Chapter 1 (3rd person)

As the ship sailed away into the west, the three hobbits stood and watched the sun set on the horizon of the Grey Havens, with a tear in their eyes and with the thought that Frodo, their one true friend had left Middle Earth forever, never to be seen again.
As the ship disappeared, they turned to one another in the hope of comfort, but to their displeasure, none of them uttered a single word.

The journey home was long and silent. They rode over the downs and took the East Road and Merry and Pippin rode on the Buckland, while Sam turned to Bywater.

Sam returned home to find that Rosie was waiting for him by the fire, with embers that glowed red and felt warm in his heart. Elanor ran up to him and with one great swoop, he lifted her into his loving arms. Her golden hair lit up with the light of the fire. Sam slowly tilted his head, kissed her cheek and said "Well, I'm back".