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~~~Next day~~~

Four o' clock….

He grumbled.

He didn't like being out at this time. In fact, he hated it.

Why? He doesn't know.

Dimitri rolled his eyes at that thought. It seemed he was becoming more like Rose every day.

Not something he thought was a good combination…..

He already had one Rose, he didn't need another.

His eyes narrowed at the ground as the sound of a chopper came in earshot.


He slowly tilted his head up, seeing the object of attention flying above him.

He sidestepped away from a rope ladder that was flung down from the chopper.

Dimitri glared it and shook his head.

Gripping onto the rope tightly, he began making his way up the ladder.

Abe was going to pay for this when he got to the estate.

"Welcome aboard, Guardian Belikov."

Once he was inside, he turned to look at the man who spoke

"You couldn't land?" Dimitri raised an eyebrow.

The co-pilot grimaced, "I'm sure you know of the boss's twisted humor."

"Unfortunately," he made his way to one of the bunk chairs and sat on it. Leaning his elbows on his legs, "I do. More than you can imagine."

The two men in the cock-pit laughed

"I never knew the boss had close 'friends'"

Dimitri resisted the urge to roll his eyes, "I am far from being his friend. He has something I want. That's where our connections end."

"Oh…now I see." the co-pilot turned his attention back in front of him.

That was the last they spoke and the damphir preferred it that way.

Silence was one of the many things he and Rose had shared.

He closed his eyes and lent his head back against the chopper walls.



~~An hour later~~

The pilot reached for his craft walkie-talkie.

"Home base, this is N166MB reporting—permission to land?"

(Heads up, I have no idea how pilots communicate! :D)

"N166MB, this home base. What's your status?"

"Seeking permission to land," The pilot rolled his eyes.

"Permission granted."

He set the walkie-talkie back on its charger and shook his head, "I swear, they only do that to spite me."

"They've got nothing better to do, big man" The co-pilot said

The pilot narrowed his eyes at the man, "Stop calling me that. Now quiet, I've got to land this thing."

Dimitri stared at them from the corner of his eye.

Even though the older man told the co-pilot to be quiet, he kept on yapping away.

Dimitri sighed, looking out the opening of the helicopter.

He hadn't thought about it before, but how did Zmey get a hold of a military chopper?

He shook his head, his body jerking slightly forward as they landed.

"Great landing, big man" The co-pilot praised

The pilot grumbled, taking off his head gear and making his way out of the cock-pit.

The co-pilot sighed, "He always ignores me."

"Maybe you should rethink that nickname you gave him." Dimitri stated, standing up and hopping out of the helicopter.

"So…Zmey isn't out here to greet me?" The damphir joked drily.

"Boss man doesn't do casualties." The co-pilot said, sticking his headgear in between his side and arm

"Is that so?" Dimitri raised an eyebrow, seeing a figure come out of the large home.

The co-pilot gulped and turned to walk away.

"Welcome to my home, Belikov. How was your trip?" The older moroi asked, a smug smile tugging on his lips.

"I find your sense of humor quite dull. You do know that climbing ropes is nothing to me, right?" Dimitri retorted

"Didn't expect anything less, you can't blame me for wanting to have some fun." Zmey grinned.

"You always have fun. Now enough talk," Dimitri crossed his arms, "I want to see Rose."

"Yes, yes," Abe nodded, motioning Dimitri to walk with him, "she's in her room."

"Has she awoken?"

Abe smirked, "She's quite the spitfire."

Dimitri narrowed his eyes, "Yes, she must get that from you."

"And she makes me so proud" he wiped at an imaginary tear

The younger man turned his line of sight away from the older male.

"Aw, come now Dimitri. Don't be like that. You're free to do as you please. Stop acting stone-cold with me."

"I'll stop acting this way, when you stop your childish antics." His blank stare gave nothing away to Abe

Abe scrunched his nose, "You're no fun, I wonder what my daughter sees in you?"

"That's none of your concern."

