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~Rose POV~

"Tasha! You look magnificent." I heard Lissa call out to my worst enemy.

Eeh…not so much enemy…..I actually liked the infuriating woman. It's just that she has what's not hers.

I glared at the porcelain floor as a waiter passed by with flutes of champagne, reaching my hand to grab onto one.

"As do you Vasilissa, my god. Look at you," she gushed, "you've grown so much."

Lissa giggled

"Aunt Tasha" Christian greeted

"What? No hug?"

I'm so glad I wasn't looking at them. Instead I focused on an ice sculpture of an angel that had just been brought in to the room.

"And who is this lovely looking woman?" I crossed my arm over my elbow and took a sip of my champagne.

Lissa chuckled, "Tasha, you already know Rose— " I felt her grab my arm, "Rose, turn around and greet Tasha."

I put on a fake smile as I was turned around to see the face that I've dreaded sense she came into the picture.

"Oh~ Rosemarie, don't you look stunning! I didn't even recognize you."

I motioned towards her with the champagne flute, "You look amazing as well Tasha, it's good seeing you again."

"Why so formal?," She grinned, throwing her hands down to her sides, "you were never like this before. You seem so different now—so grown up."

I didn't even know if I should take that as a compliment or an insult.

"Don't fill her head up too much Aunt Tasha or else she'll explode." Christian sneered.

"Do me a favor, Christie. Keep your mouth shut." I glared at him

"Ay! I thought we agreed you're not allowed to call me that!" he glared right back

Lissa just laughed nervously as we glared at each other.

"Christie?" Tasha asked, turning around to see someone that must have been behind her. I wasn't really paying much attention to her right now though.

"Ah yes, that's what Rose's kids call him." She continued to laugh.

My eyes widened and I felt my body freeze.

Oh no, she didn't.

"Kids?" Tasha looked at me incredulously, now seeming to have the person that had been with her before, back at her side.

Oh for the love of—it had to be him.

It had to be freaking him. Right. Now.

Out of all the fucking times he could have shown up—it had to be the specific moment that Lissa opened her big mouth.

I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples annoyingly.

Well, there was no going back now.

"…..Yes, my two boys….."

I distinctly felt two certain pairs of eyes on me.

Ones that had me squirming, sense the first time we met.

But I didn't dare turn to look at him.

"Guardian Belikov." I said stiffly

I heard him clear his throat in front of me, "Rose."

Tasha, not being seemingly aware of the cold tension between me and Dimitri, continued on with her badgering questions.

"I didn't know you had gotten pregnant Rose? How old are they?" The thing was, I knew she was genially interested in this information. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but with my ex-lover and mentor being here to listen to all of this, I was on edge.

"Yeah….right after you and Guardian Belikov left," I looked up at her, taking another sip, "I found out I was pregnant."

More tension-filled stares from the one man I wanted to cower away from. Great.

"That's amazing…how long did you have them apart?" she asked with a smile.

I looked down and smiled, thinking of my precious miracles.

"She had twins, Aunt Tasha" Christian spoke up. I can practically hear the pride in his voice. That was one thing we had in common at the moment, my sons.

"Oh wow," I saw Tasha's eyes flare up in astonishment, "Rose I have no idea how you were able to that. I'm sure it wasn't that difficult with Adrian beside you—," she looked at me sheepishly, hoping she wasn't jumping to conclusions, "he is the father, right?"

Now it was me who was clearing my throat.

I placed my empty flute on a tray that a waiter had as he passed by and grabbed another one.

"No. The father is..….no one." I smiled slightly at her

She looked confused as I'm sure Dimitri did too, though I felt more emotions raging from him than her.

"No one of importance after he decided to leave me" I cleared and drank from the flute again.

"Lissa….where are my boys? I'm worried. I haven't seen them all day." I turned to look at Lissa who wore a smile on her lips.

"Why don't you turn around and see?"

I looked behind me and saw two small figures running toward me, "Mama!"

I grinned and crouched down to their level, my dress spewing out around me while I hugged my boys close.

"Ohh my loves, how are you? I haven't seen you all day." I tilted my head back, looking down at their little faces.

"Mama! You should have seen, Uncle Christie, me, and Yulian went out and went to the batting….batting….?" Damyan's voice trailed off, looking down at the floor with focus, trying to think of the word he was trying to pronounce.

"Range little man." I heard Christian say

"Yeah! The batting range! And we hit the balls all day!"

I gasped, pretending to be amazed at her little boy, "Really? Woooow, I wish I had gone with you!"

