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"Whose Haley Graham," Gale questioned her two superior officers, one eyebrow raised in confusion.

"When we first met her right after she turned 17 when we were rookies," Oliver started explaining sitting down in if desk chair ready to tell the story, "we arrested her quite a few times as rookies for vandalizing various things."

"She was once an amazing gymnast, went to world champion ships and everything she had a talent," Sam interrupted. He felt that he should add that important detail in.

Oliver rolled his eyes and continued, "Anyway a few weeks after becoming full cops we were on patrol when we got a call about someone breaking into a house being built in a rich neighborhood. We were very close so we took the call and when we got there we saw here running from the house."

Sam started from there, "So we followed her in the car for a block then finally arrested her. We took her to the station, she went to court a few days later and she was forced to go back to gymnastics to this gym called VGA."

"yeah so we were told we had to watch her until she was cleared," Oliver told us, "we had meetings with her every once and a while. Then she walked out of the classic but her coach wrote a letter to the judge and she was cleared that was the last time we ever saw her." Oliver finished the story.

"Have you ever wondered what happened to her?" Traci questioned the two officers. Sam and Oliver shrugged. A part of both of them wanted to know what she did, and if she turned out alright.

Chris looked up from his computer, "I found out what happened to her," he announced stunned at what he was seeing.

"Well what happened?" Dov questioned his best friend.

"She got a full ride scholarship UCLA for gymnastics then her senior year she went missing weeks later her car was found at the bottom of a ditch just outside the woods, her body was never found, but they assumed it was eaten by animals," Sam reported looking at the screen in shock, he saw in front of him a car flipped several times at the bottom of the ditch blood everywhere.

"That's so sad," Traci spoke up upset about the turn of events, she had kind of wanted to meet the girl. "Is there any pictures of Haley on there?" she questioned.

"The only ones I can find she is in the middle of a routine it is either really blurry or you can't see her face," Chris reported bummed that he couldn't see what this girl looked like. Sam and Oliver said Andy looked similar he wanted to know by how much.

At the VGA

Haley walked out of the locker room in one in her sports bra and bootie shorts, felling semi uncomfortable, she hadn't worn just this since she was a senior in college.

"Do we have to start today?" Haley complained really wanting to go to her apartment and relax.

"Yes Hay, just small routines to get you back in shape," Vick told her, "so that means run around the floor a few times then we will work on some of your old routines." Haley nodded then went running around the floor.

Later that Night

Haley walked through her apartment door dragging her bag behind her before collapsing on the couch in exhaustion. "Why did I ever agree to go back?" she questioned herself then stood up and slowly walked to her bathroom and started a bath. She climbed in a relaxed relieved that the day was over.

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