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The crying and confused infant had finally tired himself out and fell asleep in the older damphir's arms.

Dimitri sighed.

How hard this situation has come to be. How can he explain to his child that he was his father?


He shook his head and opened the door to Rose's room.

He entered and noticed she was awake.

Her eyes widened at the little boy asleep in Dimitri's arms, "Yulian…..what is he doing with you?"

"Your father's doing." he whispered, bringing the child to Rose's side.

"You know my father?" she raised an eyebrow

Dimitri sighed, "It's a long story."

"Well apparently, I've got a lot of time."

He clenched his jaw as he thought it over before turning to look at her, "Zmey….has been like a support for my family….I wasn't the only one that dealt with my father. I guess you could say we're…..close friends of sorts," Dimitri rolled his eyes, sitting on the edge of Rose's bed and leaned himself forward. Resting his elbows on his knees, "Abe helped us out financially, I'm paying him as quickly as I can…but what he did for us is so much. He was there for my family when I couldn't be," He closed his eyes disappointingly, "at that time…..I was away guarding Ivan…when I found out about what Abe had been doing for my family, I returned and that was when Ivan was taken away from me."

Rose looked down at her son, thinking back at what Dimitri had told her of Ivan Zeklos.

"I didn't mean to make you go through that again," she said quietly

He chuckled, turning to look at her from his position at the bed, "Reminiscing memories isn't a bad thing, Rose. Having uncomfortable situations is what makes us stronger. If we don't face them, how are we expected to face others?"

"You're…..right." she muttered

"As for Yulian being here," Dimitri stood up and walked towards the toddler. Running his hand over the four year olds hair, "you were calling for them in your sleep. I had Abe bring them."

Rose furrowed her eyebrows, "I thought you said my old man was responsible for this?"

The corner of his lip rose, "I did. I only told him to bring them. He did the rest of the work."

"Is it just me or are you getting more cunning?"

He shook his head, "I've always been cunning."

"Not openly cunning." Rose raised an eyebrow

"You've finally done it," he explained, staring at her raised eyebrow

"What are you talking about?"

"Your eyebrow is raised," he pointed at her forehead, leaning back.

Her nose scrunched in confusion, raising her gaze to stare up at her eyebrows….as much as she could possibly do.

He raised an eyebrow and chuckled, staring at her as she realized what she was doing.

Rose rolled her eyes and looked back down at her sleeping son.

"Why does it feel like….," she whispered to herself and shook her head sadly, "this is the first time I'm seeing my kid?"

Dimitri hummed at her altercation and replied with an equal toned voice, "Because you're always working…"

Even though they had had this conversation before, Rose was able to comprehend what he was saying now that she had no choice but to be calm.

She looked him in the eyes, taking in the fact that he could still make her…..feel.

"Maybe it's time I step down…" she bit the inside of her cheek anxiously.

"You don't necessarily have to drop it completely Rose. Just take a vacation." He cleared, reaching down to caress the infants head.

Her eyebrows furrowed at the gesture.

And Dimitri being Dimitri, noticed the stare.


She shook her head, sighing and leaning back on her bed, "Nothing. This just feels….nice."

His eyes looked into hers, skimming to find any clues on how she felt about this situation.

He took in a deep breath and licked his bottom lip before retreating himself against his seat, "The first day I met your sons…..," his eyes stared sadly at the boy, "the first thought that ran through my mind was, why not me?"

Rose's eyebrows furrowed at him, "Why not you, what?"

He smiled, turning to look at her, "Why wasn't it me that was able to give you children?"

Her eyes opened wide at the man in front of her. Sincerity spanning out of him like waves.

"For a moment I even dared to feel betrayed…," he laughed softly, his hand slipping down slowly from Yulian's face, to his mother's hand, "then I saw your reaction to the children and everything around me disappeared."

"I had never thought I would be able to witness something like that from you," he continued, rubbing his thumb gently over her palmer, "motherhood fits you beautifully, Rose."

She turned to look at any place other than him, not being able to help the fact that he was stirring feelings inside of her again.

"The way you interacted with the kids—making them feel like they're world. Showing them love and adoration…..I grew a new found respect for you," his gaze trailed down to stare at the floor through his wide opened legs, "as soon as you left the gala, I began to rationalize that you really did have children. That it takes a man and a woman to have them—that much is obvious. But my mind didn't want to put two and two together," he gazed back up at her with a tired, half smile, "because I wasn't that man."

She looked uncomfortably between him and their clasped hands, "Dimitri…."

"Hold on, let me finish," he interjected softly, "The more and more I thought about it, I began to realize that in the end I would never have been able to give you children. It's impossible, right?" his peripheral vision caught the way her hand clutched around their son, "so I started to do some investigations of my own. It didn't fit in my head that you would ever be with anyone else—I was in denial. No matter what anyone told me, no matter what I found out, I realized that logic didn't fit in this at all. There's nothing logical about us."

"Dimitri, what are you trying to say?" She asked firmly, staring down at her kid.

His grip on her hand tightened as he raised his head to look at her clearly, "I think we both know what I'm trying to say, Rose."

She shook her head, a humorless chuckle breathing out through her lips, "You know that's impossible, right?"

"Who says that the rules can't be bent after everything we've gone through—everything that's happened to us?" he said

She felt the tightness at the back of her throat, a stinging sensation making its way to the corners of her eyes.

He knelt down on the floor, reaching for her hand and bringing it up to caress his face.

"They're our sons, Rose. Can't you just stop for once and let us have this happiness?"

She set Yulian's head against a pillow, still holding the boy in her lap, and brought her hand to clear a tear from falling.

"You should hate me for this," she shook her head at him, "not be happy about it."

"I'm partly to blame too," he sighed, setting his forehead against the edge of the bed, "I made a wrong decision back then and I wish I had thought things more thoroughly through, but I can't change the past. The only thing I'm asking for is that you let me be in my sons' lives," his line of sight trailed up to meet hers, "in your life."

She stared at her sheets with an unsure look and slowly slipped her hand away from his cheek. Turning to look at him, she shook her head slowly, "I'm sorry."


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