A Stranger in the Night

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The Dragon's Tooth bar of 1313 Knockturn Alley was crowded full of the dregs of the wizarding society and those that catered to that society. The clatter of dice mixed with the rumble of voices, the scratching of cards, the jingle of coins exchanging hands and the occasional burst of laughter. Dark smoke drifted lazily through the air mixing with the other smells of ale, rum and sweat. This however was only something minimally noticed by the black clad wizard seated at the end of the bar. A lightly tanned hand lifted a glass of amber liquid to lips and vanished quickly, the glass was settled once more on the wooden surface and long fingers signaled the barkeep for another.

The new drink quickly went the same way as its fellow and with out prompting the glass was filled once more. The wizard had been sitting here for more then an hour and was determined to drown the earlier events of the night from his mind. It wasn't the fact that the man had found his wife cheating on him only a few hours before that was causing the wizard to cram drink after drink down his throat but the partner she'd chosen and the coupling that he'd walked in on. A dark wine red head shook as the man attempted to block the mental pictures from his mind. The spirits knew that he wasn't a saint, he'd done a number of horrible and gruesome things throughout his life but this was to offal for even a dark wizard such as himself to bare with out the aid of licker, lots and lots of licker. Before coming to the bar he'd actually considered trying a self-Obliviate but had given that idea up on the grounds that he didn't want to destroy his mind, he just wanted the pictures muted if not gone entirely.

Long fingers lifted the glass turning it to catch the light as blue-green eyes studied the drink intently. He knew that his wife had been unfaithful and had been for quite sometime, hell it was no secret among the Death Eaters that if you were looking for a shag that Bellatrix was the one to go to. But really, he'd thought that even a slut like Bella would have some reserves, have a line that she wouldn't cross but that notion had been completely knocked off the proverbial broomstick tonight. The dark wizard shuddered hastily downing his drink in one gulp. He wondered morosely if he'd ever be rid of the memory of Bellatrix entwined with the Dark Lord on the floor of the main thrown room. Rodolphus shivered once more his only goal now was to drink until he was dead drunk and hope that he could get home as well as that his little brother would know where a hangover potion was in the morning.

Dark gray eyes observed the figure huddled at the end of the bar from beneath his black hood. It looked like the man was well on his way to being completely smashed if the faint tremble of the hands and the slight swaying movements were any indication. He'd come to the Dragon's Tooth tonight in hopes of spotting the other wizard but hadn't really been to hopeful after all he'd been coming for two weeks with no sign of the wine haired man but apparently tonight someone on the other side was smiling down on him. He'd taken a seat at a small table in the corner and ordered an ale and less then fifteen minutes later the individual that he'd sought had walked in beelining straight for the bar and had remained there for the last hour and a half downing drink after drink. Pale lips curled up in a smile it was time to make his move.

A few shots later Rodolphus concluded that his plan was working, his vision was slowly blurring and his usually shrewd and cunning mind was beginning to slip with the over use of alcohol. All that was left now was to pass out because of it. Unfortunately, the dark wizard wouldn't get the chance to as warm fingers stroked along the back of his neck to finally come to rest on his shoulder. Blue-green eyes widened in shock as soft breath ghosted along the shell of his ear. The intruder's voice was soft and filled with an underlying current of amusement as it's owner whispered, "want to play cards?"

Rodolphus scowled attempting to shrug the hand off his shoulder, his response was the same as it had been the whole night, "no." He reached for his drink hoping that the other would take the Gryffindor sized hint and bugger off so that he could finish getting drunk in peace.

"Hmm. "

Rodolphus' eyes narrowed in growing irritation as the fingers trailed from his shoulder, down his arm to rest on the back of his hand, this bastard was really not taking the hint.

"Well then, if you don't want to play cards, how about something else?"

Deciding that he should make his point clear Rodolphus clinched his fist taking a swing at his irritator. Only to miss as the black cloaked figure dodged expertly leaving the dark wizard to teeter off balance. A pale hand reached out grasping his elbow steadying him as he fought to regain his senses. Rodolphus shook his head trying to clear his vision and bring the stranger into better focus. He was pretty sure it was a man under that cloak because of the pitch of the voice but the hood cast shadows over his face keeping his identity a secret. The dark wizard shrugged mentally oh well it really didn't matter he really didn't care who this jackass was as long as he was left alone.

"Are you sure that you can't think of anything to do? Because I can certainly think of a few things that I would like to do with you," The black cloaked figure stepped closer to his target.

Rodolphus scowled at the black cloaked wizard bracing one hand against the bar he dug into his belt pouch pulling out a few galleons tossing them onto the bar. He'd had enough of this cheep crap anyway, they had alcohol back at the manor and there would be no annoying strangers there and he could finish getting drunk with out anymore interference. Rodolphus levered himself to his feet and stalked purposely towards the exit ignoring the fact that he wasn't exactly walking in a straight line.