"Mommy, this biiiiiiig machine kept on throwing the balls out!" Yulian spread his arms wide in the air.

I raised my eyebrows, "Did any of them hit you?"

"Nope!" Yulian crossed his arms and closed his eyes, giving me a smug smile.

"Aww, what strong boys I have."

"Rose, your sons' are adorable!" Tasha said behind me.

'Huh, I'd forgotten they were here.'

"Who's that mama?" Yulian asked, looking up at Tasha.

I smiled lightly, caressing his little hand in my own, still crouched down on the floor.

"That, Yulian is Uncle Christie's," I turned to smirk at Christian, who was glaring me again, "aunt."

He looked up at her and shook his head, "I've never met her before." he said cutely.

Lissa made this annoying sound—I don't even know how to describe it—at the back of her throat.

"Really, Lissa?" I looked at her, not happy at how my ears were ringing.

"I'm sorry. It's just that that was a Kodak moment!" She giggled

"Mama," I felt Damyan tug at my dress

"Yes, sweetie?" I asked, giving him my undivided attention.

He pointed behind me and leaned over to whisper at me, "Who's that big man?"

I turned my body and followed his gaze to…Dimitri.

I gulped.

"This is your mother's old teacher, Guardian Belikov" I saw Tasha move to grab Dimitri by the arm and pull him towards us.

He seemed reluctant at first—and so was I—still am. But I couldn't stop him or her.

"Dimka, say hi." she whispered to him.

'Dimka' I sneered quietly. I've always hated that stupid nickname.

Damyan didn't even leave room for Dimitri to speak before deciding to let out what he had been holding in sense he noticed the stranger.

"You're big mister" Damyan said, making his way in front of Dimitri and cranking his poor little head all the way back to look up at Dimitri.

"Damyan, honey, don't do that. You're going to hurt your neck." I said and somehow, at that time—I don't know why—but my gaze went to the 'big mister'.

Our eyes met and I felt a fire burn in me.

I'll be damned if I didn't think I wanted to be out of there right at that moment.

She hoped he didn't see any sort of physical resemblances to anybody!

Finally, he looked away from me and turned toward my son, crouching himself down to Damyan's level, holding his hand out to the little boy with a smile.

"Hello Damyan, my name is Dimitri Belikov."

Damyan accepted his hand and tilted his head sideways, looking confused at him, "Dimitri whaaa?"

I choked out a laugh that I could stop from coming out.

Dimitri's eyes trailed to see me before giving Damyan a small smile.

"What's so funny?" Damyan asked innocently, making his way back to his brother's side.

"I said the same thing when I first met him." I laughed, running my hand over his head.

"They look identical." Tasha squealed.

"Mama, what does iden-ident…." Yulian tried asking, but failed miserably

I grinned, brushing a couple stands of hair behind his little ear, "Identical, my love. It means that you," I poked his nose lightly, "look exactly like your brother"

"Ooh" he looked down at his nose, crisscrossing his eyes.

I have no idea where this 'adorable-ism' came from. But it is enough to lighten up the tension.

"Heeey…," Yulian furrowed his eyebrows at Dimitri

I looked at him, curiously, "What's wrong, my love?"

"Mr. Big guy didn't say hi to me" he pointed at himself, not liking the fact that he was ignored.

Dimitri chuckled, "Forgive me, little one. It's nice meeting you" he extended his arm in front of me, bringing his hand towards Yulian.

Yulian took Dimitri's hand, "I'm not little, I'm a big boy," he raised his hand above him as high as he could, "I'm taller than Damyan"

Dimitri leaned his head back and nodded, agreeing with my son for his amusement.

Damyan was having none of that, "Sooo~, I'm older!"

"Sooo~! I look better!"

"Oh no" I groaned, letting my head drop into my hands.

"Nuh uh! Mama says I look hansome!" (Yes, I meant to spell it that way J)

"Mama!" they both turned to look at me.

"Please, boys. Don't do this now." I begged, grabbing both of their hands, with Dimitri still in his spot on the floor next to me.

I smiled, if he would have known. We would have made a perfect family.

My smile fell.

But there's no way that's going to happen. Not after what he did to me.

"But mama~-" they whined

"That's enough out of both of you," I stood up and took in my authorities place, "you two will act respectively tonight. I won't tolerate your misbehavior over the littlest things. Now apologize, both of you—now."

They both looked at each other out of the corner of their eyes and ogled their little brown eyes at me.

