Chapter 4

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Rabastan scowled his brother was acting oddly. Dolphus had come home yesterday rather subdued and quieter then normal. He'd then locked himself into his study and had refused to come out for anything. As far as he knew he'd been in there all night neither responding to Rabastan's demands that he come out so they could talk or asked for food from the elves. He shifted glaring at the heavy door. He knew that his brother had been upset when he'd left yesterday but this was just silly. Dolphus needed to get over this and come out. Rabastan was jerked out of his dark thoughts as the door opened and his brother appeared wrapping his cloak around his shoulders.

"I'm going out," Rodolphus glanced at his little brother who was scowling in the parlor door. "I'll be back sometime tonight."

Rabastan opened his mouth to demand where his sibling was going but before he could Rodolphus had vanished. He spun back into the parlor swearing in renewed frustration. What in Merlin's name was going on with his Dolphus?

Rodolphus hesitated hand raised to knock on the door of room 3 at the Dragon's Tooth. Once he did this there was no going back and if the Dark Lord ever found out he'd ever even considered this both he and his brother would wish they'd never been born. Taking one last deep breath he rapped firmly on the wood.


Taking another fortifying breath Rodolphus turned the handle and stepped into the room looking around before closing the door behind himself. Black was laying on the bed legs crossed at the ankles and hands tucked behind his head. This relax position however didn't fool Rodolphus in the least. He raised both hands showing the lack of his wand and stepped closer to the bed. "I have thought about your offer Black and am willing to go along with it."

Sirius grinned sitting up and swinging his feet to the floor.

"However," Rodolphus folded his arms, "I want an oath that the information that I give you will pardon me and my brother."

"Fine," nodded Sirius standing, "I give you my word as Lord Black that you and your broth…"

"No," Rodolphus cut Sirius off with a scowl and shake of his head.

Sirius frowned.

"I want an unbreakable vow."

Sirius sighed, "You don't trust me to carry my end of the deal?"

"It's not you," shrugged Rodolphus, "it's the ministry I don't trust to carry the deal through." Blue-green eyes focused on him, "but with you being a decorated hero and having the certain group of friends that you do. They won't allow you to lose your life and magic."

"Hmm," Sirius nodded, "that does make since." He held out his wand, "I Sirius Black here do swear on my life and magic that in exchange for information on the dark lord and movements of the death eaters I will vouch for Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange at the end of the war. So long as I am not betrayed by either." He lowered his wand one eyebrow raised. "Happy?"

Lips curved into a smile, "quite." Rodolphus nodded beginning to turn towards the door. "Well, I'll bring you the information as soon as I have it then. Also for the record Black, that last line was quite Slytherin in it addition you positive you're a lion through and through?"

Sirius sniffed, in mock affront as he slowly raised an eyebrow, "what, leaving so soon?

Rodolphus paused in confusion, "I don't have any information for you now."

Grey eyes gleamed, "oh, its not information I want from you." He rose to his feet prowling towards the dark wizard.

Rodolphus suddenly knew how a lone gazelle felt on the African plains when it was being stocked by a hungry lion. He took a step back away from the advancing Black Lord. "Uh, Rabastan is expecting me home," He sidled sideways trying to get to the door but was blocked by a manically grinning Sirius.

"Don't worry about Rabastan," Sirius crowded the other wizard until his back was pressed against a wall. He leaned down until their lips were nearly touching and whispered. "Just worry about me." And with that comment he pressed their mouths together tongue slipping between Rodolphus' slightly parted lips.

Rabastan scowled up at the sign hanging over the bar's door. The Dragon's Tooth, what in Merlin's name was his brother doing in a place like this? Not only was Dolphus not normally a drinker the other night not with standing but neither was he one to frequent bars let alone seedy bars. Rabastan straightened his shoulders stepping through the doors. Blue green eyes flicking around alert for either danger or his sibling. Not spotting Rodolphus anywhere in the mostly empty bar he turned his attention to the stairs leading to the next level.

He climbed the stairs rapidly pausing for a second to look around at the hall of closed doors. His Brother was behind one of these doors and had a lot of explaining to do once Rabastan found him. He lifted his wand murmuring softly, "Point me Rodolphus Lestrange." His wand spun in the palm of his hand for a moment before pointing at the room marked with a Number three, Taking a deep breath for calm Rabastan stepped across the hall hissed out an unlocking charm and shoved the door open and froze half way through the door in shock. Dolphus, His Dolphus was fast asleep with one Sirius Black half sprawled atop him. The sheet had slid down only covering both wizard's lower halves but it didn't take a genius to figure out that both were completely nude under it.

Rabastan's eye twitched.

"Rodolphus Sebastian Lestrange! What the hell is going on?"

Sirius snorted jerking awake at the younger Lestrange's furious bellow. He rolled over grabbing for his wand only to realize that Rabastan's wand was already pointing at him tip glowing an ominous green.

Rodolphus opened one eye, "what does it look like I'm doing brother."

Rabastan twitched violently and glared.

"Do stop threatening my lover Rab."

"Dolphus," Rabastan took a deep breath. "Please explain why you're in bed with the enemy?"

"He's a good shag?"

