Chapter 45

March 29th, 2013

Adam and Amy's house

12:30 PM

I flexed my right arm and smiled at being able to do so. The disgusting pink cast had been gone for two weeks now, and I had begun rehabilitation for it early this morning. The arm itself looked gross, if I was honest. It was hairier than my left, paler too. Definitely could tell it had been hidden away for a month, give or take. I'm glad I had time to get it to look better before the Hall of Fame. Reminded, I looked up at Amy, who had yet to move from her position on the couch. She was on her back, with one leg swung over the back of the furniture, the other dangling off and her arm over her face. The triplets had refused to sleep last night, and refused to go down for their naps until I got here. She was exhausted.

"Are you alive?"

"…If I say no, will you alert the authorities?"

I chuckled and walked over to the couch to plop down beside her head. "Maybe not, but I'll alert Adam. You know how that'll go over. Mother of his children dead? I would have to move in, and take over your duties."

Amy lifted her arm and looked down at me, a grin on her face. "Eh, the triplets love you. You'll be fine. Not like you have your own baby to worry about just yet." She joked.

Without even thinking, I placed my hand on my belly and smiled. Little did Amy know, or anyone really, about the most recent doctor appointment I'd been to. As of exactly a month ago, I conceived mine and Jeff's first child. The first of many, if I would have my way. I'd only found out a week ago, and hadn't seen Jeff since. I wouldn't see him until after the Hall of Fame, and I didn't want him to find out via text or phone call. I wanted to see his reaction. "Amy?" I wanted her to be the first to know, like I had been with her.

"Yeah Essie?" She lifted herself up on her elbows.

"Question for you."

"Shoot, babe."

I found myself grinning, a giddiness filling me. "Do you wanna be the Godmother of my baby?" I asked.

Amy grinned back at me. "Of course I do, silly. I figured this was already established. When you and Jeff have a baby, I'd love to be the Godmother." She said.

"How does becoming a Godmother in eight or so months sound to you?" I asked, my smile getting bigger.

It finally sunk in. In one fluid motion, Amy was sitting up and facing me. "You're pregnant?" She asked, her mouth dropping open.

I nodded. "Yes!"

"Does Jeff know? What did he say!?"

"Jeff doesn't know yet. I want to be able to see him to tell him, and he's not due home until after the Hall of Fame."

Amy's grin faltered a little, but she was still happy. "I'm so happy for you Nessie! Does Adam know?"

"Does Adam know what?" Asked my brother, who just woke up from his own nap.

I laughed at Adam's interruption, reminding me of when I'd told Amy about being engaged to Jeff for the first time. Unlike this time, I felt much safer about telling him my secret than I did before. "Guess who's gonna be an Uncle?" I said, grinning.

"What?" Color drained from Adam's face.

"Your baby sister will have a baby of her own soon!" Amy helped.

Adam found his way to the couch and flopped down. "You're…what?" He asked again, sounding breathless.

I tilted my head to the side. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I…You're pregnant?" He asked again.

I nodded and he sat back and sighed, running his hand over his jaw. He locked eyes with me, then with Amy and then he shifted his gaze to the floor. "Vanessa is pregnant." He muttered. He took a deep sigh and then looked back at me. "I'm happy for you." His voice sounded sincere, but it was quiet. "Sorry I'm not more enthusiastic, I'm a little shell-shocked here. I'm also fighting the urge to find Jeff and murder him. Big brother stuff, you wouldn't understand."

I smiled and giggled a little. "Thanks, Addy." I reached up and took hold of his hand. "I'm happy too."

"You sure you're ready for this, sweetheart?" Adam asked.

I just chuckled at him. "Addy, I promise I've never been more ready for anything. Jeff and I got this."

"How did he take it?"

"Jeff doesn't know yet. I want to tell him in person, and I won't be able to see him until after the Hall of Fame." I said.

"While I understand that Vee-Vee, you have to understand how Jeff will feel if he's the last to know. He probably won't be happy." Adam rationalized. I frowned when I realized he was right. Jeff should have been the first person to know regardless, and he definitely shouldn't be the last. I stood up from my place on the carpet and nodded. "I'll go call him. He should be awake by now." I told Adam and Amy. "I'll take it outside, that way his excited yelling doesn't wake up the triplets." I teased and threw a wink Amy's way.

