"I'll Find You Again"

Chapter 1: You Lied


That person... Who was it? Why can't I remember? Why can I remember? It doesn't make sense. The features are so unclear...

If they had truly been erased, why can I remember? Does that mean... that they are still here? Somewhere? ...Would I recognize them if I saw them?

"Yoite, come on..." I reached out for the black cat, watching him play with Shiratama's tail. "She won't very much appreciate that."

"Mreowl!" the white cat agreed.

Yoite moved away from her, but only to get further away from me.

I sighed, knowing he wasn't really going to listen to me right now. He was hyper, and would need to run out of energy. That was fine, so long as he didn't get hurt.

Looking outside, I saw how nice the weather was. It was still cloudy from all the rain, but it was better than the beginning of the week. But I grabbed my coat, and Yoite quickly, and the camera that had been given to me when I heard Yukimi's car drive up.

"Miharu-" I leaned up and kissed my grandmothers cheek, telling her I would be back, and that I had to go to work. Looking over my shoulder, she seemed happy. ...Why was everyone so happy since the Kairoshuu attack, but I... I was mourning over an erased person?


"C'mon, were going to Tsukasa's."


"He called me last night, wanted me to go up there as soon as possible. Thought I'd bring you too so I waited."

It was a long drive back to the city where Tsukasa lives. I think I fell asleep once or twice... Had I really had that bad of a nights rest? Yoite was curled up in my lap, purring.

But, when we finally reached the town, I was wide awake, my mind starting to wonder what could be so important...? When we were a few blocks away, a person, just a little bit taller than me, was running as fast as he possibly could in an over-sized button up shirt and black pants. I don't know why, of all people, this one drew my attention. ...But they seemed familiar.

When we entered the apartment, Yukimi seemed a little more anxious. The first thing I heard was

"Yukimi, you lied..." and despite the words, Tsukasa was smiling.


AN: Okay, I am not one to write in first person, so after this chapter they're all going to be in third.