"I'll Find You Again"

Chapter 11: Walk Again

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Sora had set his bag down on the table, moving quickly to grab the younger some water. "Miharu-kun, if I can ask… what's the hurry?" He set the cup next to the brunet, the younger still looking winded.

"It's a really long and confusing story." The younger frowned. "I want to take you somewhere. They might be able to explain something…"

"You really do feel it too." the darker haired realized, worry starting to get to him. "You can feel that we really do know each other?"

"Sora… I have possession of something that lets me…" Miharu sighed, knowing he may sound crazy. "Something that grants wishes, if I decide to use it. I know that I granted someone's wish to be erased – but because of that, I can't remember who they are." Large green eyes met blue, desperately asking to be understood.

"… You think it's me?"

"You can't remember what happened to you, and I'm missing some memories myself. So is everyone else. All because of this person; everyone still feels like they know you somehow too."

"I see…" The obsidian haired moved towards his room, emptying his backpack as Miharu followed him.

"You don't think I'm making this up?"

"I've been having some really odd thoughts, Miharu-kun. Some weird dreams too… I saw something today that really scared me. This makes as much sense as any of that but…" He looked back at the younger as he paced. "You don't have any reason to lie to me, so I don't think you are."

The brunet smiled lightly, happy to meet an understanding. "I wouldn't lie to you, Sora-san."

"So where are we going?" He shifted the newly packed bag onto his back, grabbing a pen and paper to leave a note for Tsukasa.

"A village of ninja called 'Fuuma'." Sora snapped up from the note, staring at the other boy with disbelief. "What? I'm a ninja…."

"… Alright, but I'm not telling Tsukasa that."

"I wouldn't say anything. Just let him know we'll be back." Sora nodded, finishing the note and leading them back to the front of the apartment.

"Does your grandmother know where we're going?"

"She doesn't know anything." Miharu admitted, rubbing his arm guiltily.


"It's alright; she believes I'm with friends."

"We will be safe, right Miharu-kun?" Sora looked over at the younger, a bit worried.

"Of course." Miharu nodded. "Come on, you can trust me."

"I know." Sora said it automatically, not knowing there had actually been reason to do so.


Sora wound up dozing on the bullet train, but was roused by the young brunet; this was evened out when Miharu wound up almost falling asleep on the bus until Sora reminded him he didn't know where they were heading.

Cerulean eyes looked around suspiciously when they got off on a stop in the middle of nowhere. The smaller form was already starting to slide carefully down the slope closest to them though, a new determination in his eyes.

"Down there?" Sora looked over him with a frown, taking a hesitant first step.

"It's the only way I know." the younger apologized.

With a sigh, Sora started after him, doing his best to keep balanced. "I can't believe there's a ninja village here…"

"It's a good place to hide one."

"Very true…" he nodded nervously to himself. "What if someone were to stumble on it though?"

Miharu stopped at the base, helping the older regain his footing when he met him. "They won't. They take a lot precautions to make sure they aren't found by unwelcome visitors."

"Do they know we're coming then?" Sora looked at the younger, who shifted nervously.

"Well… no, but they know who I am. Don't worry; I'll take care of us." A small smile was on the brunet's face, comforting Sora a bit.

"If you're sure." He relaxed, following the younger carefully as the forest around them started to thicken.

It wasn't long until the mist started to shroud around them, making it close to impossible to see. Sora couldn't help but feel lost when Miharu suddenly disappeared from his sight completely. He nearly yelped when he felt a hold on his wrist.

"It's me." Miharu's voice assured him, his nerves slowly starting to calm again as he was led. "I've got you…"

"Are you sure we're going the right way?" How could he tell?

"I promise."

"Stop!" Sora could feel the younger freeze at the voice, not that he reacted much differently. Blue eyes looked around them widely, not liking that he couldn't see who or where the voice was coming from.

"Saraba?" Miharu seemed so confident in himself; the older felt so out of place.

"Rokujo Miharu?" The mist slowly started to clear, revealing a very proud woman and a few more people behind her. "What are you doing here? Who's this?"

"He's my friend. I need to speak with you and Soro-san. It's very important."

"Where's Thobari?"

"… He refused to accompany me." Miharu looked down.

"So this is important." The long haired woman seemed amused. "Well, alright then." Saraba motioned to the people behind them.

Miharu glanced over at Sora, leading them after the others. "… That's Saraba. She's the new leader of the Fuuma. She and Kato might be able to help us figure this out more than anyone."

"You really think so?"

"Well… it's a lot easier than trying to get to the Kota Village…" He had a hard time remembering his experience there, but he knew it hadn't exactly been good.


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