*3rd Person POV, with Jeff*

The loud vibrations and the playing of "Addicted" by Saving Abel woke Jeff Hardy up with a jolt. Recognizing his wife's ringtone, he glanced over and made sure that the woman who slept beside him was still fast asleep before answering. "Hey baby." He greeted mid-yawn.

"Just waking up I see?" Her voice was teasing.

"Had a long night. What's up?"

"I went to the doctor yesterday morning."

Jeff sat up in the bed, slightly waking up the formerly sleeping woman. "Is everything okay? Your arm healing fine? Is therapy too much?" Being on the road almost all the time meant Jeff couldn't keep an eye on his wife like he'd wanted, and he often worried she tried to do too much.

"Nope, my arm is fine. Actually, things are more than fine. I've got some really great news."

Relaxing a little, Jeff leaned against the headboard. "What's that?"

"I'm pregnant!"

Excitement shot through his veins. After what felt like forever, he and Vanessa were finally going to be parents. "Are you serious? I'm going to be a dad?"

"I'm so serious! You get to be a daddy, Jeffy!" Jeff could hear how clear the excitement was in Vanessa's voice. She wanted to be a parent so badly, ever since Amy gave birth to the triplets.

Before Jeff could say anything else, the woman beside him finally woke up all the way. "Baby, who're you talking to?" She asked, quite loudly.

Jeff's entire world began to fall to pieces at that very moment.

There was silence on the other line for a brief moment. Jeff prayed she hadn't heard. "Was that…was that Beth?" Vanessa asked, the excitement completely gone from her tone. "Why is she with you if you're just waking up? Why is she with you at all?" Jeff didn't have a chance to even begin a lie before Beth loudly, and on purpose Jeff bet, asked where he threw her bra last night. Fuck, this was not good.

"Jeff?" Vanessa's voice was panicked now. "Tell me she's not in your hotel room right now. Tell me she didn't spend the night with you." Her tone grew more and more frantic.

"I-" Jeff tried, only to be cut off.

"How long, Jeff? How long has this been going on?" Jeff's heart broke when he could hear her sobs.

"I love you." It was the only thing he could think of to say. It wasn't a lie. God, did he love her so much. He couldn't understand why he kept on fucking up like this. She'd given him opportunity after opportunity to change, and what did he do with each chance? Threw it to the sharks.

"If you love me so much, why are you fucking your ex? I'm carrying your child and you're screwing other women!" Anger was in her voice now, and Jeff couldn't blame her. "Tell me it was just the one time, Jeff. Maybe you were drunk, and you didn't mean it. It was just one time, right?" She was giving him an out. She wanted him to lie to her. She wanted to forgive him, and she wanted him to give her an excuse to.

"It…wasn't the first time."

"When?" Her voice was so cold.

"The last big fight we had. When you stayed at Adam and Amy's. When you threatened to leave me." Jeff didn't know why he didn't just lie and say it was the one time. He'd lied a lot in their relationship, but it just didn't feel right to do it now. But it felt right to fuck another woman? One who isn't your wife?

Vanessa took a long, shaky breath before replying. "Don't expect me to be there when you get home."

Panic shot through Jeff's veins. "What are you saying, Pepper?" He'd hoped the familiar nickname might spark something that would make her happy.

"I love you, Jeff. I love you so much, it hurts me. But you obviously don't love me. Adam was right, Phil was right. You're just going to hurt me." She was sobbing again and each sob shattered Jeff's heart more and more.

"I do love you, Vanessa! Please, let me fix this!" He begged.

"I need time. And not just a couple weeks. I… I have to leave, Jeff."

"Please, Nessie. Please don't leave me. I love you, I love you more than anything. I'll do whatever I can to make this right." Jeff felt like he was going to snap his phone in half with how hard he was gripping it. He sat in silence for a few moments before hearing the other end of the line go dead. She'd hung up. Anger, remorse, and thousands of other emotions filled him as he processed what had just happened.

His newly pregnant wife was leaving him. And he didn't know if he could get her back.

*With Vanessa*

It took every ounce of will power she had to not fall to pieces. The second she had hung up, she threw her phone at Adam's backyard fence as hard as she could, not caring when she heard it break into pieces. Vanessa couldn't contain the loud sobs that were escaping her lips, even though she tried. She'd broken bones before, had injuries of every kind. But none of those compared to what she was feeling right now.

