Chapter 7-Truth and Consequences

The next morning...

Whitney feels herself being violently shaken out of her deep sleep. She pulls the blanket off her head as she opens her eyes. The sudden light shining in her eyes blinds her for a moment as she pulls the covers back over her head.

The person attempting to wake her up finally speaks.

"Whitney, it's Fin. Wake up."

Whitney pulls the blanket off her head again as she turns around and sees Fin looking down at her.

"Welcome back, I never thought you would wake up."

Whitney lies there confused for a moment trying to remember where she's at and what happened. She licks her dry, cracked lips as she sits up. As soon as she does so, her head begins to pound. It feels like a jackhammer. She lies back down and grabs her head, as she suddenly remembers what happened.

Fin leans over to hand her the coffee.

"Here, drink this it will help you feel better."

She sits back up slowly and takes the cup of steaming liquid.

"Thank you, Fin." she manages to choke out. Her throat is dry and she can barely talk.

Fin smiles and nods as he watches Whitney drink it slowly. She feels the hot liquid slide down her throat. It helps her dry throat as she is finally able to speak clearly.

"Where is my mom?" she asks as she takes another sip.

"Your moms is at the hospital with Olivia and Bayard checking on Kyle. She will be here soon."

Whitney leans over and supports her head with her elbow as she puts her hand on her forehead.

"Oh my God, that's right. Kyle got hurt last night and that's why I'm in here. Mom and Olivia are going to kill me. I can't believe I allowed that to happen, what was I thinking?"

Whitney's body is racked with sobs as she cries her eyes out. She will never forgive herself if anything happens to Kyle.

"What you did was pretty stupid, Whitney." Fin replies as he sits at the foot of the bed.

Whitney looks up at Fin with tears in her eyes.

"I know, it's the stupidest thing I could have done."

"Why were you even drinking? I didn't even know you drank."

"I don't normally drink but ever since mom told me she was pregnant, I haven't quite been myself."

"Well I will admit that is shocking but it's no reason to drink. You are headed down a dangerous path, sweetie."

Whitney polishes off the coffee and hands the empty cup to Fin as she lies back down on the bed.

"I'm not in the mood for a lecture right now, Fin. I will be getting enough of that from mom later."

"You're right about that but I'm just trying to help."

"I know you are, thanks for the coffee." Whitney exclaims with tears in her eyes as she turns away from Fin. She hopes that he will take the hint and leave.

The silence is broken by someone clearing their throat. Fin and Whitney turn to the source of the sound. Whitney sees her mom standing on the other side of the bars giving her a look that Whitney is sure she has never seen before. Yes, Whitney knows she's in a heap of trouble.

Fin gets up to let Melinda in. He doesn't say a word to her because he knows how angry she is by her expression. Once he lets Melinda in, he excuses himself to allow them to be alone.

Melinda approaches her daughter, she stands and just looks at her, not saying a word with her hands on her hips.

Whitney just looks back at her mother, not daring to say a word. She has never seen her mother so angry before. She really screwed up this time. Suddenly Melinda starts pacing around the cell, her hands still on her hips. Just when she doesn't think her mom will say anything at all, she surprises her as she suddenly speaks.

"Whitney Lee Ann Warner! What in God's name were you thinking! Why are you drinking! Why were you drinking around young children! What is wrong with you! I didn't raise you to behave like this!Your father and I have told you many, many times how wrong drinking is! Why do you think we never have alcohol of any kind in the house! Where did you get whatever it was you drank!" Melinda stops pacing and looks at her daughter waiting for her to answer.

Whitney is afraid to open her mouth, to say anything at all.

"Well?" Melinda asks.

"I found the wine in the refrigerator, mom. I swear I only wanted a taste, I wasn't planning on drinking the whole bottle. It's just once I started I couldn't stop, it tasted so good. I know it was wrong and I'm sorry."

Melinda's look of anger changes to a look of confusion.

"We had wine in our fridge?"

Whitney nods.

"How can that be, your father and I never leave any alcohol of any kind in the house."

Whitney shrugs her shoulders.

"I don't know, mom. I just found it."

Melinda rubs her hands over her face to help calm herself.

"I will have to speak to your father about that. I wonder if he brought it home from the hospital after the party they had there awhile ago."

Whitney nods.

"Regardless of that young lady, I can promise you there will be no more alcohol of any kind in the house from here on out."

"Okay momma. May we go home now? I want to be in my own room, in my own bed."

"As a matter of fact, Whitney I think I'm going to talk to Captain Cragen and see if he will allow you to stay in here a bit longer. I want to make sure you learn from your mistake."
"But mom-".

"No arguments, young lady. I'm going to go talk to the captain right now and I will be back in a bit."

Whitney lies back on the bed as she lets out an exasperated sigh and looks at the ceiling.

Melinda gets Fin's attention as he comes over and lets Melinda out and shuts and locks the door behind her.

Whitney just watches her mom walk away as tears form in her eyes. What a huge mess she has made of everything.

Whitney lies there for a few minutes as the tears roll down her cheeks, she doesn't bother to wipe them away. Suddenly she hears the jail cell door open, and when she looks over her vision is blurred by the tears in her eyes. She reaches up and wipes her eyes and then looks again, but before she can react, she feels a sharp slap across her cheek. The slap is so hard it makes her eyes water as she grabs her stinging cheek. She sits there holding her cheek, still unaware of who hit her.

"You little bitch! I will never forgive you for hurting my son!" Olivia screams.

Whitney looks up at Olivia through tear clouded eyes.

"I'm sorry, Olivia. I never meant for Kyle to get hurt. I hate myself right now. You have no idea how sorry I am for him getting hurt."

"Olivia, how dare you hit or scream at my daughter!"
"How dare I, Melinda! How dare I? My son is lying in the hospital in a coma because of her. I will never forgive either of you for that! Consider our friendship over, I don't want you or your daughter around me, my husband or my children or I will have you arrested! I can make it happen, I'm a cop!" Olivia hisses.

"Fine with me, Olivia. Don't you dare ever lay a hand on my daughter again and don't you ever threaten me!" Melinda cries.

"Don't worry, you stay away from me and I will stay away from you. Now excuse me while I go see my daughter. I wouldn't want anything to happen to her because of your daughter!" Olivia screams as she leaves slamming the door behind her.

Melinda looks at her daughter crying and holding her cheek as she leaves to get her an ice pack.

Just when they they think the worst is over, it's not. It's just begun and it won't be pretty...