Hey so this is the start of my story! I just saw Stick It for the first time a week ago (I loved it!) and i have been watching Rookie Blue since it started (Love the show also!) and i thought of this fanfiction hope you like it!

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Andy was sitting in the cop car, with Sam driving beside her. It's been a pretty boring day and Andy was currently playing with a piece of loose string on her uniform. "Let's go get lunch," Sam suddenly announced, Andy nodded, so Sam started on his way toward the diner on the end of the street.

BAB's diner to be exact the diner she went to years before with her Gymnastics coach. Well not Andy exactly it was actually Haley. Andy and Haley are two totally different people.

They walked inside the small diner and sat at a small booth in the corner of the room.

"So how has the hunt for an apartment been going?" Sam questioned.

Andy shrugged, "Good I guess." Well maybe that was Haley because Andy would have acted more excited than that. Andy then picked up the salt off the table and dumped a small amount onto the table and slowly started eating it.

"Are you ok Andy?" Sam questioned giving her a funny look, he had never seen Andy do this before and he has worked with her for quite a while by now.

"Yeah, fine."

"Alright well I'll be right back I have to use the restroom," Sam excused himself and walked in to the bathroom on the opposite side of the diner.

After a few seconds Andy's phone started ringing, she picked up the phone and what she heard on the other side was something she had never expected to hear again.

Burt Vickerman

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