"Remember, Dimka-boy. You're not only trying to restore your relationship with Rose—you also have to live up to my expectations."

"I don't have to live up to anyone's expectations, but my own."

"Ouch," Abe clutched his chest in teasing manner, "that's what I like about you, Belikov. You don't let anyone step over you."



"Damyan…..," she groaned and turned her head to the side in pain, "Yulian….where are you.."

"She needs them" He stated, watching as the woman he loved toss and turn uncomfortably in her bed

"…You're right." The older male agreed

"Do something about it. Bring our sons to us now." the younger man turned to look at the mafia boss coldly

Abe scrunched his nose up in annoyance, "You know…your little macho attitude is being stretched a bit much don't you think?"

"She's suffering Zmey." he breathed out, turning to stare at Rose again.

Zmey sighed and nodded, "I'll get them here as soon as I can."

Dimitri nodded, walking towards Rose's bed, and situating himself at the foot of it.

"Damyan…..Yulian…" a trail of sweat fell down her face, letting out a breathless, tiny moan of continuous pain.

Dimitri looked at her sadly. Not liking the fact that he couldn't do anything more than beg Abe to bring their sons to them.

"They'll be here soon, Rose. Don't worry." he whispered, leaning forward to caress her forehead, gently, slowly calming her at the feel of his touch.

He smiled, "That's it..."


'Where is she?'

A male figure huffed, turning the place upside down and over.

"Where is she!?"

He ran back up the stairs to search her room again.

"She hasn't been here for days, End-"

"Silence!" The man quieted the female that had made her way into the house.

"Why the interest in this girl?" she asked, not liking the attention this unknown female was getting.

"That is none of your concern, now leave me be. I have to find her." He muttered, storming out of the room and down the staircase.

The female turned to look at a picture frame that contained a woman and two boys on it.

She snarled, "What is so special about you?!"

She grabbed the picture frame and threw it on the floor, stepping on it repeatedly to rid herself of her anger.

"Why won't he pay attention to me…." she growled


"Hmm….losing her mind already?" a female voice came from the attic of the home the woman was in.

"Poor thing…..it seems she will be useless to you dear husband." she whispered to nothing in particular.

"No matter, this is not about her. But about the Hathaway girl…..," the woman crossed her transparent arms in front of her, "why the interest indeed?"


"Who are you?" the boy asked, looking up at the tall figure in wonder.

"Ian, get back!" the older boy whispered harshly, pushing the younger boy behind him.

"Don't fret boys, I mean you no harm," The older man grinned, watching in interest at the older boy's bravery.

"How would I know that?" The older boy asked, glaring at the man

"Yulian, stop being so mean!" the younger boy smacked the older boy in the arm.

"Ow! What was that for Damyan?!" Yulian smacked his brother in return

"Ow!" Damyan rubbed his arm, glaring at his brother with distaste

"My….you are a heavy bunch aren't you?" the man said, smiling gently at the boys

"They're interesting aren't they?" another man's voice came from behind them

The boys' eyes lit up in happiness as they made their way towards the man, "Mr. Dimi!"

Dimitri's expression softened, kneeling himself down to the boys height so as to wrap them in his embrace "Boys, how was your trip?"

"It was fun!, Yulian fell when we were going down the slope at court!" Damyan grinned

Yulian turned to glare at his brother, "Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Boys, please…." Dimitri placed his hands on top of the kids' heads

"Sorry, Mr. Dimi" they chimed

Dimitri shook his head slightly at the boys before looking up at the other figure in the room, "I see you've already met, Abe."

They both turned to look at the unknown male in wonder.

"Mr. Dimi," Yulian poked Dimitri's chest lightly

"Yes, Yulian?"

"He's tall…."

"Yeah…taller than you." Damyan finished, staring in awe at Zmey

Abe chortled in laughter.

"Don't hurt yourself, Zmey." Dimitri stated, picking up the two boys with ease

"Nothing to it," Zmey grinned, "so….your names are Damyan and Yulian…," they nodded, "Hathaway, correct?" they nodded again

"That's mommy's last name." Damyan said

They finally started making their way through the large corridors

Abe nodded, "Yes, I know. She gets it from her mother."