"No," I turned my head and closed my eyes, "that won't work. Now do as I say or I'm taking away your Lego's and your action figures"

Both of their little jaws fell, "That's not fair~!"

I looked down at them and smirked, "I don't have to be, I'm your mother. Now, say you're sorry."

"I'm sorry Ian," Damyan pouted

"Me too, Dame" Yulian hugged his older brother (Dame = Dah—meh)

"Your children are just too adorable, Rose! I just want to take them away from you. I'm jealous!" Tasha shouted.

I smiled, "Sorry, they're mine."

"And they're little trouble makers, like their mother" Christian laughed.

I sighed.

I was not going to argue in front my kids.

"What? No comeback? What happened to the old Rose?" Tasha asked, pushing my arm a bit

I looked at Dimitri, who rose himself up from the floor. He was looking right at me too or rather—right through me. Almost as if trying to see inside of me and everything I've worked hard to keep hidden.

"Motherhood changes you" I responded without looking away from him.

"I wish I was a mother now!" Tasha whined

But her saying that was a sore spot for me and that's what cut off mine and Dimitri's stares.

Yup…..I was uncomfortable now.

Time flew and I slowly began to get used to these two new presences. It seemed that Yulian and Damyan were having no trouble getting to know Dimitri though. That kind of irked me.

"What time is it?" I hummed silently and started tapping my index finger against my arm.

"9:40. Why?" Lissa asked

I turned and smiled at her, "It's passed my boy's bed-time"

"Mama~" they groaned

I smiled brightly at them, "What? You think that just because tonight we were celebrating Christmas Eve, you were going stay up late?"

They nodded

"Ah, that's where you're wrong. You want to be in bed by the time Santa comes to the house don't you?" I asked, black-mailing them. Oh well, if it worked, then I'm all for it. If not…

Their eyes lit up

"Santa's coming to our house already?" Yulian asked

I nodded, "And he's only going to leave presents if you two little—I mean big boys are asleep in bed or would you rather be on Santa's naughty list?"

"Damyan, let's go!" Yulian shouted, scared that he won't get his presents.

Out of everyone, it was Dimitri that tried to contain his laughter. It was very rare when I was able to hear him laugh fully with so much happiness. It warmed my heart a bit. Why did this have to happen to us?

I looked over sadly at Dimitri.

'Everything would have been so different if you had only stayed by my side.'

"I can imagine it's never a dull day in your life Rose." Tasha said

I looked at her and genially smiled, "Not at all."

"Mama! We have to go! Santa's not going to wait for us!" Yulian yelled, grabbing onto the train of my dress and began pulling it.

"Yeah, mama! Santa needs to see we're asleep!" Damyan grabbed the other side of the dress and followed suit with his brother.

"Boys, wait!" I said, walking along slowly with them, "I have to tell everyone goodnight."

They stopped for a moment and turned towards our group.

"Goodnight! Now let's go!" They both shouted in unison.

"It's so weird how they do that" Christian said

"Don't I know it." I agreed

"Mommy!" Stomped Damyan

I sighed, "Well….that's my cue, goodnight everyone."

"Night, Rose."

"Wait! Wait!," the boys let go of my dress and ran towards Dimitri, "you need to tell us goodnight, Mr. Dimi~"

Dimitri chuckled. The look he had in his eyes…were a kindness he rarely showed me. A side I was rarely able to get out of him. His expression softened at the attention my boys wanted from him.

I looked at the boys, feeling guilty, remorseful, and sad.

This is something new and hard for me. I didn't want the kids close to him. I didn't want them to acknowledge him, period. But it seems I can't break this new attachment they've made with Dimitri.

"Looks like that's your name from now on, Belikov" Christian chuckled

Dimitri shook his head and smiled, crouching down again to the boys' level, "I don't mind. Goodnight, both of you. Sleep well. I hope you receive many presents in the morning."

They nodded eagerly, having forgotten about Santa in their pursue of making sure Dimitri bid them goodnight.

Yulian tapped his finger over his chin, suddenly stepping in front of Dimitri, "Have you been nice, Mr. Dimi?" he asked

My eyes widened, "Yulian!" I turned to look at Dimitri, "you don't have to answer that."

But Dimitri shook his head again.

I don't think his smile has come off not once sense he's met the kids, "It's alright, Rose. Again," he turned back to the boys, "I don't mind."

"Well Mr. Dimi? Have ya, have ya, have ya?" Damyan asked, jumping up and down.

I narrowed my eyes a bit, "Yulian…where's your dress coat?"

