Tragedy and the Unexpected

Chapter 1-Something's Wrong or Is It?

It is 2014, Bayard and Olivia are married with twins. Their twins are two years old. They have one of each, a boy and a girl. They named them Kyle Benjamin and Kaley Jade. Bayard's daughter from his first marriage, Colbie is now 10. Olivia is a wonderful stepmother to her.

Melinda's daughter Whitney is 19 now, she is in her third year of college at NYU. Melinda is still happily married to her childhood sweetheart Rick. He is in the medical field as well. He is a surgeon.

Olivia is still at the precinct but has cut back her hours quite a bit to spend time with the twins. Munch, Fin, Amaro and Rollins are still around. Cragen still runs things.

Since Elliot left two years ago, Olivia and Melinda have become closer friends. They depend on each other for everything now, they talk all time and spend a lot of time together. Melinda is happy that Olivia finally found happiness with Bayard. Sometimes Whitney watches the twins for them. A lot has changed in two years and we are about to find out what.

Melinda Warner wakes up from a restless sleep. She has been tossing and turning for hours. She hasn't felt right for several days, she hasn't mentioned anything to Rick or Whitney as not to worry them. She gets up out of bed to get herself a glass of water. She is careful not to wake Rick, since he barely got home himself from a long day at the hospital. He had surgeries backed up. Whitney was still up when Melinda went to bed, so on her way to get her glass of water she checks on her daughter. Whitney is sleeping soundly. Melinda smiles as she heads to the kitchen to get her glass of water.

She grabs a glass from the cupboard, turns on the sink and fills her glass. She turns off the water as she gulps down her water. She must be going through menopause. She has never felt like this. She will get checked out at the hospital before she heads to the morgue.

Since she can't sleep she decides to sit on the sofa and read for a bit. Reading usually helps her to fall asleep. Sure enough, before long Melinda falls asleep on the couch.

The next morning...

Whitney Warner comes into the living room and sees her mother asleep on the couch. She knows that her mother sometimes reads to help herself fall asleep. That must be what she did last night. Whitney approaches her mother and wakes her.

"Mom, it's time to get up." Whitney pats her mother's arm.

Melinda begins to stir.

"Mom?"Whitney repeats.

Melinda opens her eyes. She is a bit groggy at first as she rubs her eyes, stretches and yawns.


"Yes, it's me mom."

Melinda sits up and stretches once more.
"I must have fallen asleep on the couch last night. I had trouble sleeping."

"I figured you did, because you usually come in here to read when you can't sleep as not to wake daddy."

Melinda stands up and when she does she feels dizzy and has to sit back down. Whitney notices and becomes concerned.

"Mom are you okay?"

"I'm just a bit dizzy, I will be all right. I will be seeing the doctor today before I go to work. I think I might be going through the early stages of menopause."

Whitney nods as she stands up realizing that her mother will be okay. Melinda stands up one more time, but more slowly. She doesn't feel dizzy so she goes into the kitchen to make herself some coffee. She is surprised to see some already made.

"Whitney, did you make the coffee this morning?"

Whitney pokes her head out of the fridge.

"No, daddy must have. I think he's in the shower right now."

"Oh okay." Melinda replies as she pours herself a cup. This is exactly what she needs right now.

She sits and drinks her coffee and talks to Whitney while she eats breakfast. Before long Rick comes in, smelling good from his shower.

"Hi honey, hi baby girl."

"Good morning, Rick."

"Good morning, daddy."

Whitney gets up to give her father a kiss on the cheek. She then gives her mom a quick kiss.

"I'm better go, I have an early class and I'm already running late."

"Okay, see you later!"

Rick sits down next to his wife.

"Did you have trouble sleeping last night? I woke up and you weren't next to me."
"Yes, I got a drink of water and then fell asleep on the couch. I didn't want to wake you so I decided to read in the living room."

"Are you doing okay, honey?"

Melinda nods.

"Yes I have just been a bit worn out lately and have been having dizzy spells. I think it might be the early signs of menopause. I am going to see the doctor before I go to work."

"Well, I'm happy that you are going to get checked out today. I love you and I don't want to lose you."

"I love you too, Rick." Melinda says as she gives her husband a kiss.

Just what will Melinda discover at the doctor's office? Stay tuned and find out...