Yulian turned to look at Dimitri in wonder, "Mr. Dimi….aren't kids suppose'ta have their daddy's last names?"

Dimitri went into a standstill for a moment, before continuing on to their destination, "Yes…but not all children have their father's last names"

"Oh…" he whispered

"Why?" it was Damyan this time that asked

Dimitri cleared his throat.

Thank god, Abe came to his rescue…..

"You see boys, not all children are able to have their father's last name…simply because of things getting in the way of it."

"….huh?" they looked at him confusedly

Dimitri sighed, "They are four year old children, Abe. Not your business partners. Tone it down."

"Riiiight….," Abe looked at Dimitri as if he didn't comprehend the meaning of 'toning it down.'

"What he means, boys, is that some mommy's and daddy's…..don't stay together all the time….and because of that," Dimitri raised the kids in his arms, "sometimes kids won't get their daddy's last name."

"Is that why we don't have our daddy's last name?," Yulian whispered, "because daddy isn't with us anymore?"

Dimitri looked a bit dejectedly at his boys. Feeling the loss of not being with them sense their birth.

"I want you boys to remember something," Dimitri said slowly, turning to walk up the staircase, Abe following close behind, "your father…..will always love you and he'll never leave your side, even if you both don't know it. He is always here with you."

"But we never see him." Damyan said sadly.

Dimitri's jaw clenched as he looked for ways to explain to his four year old kid why he had never seen his own father, "Your daddy…..never meant to leave you both. I can tell you that with all the assurance in the world. He loves you both very much."

He tightened his grip on them.

"How would you know?" Yulian asked

"Do you know daddy, Mr. Dimi?" Damyan raised his little head to look at him with big curious eyes.

Dimitri's eyes softened again at his children's curiosity, "Your father and I…..are much closer than you think."

"Then why doesn't daddy come see us?"

"Boys….maybe that's enough questions for today" Abe said, coming into step with the other man

"No…it's fine," Dimitri muttered, still looking at the boys in his arms, "Just know….that your father didn't know of you…..if he had…he would have been by your side in a heartbeat."

"You said he loves us, so he must know us. Why is he not here?" Yulian cried.

"Yulian….," Dimitri looked painfully sad at his younger son

"Um…come here kiddo…," Abe reached to grab Damyan from Dimitri's arms, "let's go somewhere else for a while."

"But, Yulian…" Damyan reached for his little brother in distress

"Your brother will be fine with Dimitri, now come on."

Abe made a turn to head off in another direction.

Giving Dimitri and Yulian their privacy

"Yulian….please….," Dimitri whispered

"Why….why won't he see us…" Yulian now had tears running down his little cheeks.

"Your father just found out about you two….he doesn't know how to…come about this. Your mother and him have things they have to talk about….he doesn't know how your mama will react to him knowing about you two." He wiped at his tears gently, trying to give his son comfort at the same time while giving himself some clearance.

"But why…why does he have to see mama first?!"

"Please…Yulian, understand me….this isn't easy for me…" Dimitri whispered, feeling his eyes rim with tears, but refused to let them drop.

"Why is it not easy for you?! I don't get it!?" He yelled

"Forgive me…..," Dimitri fell to his knees slowly, wrapping his arms tightly around the small being in his arms, "please….I'm sorry."

Yulian stayed quiet in his arms, still not understanding a thing of what was going on.

Not understanding why his father didn't want to see them. Why this man didn't want to explain to him right. Why he was crying and why he was saying he was sorry.


"I want to go back to Yulian!" Damyan shouted

Abe grimaced, keeping the toddler in his arms but out of his reach, dangling him mid-air in front of him.

He had no idea how to come about this situation either.

"How did Janine do this?" he muttered

"How do you know grandma?!" Damyan glared, his attention now fully on the stranger carrying him.

"Oh great…"


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