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My Little Bunny

(Chapter 6)

In the Name of the Moon!

"I am the Sailor Scout of Death and Rebirth, Sailor Saturn!"

The two beings snarled Saturn and charged up their attacks. They would take care of the other scouts after dealing with Saturn. Saturn meet them head on directing the fight back outside. Usagi pushed her way out of Tamaki's arms and ran over to the fallen scouts.

"Princess, We're sorry for failing you again." Pluto whispered softly and as she struggled to breath.

"Are not going to be able to stand with you anymore in this life time. M-maybe if the fates are kind, we might see each other in an life...I can only hope that they would be so kind..." Pluto looked over at Uranus and Neptune as they shared their last few breaths together. They would meet the others again and join them in watching over their princess from the heavens. She hoped Saturn wouldn't be joining them yet, the princess needed Saturn more than ever now.

"You did not fail me." Pluto looked over at her princess with sad eyes.

"You did not fail me!" Usagi said louder getting Uranus and Neptune's attention too.

"You have never once failed me. You have always been there for me. Protecting me. Saving me. Cheering me up." Tears ran down Usagi's face before she wiped them away with a look of determination, no, her scouts were not going to be leaving her just yet. Usagi started to glow as her crystal hear her wish.

"Princess! You can't use the crystal! You'll die!" Cried out Neptune. Tamaki and the others were bathe in the warm light of Usagi's glow. They heard Usagi make her wish then felt a overwhelming power wash through them. The power Usagi was using shone through the whole school, healing all who was bathe by it's light. Once the light died down no more did little Usagi stand there, no, in her place stood a strong warrior. Neptune, Uranus and Pluto along side her in all their glory. Tamaki knew that this was what his sister was truly capable of.

Sailor Moon look at her scouts and they nodded in understanding. They didn't need word to know what to do. They had done it so many time that it was second nature to them now. It was time to fight.

They jumped out the window to join the fight with Saturn and show just how strong they really were to creatures of darkness.

"Moon Tiara Magic!" The glowing disk was sent flying across the school yard at the enemy with the grace and power of someone who had done that on a daily base. The attack was dodged, but it did want Sailor Moon wanted it to do, get their attention.

"You creatures born of hate and darkness that attack the innocent will not be allow to run wild anymore! For I am the pretty sailor solider of love and justice, Sailor Moon! And in the name of the Moon, I shall punish you!" And with that Sailor Moon and the Outer Scouts jumped into action. They attacked and dodged just like use to do, not missing a beat. Their enemy was doing the same, having a harder time fighting off the scout than they had just moments before Sailor Moon join in on the fight.

"What the hell is going on!? It's like they're new people. Why can't we put them back into the ground where they belong?" The woman as she dodge Neptune's attack.

"It's that Moon Scout. They're stronger because of her. We need to fall back and report back to the master about her." They nodded and jumped back from the fight then disappeared into black portals. Making sure the enemy had left, Saturn ran over and hugged Sailor Moon.

"I've missed you so much!" Sailor Moon hugged the 17 year old girl and wiped away her tears.

"I've missed you too, firefly. Look at you all grown up now. You're older than me now!"

"Bunny!" Tamaki watched the whole fight from the club room and as soon as it was over he ran outside to check on his little sister. She smiled over at him as her eyes rounded back and she detransformed back into a little had caught her before she could hit the ground and handed her over to Tamaki once he reached them.

"Take care of her for us." Neptune said before the Outers walked through Pluto's portal.

After explaining what they all saw to the police, who showed up shortly after the Outers left, the host club sat at Tamaki's house in shock. At first, they didn't believe what Tamaki had told them, but now. Now, they had seen it with their own very eyes. They didn't know what to do with this information. They were drawing blanks. Tamaki had put Usagi to bed after have his doctor check her out. She used too much energy the doctor said. He sighed and headed down stairs to talk with his friends. It was going to be a long night.

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