"Vanessa, what's going on?" She heard the voice of her big brother ask. Vanessa turned to face him and the moment she did, all the color drained from his face. "He didn't take it well, did he? Does he not want it?" Adam asked, inching closing to his sister. He couldn't think of any other reason of why she would be sobbing so violently.

"Oh, he wants it alright!" She yelled. "But apparently not from me." Vanessa whispered the last part, her voice cracking. Her legs seemed to turn to jelly and she sat on the grass, wiping her face on her sweater.

"Nessie, what are you talking about?" Adam said, falling to his knees in front of Vanessa.

Vanessa looked up at her big brother and started crying more when she locked eyes with him. "He's been cheating on me with Beth." She said. Admitting it to another person just made it hurt worse.

Rage boiled in Adam. A level of rage he hadn't felt in a long time. "I'll kill him." He replied, his words held a seriousness that would normally have worried Vanessa.

"Addy, what am I supposed to do?" Vanessa asked, looking up at her big brother. "I… I love him so much. I gave him a chance to lie and say it was the one time. But, it wasn't." Her words came out as short hiccups. Adam reached over and all but pulled Vanessa into his lap. Once he had her situated, he began to pet her hair. "Don't worry sweetheart, big brother will fix it." He promised, even though he wasn't sure how he would. Murder wouldn't help much he was sure.

The siblings stayed put for a few moments, sitting in silence. Vanessa cried and Adam continued to try and soothe her. After what felt like hours, the two Copelands were interrupted by Adam's phone ringing. He dug the device out of his pocket and glowered when the caller ID informed him it was Jeff calling. "It's him." Adam told his crying baby sister.

"I don't want to talk to him, Addy." She mumbled, her voice muffled by Adam's shoulder.

"What do you want?" He asked as he answered the phone.

Surprised by the coldness in Adam's voice, Jeff faltered a little in his words. "She's with you?" Jeff just needed to know she wasn't alone. Not when she was pregnant and upset.

"Of course she is." The coldness remained in Adam's voice. Jeff's best friend status had been revoked when his sister revealed his infidelity.

"Please keep an eye on her." Jeff begged. "She's pregnant and stress isn't good for the baby this early."

"Don't tell me how to watch over my sister. I know how to take care of her, unlike you."

Jeff sighed. "I deserve that. But I'm going to make it right."

Adam laughed dryly. "Yeah. Sure. Don't call me again, Jeff. I won't let you speak with her." Wishing he had a flip phone to snap shut, he angrily pressed the end call button on his phone. He glanced down at his sister and frowned. He hated seeing her like this. He'd seen her cry way too much since she'd been involved with Jeff Hardy.

"What's wrong with me?" Vanessa whispered.

"Nothing's wrong with you, it's him. He's the idiot that cheated, baby girl. Not you." Adam reassured her.

"I couldn't even make my marriage work for a year. I'm not even close to it. We've been married for four months and he's been cheating on me for one of those."

"Vanessa Isabelle, that isn't your fault. You tried to work things out. You were the one who always tried to be positive." Adam would not let her blame herself for this, he just wouldn't. She'd done nothing to deserve the pain that came with being cheated on. Sighing, Adam stood and brought Vanessa with him. "Why don't you go lay down in mine and Amy's room. Relax. Cry some more. I have to make a phone call." He suggested.

"Please don't murder him." Vanessa murmured.

Adam shook his head. "It's not him I'm calling, Vee-Vee."

With a nod, Vanessa walked into the house and Adam heard his wife question what was wrong in a panicked tone. As the door slid shut, Adam pulled out his phone again, ignoring the texts from Jeff. He knew who his sister needed right now, even though it hurt to admit that it wasn't himself. The phone rang for a solid minute before the other line picked up. "Kinda in the middle of something right now, better be important."

"Vanessa just learned that Jeff has been cheating on her for the past month and she needs you. Get to my house as soon as possible. I know there was a live show close by. Get here." Adam wasn't wasting any time today. "She's broken, Phil. Completely broken."

"I'll be there in thirty minutes." With that, Phil hung up.

Adam sighed and went to walk back into the house to check on Vanessa. The road to recovery from a broken arm was something Vanessa could jump back from almost instantly. But a broken heart? That was going to take some time.

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