My dad got a promotion , so we had to move from sunny southern california to rainy, dull london. Ive always wanted to see the sights of london. Meet amazing people like Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson , Niall Horan and Harry Styles. But in such a big city who was i to run into such big stars. I decided to stay with my penpal Katy, who stays in a dorm near a little village called Rustonberg. My parents said it was worth the education to stay in a college.
I thought the college looked rather plain, i stepped inside to find several doors all the same sheepish beige color. But over the phone, Katy told me her door number was 19. I remembered it because thats how old she is. I scuried towards the door pulling the handle towards me i let out a gasp, i could only see the light blue walls covered in one direction posters. If you knew Katy like i did she was overly obsessed with one direction just as much as i am. I giggled abit when my eyes lead towards the couch where i saw a Louis Tomlinson doll. Louis is her biggest crush. Katy has collected many louis dolls over the past few years, her room has atleast 30 of them, she told me that over Skype. I quietly walked into the room trying not to step on all the Louis posters that had been left on the floor. 'Katylin Green, you there? marco!...marco!' i called, this was going to be my first time meeting Katy. I heard a rustling noise coming from the kitchen, there i saw Katy leaning out her open window shouting 'Kevin?..Kevin the pigeon?' I watched as she failed to deprive a pigeon from its nest.
'Katy!' i exclaimed running to hug her. She turned around and grabbed me so tight i couldnt breath for air. Without saying a word we stood there for a few minutes. 'Lucy! i cant believe your here, after all these years of messages and skype calls. we made it.' Katy anounced, patting my head considering i was a few inches shorter than her.
'Well you've done great with the apartment, I couldnt see the wood for the trees with all your One direction stuff. ada girl!' I giggled.
'oh that reminds me !' Katy said, searching her batman bag for something, her expression was very excited. She handed me a large document which read, 'Nandos! free tacos and a chance to meet one direction' my eyes scrolled the document for many minutes till i came to ' in order to do this you must be the first to arive out of all the customers.' 'so?' katylin muttered, 'you up for it?' she exclaimed, grabbing the document and returning it to her bag. 'okay' i laughed 'i mean whats the worst that could happen' i said, hoping that nothing bad could happen.