"Gee glad to know that," the younger Lestrange glared at his elder sibling. "Why are you in bed with him? I know you Dolphus you said you'd be back and you weren't, he spelled you didn't he!" Rabastan's eyes then narrowed, "and you know very well what I mean."

Rodolphus cocked his head, "I wasn't home last night because following a night of inspired passion that left the wizard in question to enchanted, enraptured, enamored and tired to think clearly afterwards?"

"Any person," growled Rabastan, "that can insert enchanted, enraptured and enamored together in one sentence is thinking with perfect clarity."

Sirius smirked in amusement leaning back against the headboard to watch the brother's exchange

Rodolphus sniffed, "that's this morning, and I've gotten several hours of sleep. He sat up eyes regarding his brother seriously, "Rab, we need to talk and we need to talk now." He pointed at a chair next to the bed, "sit."

Rabastan hesitated for a moment but finally stepped the rest of the way into the room closing the door behind himself. He moved slowly to the chair and settled eyes watching his sibling carefully,

"I'm going to talk and you're going to shut up for once in your life and listen to me." Rodolphus sigh scrubbing his hands through his hair. "I'm sleeping with Sirius because it is something that we both have been wanting for a long time and things just kept getting in the way. As for him being with the enemy…" Rodolphus sighed again then looked Rabastan straight in the eyes. "We are now allies and we will be feeding Sirius information on the Dark Lord and his movements." He held up a hand stalling his brother's comments, "just listen.

Rabastan settled back in his chair.

"You can't tell me you're happy working for a mad man that throws around pain curses like Lucius does galleons…"

Sirius snorted in amusement.

"Sirius pointed something out to me that I have been thinking over and have made up my mind. We can't keep dodging curses one of these times the Dark Lord's spells are going to catch up with one or both of us." He leaned forward fingers brushing the back of his brother's hand. "I'd fall apart if anything happened to you so in exchange for information Sirius has made an unbreakable vow to vouch for the both of us at the end of the war." Rodolphus' eyes hardened, "so little brother, you have to choices, stand with me and help gather information or I lock you in the manner's dungeons for the duration of the war."

Rabastan blinked a little hurt, "you think I wouldn't stand with you?"

"No," Rodolphus smiled, "but I had to add that last bit in just to let you know the alternative."

"Well then," Sirius slid his arms around Rodolphus' waist and propped his chin on the younger wizard's shoulder. "Shew, we have celebrating to do." He pressed his lips to the dark wizard's cheek gray eyes focused on the younger brother's now thunderous expression.

Rabastan shot to his feet, "Black! If you think for one moment that I'm going t…"


"Huh?" Rabastan stopped in the middle of his tirade.

Sirius smirked, "call me Sirius."

"Why," blinked a now confused Rabastan.

Rodolphus stared fixedly at the ceiling as several of his ribs threatened to crack from the effort of holding in his laughter at the adorably cute confused look that his brother was wearing.

"Because," Drawled Sirius calmly, "don't lovers generally use one another's first names?"

"Lovers?" Rabastan blinked again, "but I thought…" He trailed off frowning.

Sirius rolled his eyes, "really? I know that the two of you are so to speak a package deal." He smirked, "while you're not as cute as Rodo you are good looking enough." He watch in growing amusement as both brothers sputtered.

"Good looking enough?"

"I'm not cute!"

Rabastan stopped his own protest to smirk at his sibling, "Bla… Sirius at least got that right Brother. You're adorable especially when I have you on your back and am…"

Rodolphus blushed in embarrassment, "Rabastan!"

Said wizard smirked placing a knee on the edge of the bed and pecking his sibling on the cheek. He then turned blue green eyes on the other occupant leaning close until their mouths were only a hair's breath apart. "I don't bottom."

Sirius grinned wickedly, that works for me," He closed the rest of the distance pressing his lips to Rabastan's while Rodolphus was pinned between them. Finally the two polled apart lips slightly swollen and eyes glazed.

Rabastan then cocked his head drawing back to look at his elder brother. "You really wouldn't lock me in the dungeons would you Dolphus?"

Rodolphus merely smiled calmly.

* Six Months Later *

Sirius grinned backing Rodolphus against one of the large study tables while Rabastan pressed against him from behind. He could feel Rabastan's fingers deftly working at the buttons of his shirt as he did to the elder brother in front of him. It had been nearly a week and he was eager to have Rodolphus laying under him screaming in pleasure as Rabastan pounded into him from behind. Sirius crashed his and Rodolphus' mouths together tugging at the other wizards cloths as warm lips pressed against his neck suckling hungrily. The three never noticed the two frozen figures standing in the Library entrance.

James Potter was finally able to get enough of his wits back to pull the library door closed again. He turned heading back along the hall of number 12 Grimwald Place. "Um," he began glancing over at his companion, "Let's pretend that never happened."

Lucius Malfoy nodded tightening his grip on the snake head cane he was carrying, "indeed."

"Well," Sighed James as he started down the stairs, "at least I now know just who Sirius is getting all of his information from." He grinned ruffling his hair with one hand, "never would have guessed it was those two though."

"Black always did have good taste," drawled Lucius as the two turned down the hall towards the kitchen.

James chuckled.

"So, about this alliance?"