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Chapter 1

Tom Marvolo Riddle paced in front of the throne which he had set up in the small kitchen of a fairly new recruit: Regulus Black. Riddle checked on a glowing green potion in final stages where the stove once had sat. Soon, a short, overweight man entered the room and bowed low to Riddle.

"My lord," he said. "Lucius Malfoy, as requested."

"Thank you Wormtail," Riddle said. "You are excused."

Wormtail left the room and the tall, blonde Malfoy stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

"What can I do for my lord?" Lucius asked.

"Have a seat, my friend," Riddle said. Lucius had a seat at the kitchen table. Riddle produced a small black book and placed it in front of him. Lucius studied the book.

"Thank you, my lord," Lucius said.

"I am entrusting my diary to you, my friend," Riddle said. "I will say more later. You will keep it safe and secret even from your wife and new born son."

"Yes, my lord," Lucius said, cradling the diary.

"It has the power to open the Chamber of Secrets. When I feel it is necessary to open the Chamber, I will call on you. I will expect you to be able to produce the book. Am I clear, my friend?"

"Yes, my lord. Thank you, my lord," Lucius said.

"Very well, you are excused," Riddle said. Lucius immediately got up and was out the door in a matter of seconds. As he left, a confident, black haired man stepped into the room. He bowed to the Dark Lord before walking to the refrigerator and grabbing an apple.

"Is my family's house serving you well, my lord?" Regulus Black said, eating the apple.

"It is adequate, my friend," Riddle replied, fingering his wand. Regulus seemed unfazed by it. "I wonder. Might I have use of your house elf?"

"Of course my lord," Regulus said. "KREACHER!" A young house elf appeared at Regulus' feet. He eagerly bowed low, his nose scratching the floor. "Kreacher, my lord has need of you. You are to obey him as if he is me. Then return home. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my master," Kreacher said.

"Very well," Riddle said, tapping the potion, causing the whole cauldron to disappear, sending it to his destination. Riddle grabbed the elf and apparated.

Riddle appeared in a shallow cave entrance, the ocean rolling into the mouth of the cave at low tide.

"Follow," Riddle said. Kreacher did as ordered. The two walked up to a portion of the wall and stopped. Riddle pulled a wand and swiped toward the elf, gashing his nose. Blood seeped from the wound, but the elf did not flinch. Riddle covered his hand in the elf's blood and wiped it on the wall. Immediately, a large white arch appeared and then crumbled revealing a large, black space. Riddle walked into the room, the elf followed trying to heal its wound.

Riddle walked confidently up to the edge of a large lake and waved his hand out over the water. Suddenly he clasped on the air and a chain appeared in the air, glowing green and disappearing under the water. Riddle began to pull and within minutes a small boat appeared glowing with the same strange light. Riddle stepped in the boat and motioned for the elf to follow.

The boat carried the pair across the lake toward an island where the glowing potion sat. Once the boat landed, Riddle got off and walked toward a small podium in the middle of the island. He used his wand to pick up a bit of potion and fill the basin on the podium. He then motioned for the elf to approach and conjured a cup.

"You will drink," he said, filling the cup. He fed the potion to the elf. The elf reacted immediately, writhing and moaning on the ground. Each time Riddle filled the cup, the elf begged for mercy. Each time Riddle fed more potion. Screams echoed off the walls of the room, meeting only the smiling reaction of Riddle as he enjoyed the screams more and more.

"Regulus is not coming to save you," Riddle said as he scooped up the final potion and fed it to the protesting elf. "No one can save you from me."

Once the cup was empty, the elf lay motionless. Riddle waited for several minutes for the elf to move, but he didn't. Riddle smiled, believing the basin to be enough. He placed a spell on the basin to refill from the cauldron whenever empty and then magically hid the cauldron. Finally, he took out a small locket, with a large crest on the front, from his pocket and placed it in the basin. He waited, with all his focus on the basin, until the basin refilled and then stepped onto the boat and left the cave, leaving the elf to die.

He never noticed the elf start to move, never noticed as he opened his eyes to see the locket, never heard the tiny whimper of "Master," that escaped as the elf followed orders and returned home.

A/N: This scene adapted largely from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince pages 555-576.