The Dark wizard pushed open the heavy wooden door and stumbled out into the street. The chill night air brushed against his face and Rodolphus tugged his cloak tighter about his body shivering slightly. He started down the street heading for a place that he could apparate home. His foot caught on an uneven cobblestone in the road and he stumbled only to have a hand once more grasp his elbow to steady him. Blue-green eyes narrowed, "why are you still here?" He turned his head to glare at the black hooded man who was now at his side.

The man shrugged releasing his grip on the death eater's elbow, "just wanted to make sure you got to the apparition point."

Rodolphus snorted turning away, "yeah, sure you did, its not like I just hatched yesterday." He started to step away but the stranger's hand shot out grasping him once more. The dark wizard turned an even more menacing look on the fingers wrapped about his wrist, "let go."

"You know," the stranger commented mildly tugging the other man towards him. "you seem rather tence, that's not good for you're health in the long run so how about you let me help you relax."

For some reason, Rodolphus didn't like where this was going and he was about to protest when he found himself pressed up against the brick wall of an alley. He blinked in confusion how the hell had they gotten in here, they'd just been on the street and he had no memory of moving with the stranger but he could feel the cold stones of a wall against his back. He attempted to push the other man away but it was futile to dislodge a person in a better state then himself. One of his hands rested on the cloaked man's shoulder while the other was braced against his chest. His strength was gone and it was highly unlikely that in his current inebriated state that he could successfully cast any spells with out blowing himself up as well.

A warm body pressed up against him hands sliding to his hips making Rodolphus even more uncomfortable with this situation. He was about to tell the cloaked man off but only managed to emit a low moan as the stranger's tongue traced along the sensitive flesh between jaw and ear. The dark wizard immediately regretted making the sound as his keen hearing picked up the soft chuckle coming from the other man. He gritted his teeth furious at the others reaction and he once more attempted to push him away

"Now, now, stop that," the cloaked man breathed lightly over the wet flesh making his captive shiver in reaction. "I'm just going to give you what you need."

"what, I need?" Rodolphus breath hissed out of him along with his fury as fingers undid the buttons of the black over robe he wore revealing the white shirt beneath. The fingers skimmed lightly over the pristine cloth tugging slightly until the material slid from the dark wizard's britches to hang loose. The stranger leaned closer making the death eater squirm

"You See," drawled the cloaked man lips close to an ear as his fingers started working at the buttons of the dark wizard's shirt collar. "You need to learn how to kick back and relax a little." He stopped after the fourth button leaning back to regard his captive seriously, "I'm just what you need no one knows how to cut loose and have a bit of fun better then me and I promise you'll be relaxed in no time."

Rodolphus' lips twisted in a scornful smear, "oh, really?" The dark wizard straightened his back defiantly, "I'm a big boy now, I think that I'd know what I need and what I don't need." He made as if to step away from the cloaked wizard but was blocked yet again. In his drunken state Rodolphus really didn't have much choice but to lean back against the wall and submit to the other man's will.

The hooded man smirked, lowering his head to the death eater's now exposed neck, "You know, soft lips trailed light kisses down the tan flesh, "you really shouldn't drink like that it could lead to you getting into sticky situations." Strong white teeth nipped at the juncture of the dark wizard's neck and shoulder.

"Oh Great, now you think you're my Mother?" retorted Rodolphus with a frown that wasn't seen because of their position. "I don't need anyone telling me what to and what not to do." He was going for an indifferent, insensitive, mind your own business kind of tone but unfortunately it lost its purpose and presence when the sentence came out slightly slurred. Another soft laugh was heard from the man holding him before the stranger replied.

"True," strong fingers needed his captive's sides pushing the white shirt up revealing the dark wizard's stomach. The black cloaked figure rubbed his palm across the warm flesh before trailing down to tug lightly at the ornate silver belt buckle.

Before Rodolphus' alcohol fogged mind could completely comprehend what was happening the cloaked stranger had unfastened his belt and pushed both trousers and boxers down to tangle around his ankles. "What?..." His question was stopped even really before it was started as a warm hand encircled his erect length stroking lightly. Rodolphus' eyes slid closed hips jerking forwards in an involuntary reaction as another soft moan escaped from between his lips.

The black hooded man grinned pleased with the dark wizard's reaction to his gentle touch. "so Beautiful," he leaned forwards capturing Lestrange's lips in a kiss. The dark wizard's lips slightly parted giving him access to the warm confines of his mouth and the cloaked figure took full advantage of it slipping his tongue into the other's mouth tasting mapping. claiming. He pulled back for a second licking his lips, "you taste of alcohol and peppermint, very nice." The cloaked stranger smiled watching his partner's face as he continued to slowly stroke him. His lips curled up into a grin, "I don't want you to say later that I took you against your will so I guess I'll have to stop now before things get out of hand." He stroaked the dark wizard one last time before slowly pulling his hand away and stepping back.

