?" said Haruka as he started to walk away. Setsuna pick up Usagi's little black kitty that started to purr when Setsuna started to pet her. Michiru bowed then followed Haruka and Setsuna out to put Usagi down for a nap. After they were out of sight Tamaki turned around with a big grin on his face. "Now where were we?"

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