Wizard presents:

The Irkens of the Opera of Doom

A story of romance, adventure, and tacos.


The Phantom: Invader Zim

Christine Daae: Invader Kay

Raoul(The Vicomte De Chaney): Dib Membrane

Madame Giry: Invader Tak

Meg Giry: Invader Terra

Monsieur Firmin: Tallest Red

Monsieur Andres: Tallest Purple

La Carlotta: Gaz Membrane

Piangi: Professor Membrane

Joseph Buqet: G.I.R.

There will be a short intermission between acts where we will be serving Nachos in the main lobby.


Hyuuumans- 30 munnies

Invader and Elite class- 10 munnies

Vortians- 600 munnies

Food service drones- 200 munnies

Smeets get in free, just be sure to stab your eyes out with a fork before bringing them to such a filthy thing as a pay.

(A/N- Well, here goes! XD Hope you enjoy this fanfic!)