"Devi, what have I done to us? To you? I've killed you. I'm so sorry that I ever hurt you. You are my one and only. How could I ever done this to you. But don't worry. Just wait up, I'm right behind you."

"That's what I get for trusting him. I trusted Johnny again. And he betrayed me just like I figured he would. He killed me and now I'm stuck with him forever. He did what he swore he'd never do. He hurt me."

The ghost of Johnny C and Devi D stood staring at each other. Slowly the ghost of Nny went over to her and gently placed his hand against her cheek. They were surrounded by absolutely nothing. Not even a color. Blankness that was neither black, nor white, nor any color on the light spectrum.

"I'm sorry Devi...I just...I needed you." Johnny whispered gently pulling her twords him. Intertwining their souls. There was no separating them.


Devi never got a chance to say anything. For her soul was ripped away from him.

Johnny looked in shock but wasn't even able to belt out the pure pain he was feeling before his own soul was whisked away as well as if by a hand shooing away an annoying pest.

He felt himself flying through and being pushed into a new vessel much more different than his own. And he heard his beloved's shriek of pain as he screamed himself. His soul was pushed into the small body of an Irken in a test tube. Into Zim.

And thousands of miles away, on earth, Devi's new vessel-a baby girl named Gazelene was born.