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Chapter 1


Charles Xavier, founder and Headmaster of the Xavier School for Gifted Children, frowned reading over the two files on his desk. They had been sent to him after two badly mistreated mutants had been found in the basement of a supposed upstanding citizen' home two months ago, the police hoping that he could find the two mutants and give them a safe haven. The smaller and younger 8 year old male stared up at him from the photograph with emerald green eyes. He was peeking through a midnight black fringe even as the child chewed on his left pointer finger knuckle holding a teddy bear one of the doctors had given to him to keep him calm. His mutation was unknown yet when they had separated him from his older brother and about 20 minutes later little Harry Motou had disappeared only to reappear beside his sleeping brother and then they had both vanished.

The other boy glared at him with angry, distrustful, bloody crimson eyes, two black cat ears laid back in irritation almost camouflaged by the wild untamed black as a raven's wing hair. You could glimpse in the background his "scythe" or a black whip-like cat tail with a silver almost knife-like blade on the end. They had found Yami Motou chained to the wall of a basement, bloody and beaten within an inch of his life but he had miraculously healed within 10 minutes after the two were found. He had started growling at anyone that wasn't his brother and had disappeared with Harry.

Xavier sighed tiredly. He had sent Logan along with Storm, Jean, and Scott to retrieve them after getting a tip from one of their lookouts who had sighted the boys. Hopefully they would be successful.

Crimson eyes flickered to the man standing between him and his brother. Emerald eyes locked with his and his little brother reached his small arms out to him.

"BROZZER!" came the shout as his brother vanished before reappearing in his arms and he narrowed crimson eyes going into a crouch, hissing at the intruder.

"We mean no harm Mr. Motou." Came a female's voice behind him and cat ears went back plastered against his head, his human face twisting with inhuman hatred as he hissed his scythe poised to strike if they made one wrong move. His arms were wrapped possessively and protectively around his 8 year old brother.

"Child we mean no harm." Another female said and he calmed a little confused by her snow white hair but liking the color. "We are mutants just like you." His ears perked up twitching as confusion started setting in. Jean took a step forward and he went on the defensive, his ears going back again in warning.

"Brozzer." Harry whispered his hold tightening and the male growled in question before snarling as Scott appeared moving into a crouch, one hand holding Harry to his chest even as his scythe whipped around in agitation. There were too many, he had to protect Harry.

"Scott leave. Logan you too." Jean said making a shooing motion. "He's viewing the males beside him and his brother as bigger threats." Yami relaxed slightly when the males left but he still eyed the two females warily.

"We mean no harm Yami." Jean said and his scythe froze as he turned wide eyes her way. Nobody called him by name anymore.

"Brozzer they f'iends." Harry said quietly and Yami relaxed a little more rising from his crouch and his scythe wrapped around his waist, the blade tucking into his worn out belt.

"We were sent to offer you a safe haven of sorts." Storm said seeing an opportunity. Jean observed the way the two brothers interacted before Yami hissed as someone banged on the door of the abandoned building, they had taken refuge in. The door was suddenly busted down and Yami moved keeping Harry tight against him as he dodged the MRT's net.

/let me help child. / Came Jean's sudden telepathic voice and Yami glanced at her before giving a jerky nod. She smiled just as she let the Phoenix loose.