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On the Prowl; Protect the Savior of My Heart

There are those that are pure of heart and simply wish to save as many as they can. Yet they are hidden and ridiculed constantly instead of treasured. – Phoenix


Pain and Rescue

They had just left him hanging. The blood from wounds they had inflicted running down his body in rivers from their twisted games. They wanted to see if they could get him to scream and that would then give him more pain and them permission to hurt his younger brother who was crying as he stared at his beaten form. The black collar around the smaller male's neck enraging the wounded male hanging from his wrists from the ceiling. Though he couldn't express it like a human after all he was only the beast. There were running footsteps suddenly heard upstairs and his little brother cried out in fear and he growled angrily. There were voices at the top of the stairs but they weren't those of his torturers and it confused him even as his brother moved as close to him as possible without choking himself as the door opened. He hissed loudly when he saw light reflect off the barrel of a gun. There was no way in hell that he was going to be shot like a rabid animal.

"Hey there's somebody down here!" Came a male's shout and the suspended male snarled defensively as footsteps were heard coming down the stairs and somebody cursed angrily. "GET A MEDIC DOWN HERE NOW!" came the roar and his little brother cringed as he hissed. "Easy." Came the sudden calming whisper as the man holstered his gun holding his hands up in the gesture of I mean no harm and the collared male relaxed.

"You help brozzer?" came the hesitant question as emerald eyes looked at the police officer in front of him hopefully and he nodded hiding his disgust as the suspended male started to slump. He had kids at home that were these two's ages and it made him sick to see this. He moved over to the male that seemed to be losing a battle with his injuries and the smaller male whimpered trying to move to his brother's side when he was laid down. "Yami." He called and hazy crimson eyes looked at him seeming to focus more as the officer moved to release his younger brother.

"What's your name little one?" came the gentle question as the emerald-eyed male moved to sit beside Yami's head and gently he lifted his brother's head cradling it against his stomach.

"Harry Motou." He said quietly looking up with teary emerald eyes. "Help Brozzer. Please?" he begged.