Blue-green eyes flickered open as tan fingers reached out grasping the stranger's wrist., "No don't stop, please..." Rodolphus hated the way he was forced to ask to be given release, but he really had no other options open. He could finish the job himself but it had been quite a while since he'd experienced physical satisfaction such as this and he would be called an idiot if he were letting the opportunity slip away. As long as the situation allowed him, he was going through with it. Besides, with a drunken state of mind and body just begging to be touched, he really didn't have much of a choice.

The hooded wizard grinned in delight, "well if you insist." He moved back to his former position kissing the death eater's throat. He then dropped to his knees and in one swift move he had swallowed the other wizard whole.

Rodolphus' eyes widened as he grabbed onto the cloaked wizard's shoulders as his legs threatened to buckle beneath him. The stranger's mouth was warm and moist around his cock and damn but it felt good.

The hooded wizard grasped Lestrange's hips holding him still to keep from choking him as he sucked vigorously, His thumbs stroked lightly against the soft skin of the other man's inner thigh. He drew back a little only to push his tongue against the head of the dark wizard's cock, tasting sweet pre-cum, before cupping it under the thick length. He hollowed out his cheeks and started to bob up and down, Rodolphus' soft moans of pleasure filling his ears. When he felt the other wizard beginning to tighten, he suddenly deep-throated him, pushing his nose into wine red curls.

Rodolphus head fell back against the stone wall lips slightly parted as he panted for breath. His fingers tightened on the other wizard's shoulders as his body convulsed spilling his seed down the other man's warm throat.

The hooded wizard hummed softly swallowing all that the death eater had given him. He pulled away licking his lips as they curved up in a delighted grin, "delicious." His grin got even larger as he imagined the blush on Lestrange's face at that comment. He leaned forward once more rubbing his unshaven jaw against the sensitive skin of the dark wizard's inner thigh and was rewarded with a shiver and soft moan. He rose to his feet smiling at the sated look in blue green eyes. With a quick flick of his wand Rodolphus' clothing was once more situated correctly. Dark gray eyes widened as he then had to catch his satisfied partner as his legs gave out beneath him. "Wo there," He shifted his feet pulling the dark wizard closer to his body, "I believe you might have over did the alcohol a bit."

The dark wizard ignored the other man's comment as he fought down the wave of nausea that was threatening to engulf him. He struggled to pull away from the other wizard but his legs refused to support him, "let go. I can make it home on my own." He grimaced as the headache made it's presents known rather suddenly.

The cloaked figure snorted, "Yeah right. I really don't want to read about you splinching yourself in tomorrow's paper." He refused to relinquish his grip on the other man and finally the wizard stopped his struggles relaxing in his grip. The hooded man smiled pulling his partner closer to his body savoring the brief moment. "Right then," he nodded after a few seconds, "I'll apparate to your gates. I then will trust that you can stumble into your home from there." His only answer was a soft grunt of acknowledgement.

Rodolphus felt the telltale feelings of side along apparition and the wave of increased nausea that this feeling brought left him gasping in deep breaths when they reappeared. He buried his face in the crook of the cloaked wizard's shoulder struggling against the waves of vertigo that were bombarding his senses. After a few moments he was able to lift his head without feeling that he'd end up flat on the ground. The dark wizard pushed away from the cloaked figure and started stumbling up the path to Lestrange Manor. He didn't acknowledge the other man's words that drifted on the air behind him.

"you know where to find me if you ever want to repeat tonight and maybe I'll show you something new." The cloaked figure watched the dark wizard until he vanished through the massive doors, then with a soft chuckle and a smile he apparated away to his own home already imagining his next encounter with the dark wizard. Rodolphus Lestrange needed to relax more and he was just the person who would get him to, one way or another.


Rabastan stalked through the front door of his family's manor leaving his cloak on the floor for the house elves to pick up, this night had been a complete waist of time. The morons that he'd been working with had bungled the mission and had left him to explain everything to the Dark Lord. Luckily for him the snake faced bastard had been in a good mood and he'd gotten out of there with everything intact and he'd managed to lay all the blame at the other's doorstep. His lips curled into a smile as he bounded up the stares looking for his brother. Rabastan strolled into the room that he shared with his older sibling opening his mouth to say something but he snapped it shut frowning instead at the figure sprawled on their bed, "Dolphus?"

The elder Lestrange didn't so much as twich.

Rabastan hurried over leaning over his brother's body concerned at the lack of movement from the other. He frown sniffing lightly cocking his head in confusion, he smelled alcohol. His older brother wasn't one to normally drink, in fact Rabastan could count on one hand the number of times that his sibling had been drunk and have most of his fingers left over. He frowned even more, lightly shaking his brother's shoulder, "Rodolphus?" There was still no movement from the elder Lestrange. Rabastan straightened looking down thoughtfully at his brother. It looked like he'd have to wait until morning to find out what had pushed his sibling into this uncharacteristic behavior. He quickly removed his brother's boots and outer robe before doing the same to himself and crawling under the covers next to his passed out elder sibling. Rabastan rolled over draping his arm across Rodolphus' form. He sighed, why did he have the feeling that Bellatrix had something to do with this?


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