"Uuuuhhhhh…," Yulian rubbed the back of his head, his eyes suddenly widening before turning to me and placing his index finger in front of his lips, "ssshhhhh! Mama~ I was talking to Mr. Dimi~. Don't ya know it's rude to interraaaapt?" he shrugged his shoulders (Again, I meant to spell it like that)

I crossed my arms and everyone around us chuckled, "Yulian Aleksandr Hathaway…..where did you learn to talk like that?"

Dimitri seemed the most amused at our little banter.

It was almost like the little disputes we use to have during our training hours.

Again, Yulian seemed at a loss for words.

He turned towards Damyan and nudged him.

"Pst! Talk to her!" he whispered

Damyan glared at him, "No, you talk to her"

Yulian glared back

"I'm waiting." I tapped my foot, leaning all my weight on one hip.

Yulian looked at Dimitri, then at me, and back to his brother.

Damyan took off his coat and nodded at Yulian, "Switcharoo~!" they both yelled

"What?" I muttered.

Then they both ran around me and hid behind my dress.

I stayed in the same place, turning my upper half to both sides.


They both peeked their heads out from each side of the dress with innocent faces, "Yes, mama?"

I scoffed with a tangible smile, "Stop this right now, and Damyan—pick up your coat. I'm not going to tell you again."

They both sighed, shrugging their shoulders exasperatedly, "Okay, mama~. Whatever you say~"

"You guys really need to stop doing that. It's freaky" Christian shuttered.

They both walked out from behind me and both reached for the coat at the same time.

"…..What is…happening? Which one is which" Tasha asked, not catching on

Dimitri had already stood up and was watching the scene before him unravel with astonished eyes.

"Their switcharoo," Lissa motioned towards the boys, "they do this all the time when they're in trouble. The cunning thing about this….is that they… cover for one another without saying a word."

Christian nodded, "Works on me every time"

I snorted and rolled my eyes, "You'd think you two would learn by now that I can tell my own kids apart" I looked down at the two fraternal twins—both having a sleeve of the dress coat in their hands.

I turned to look at my son on the right, "Yulian and," then I looked to my son on the left, "Damyan, knock it off and say goodnight, both of you."

Yulian looked up at me with a sly look in his eye, "Are you sure I'm Yulian, mama?"

"Yeah mama, are you sure I'm Damyan?" Damyan said with a slight smirk on his face

"They are very smart for toddlers" Dimitri whispered, pondering on who was who.

"Yeah and what makes it worse—It seems like I'm getting payback for all the hell I put you through when I was in the academy." I groaned

"Mama~," One twin sang

"We're waiting~" the other chorused

I let my head fall back before focusing on them two again. "How about this? Both of you do as I say or none of you are getting your presents tomorrow. How does that sound?"

My son on the left gasped again, "But mommy!"

I smirked, "Ah ha, Damyan. Get your coat and put it on."

Yulian turned towards his older brother and slapped him on the arm, "You just ratted us out!"

Damyan pulled his coat harshly from Yulian's hands and put it on. Dusting off his arms smugly with his eyes closed, "Who asked you to lose your coat~" he taunted

Yulian jumped up and waved his little fists in the air, "You're throwing me under the bus! What is wrong with you?!"

I really couldn't hold in my laughter after that.

"You have an amusing bunch Rose" Tasha giggled

"They are her kids, Aunt Tasha. They're exactly like her." Christian grinned

"Just this once, I'm going to let it pass. I'm tired and I want to go to bed already," I looked down at the two boys who were turned away from each other with their arms cross, "but I can't do that, unless thing 1 and thing 2 decide to get a move on." I smiled

"Hmph, I'm leaving" Yulian raised his nose in the air and began walking away

"Not like you can go anywhere without mama" Damyan scoffed, still planted in his spot.

"What am I going to do with you boys?" I asked, grabbing Damyan's hand and turned back to the rest, "well, now it's a goodnight. I'll see you all tomorrow?"

Lissa nodded, "We're all opening presents together."

I nodded back, "Kay, bye everyone. Say goodnight, my love"

Damyan turned and waved, "Night~!"

"Goodnight, Damyan"

He turned his attention at Dimitri and his eyes glowed, "Goodnight Mr. Dimi!"

I looked at my old lover and I noticed his eyes turned shades softer when he talked to the boys, "Goodnight Damyan, don't give your mother a hard time."

"Like that's going to stop them." I said, waving and finally making my way towards Yulian.


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