Pokemon Black & White

Author: AshK1980

Rating: Fiction Rated T for Romance and Violence


I do not own Pokemon, if I did, I would have, I would've had Hilda join Ash on his Unova Journey along with Iris and Cilan. I also would've had Ash take some of his other Pokemon with him as well. This story is mine, I also own all the OCs that I create within this story so don't sue me!


Othelloshipping(Ash x Hilda)

Main Character Ages:

Ash: 15, Hilda: 15, Team Rocket: 22, Cilan: 17, Iris: 10, Trip: 10, Professor Juniper: 34, Delia: 35, Professor Oak: 65

Recurring Character Ages:

Professor Juniper: 34, Paul: 15 Dawn: 12, May: 13, Casey: 14, Misty: 15, Duplica: 15, Brock: 19, Tracy: 18, Delia: 35, Professor Oak: 65, Gary: 15, Ritchie: 15, Bianca: 14, Hilbert: 14, and N: 17.

Summary: Retelling of Pokemon Black and White. This is my version of the story. Ash will also use some of his older Pokemon. The ones that have brought him the most luck. Also be prepared for the return of some of his older Pokemon. Ash is also 15 in this story I hope you enjoy! Also some of his old traveling companions will be appearing as well but not until later which is why they aren't listed yet.

Episode 001: In the Shadow of Zekrom!

The Pokemon World, a vast world made up of several regions: Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. Five years ago a young ten year old boy by the name of Ashton Ketchum started out his journey. Pokemon a creatures that young people who have reached the age of ten can choose and raise to get stronger. People use them for pets, contests, musicals, as well as all sorts of different battles from single battles to double battles to triple and rotation battles. Throughout the five years he was traveling, Ash Ketchum, a trainer from Pallet Town has visited several regions. The most recent one being the Sinnoh region where he placed in the top four of the League Competition. He has survived several battles with all sorts of Legendary Pokemon. It seems that he has encountered most of the Legendary Pokemon in the entire world. This is the continuing adventures of Ash Ketchum, a Pokemon Trainer from Pallet Town in the Kanto Region. Not only has he encountered lots of Pokemon, but he has also made several friends along the way, as well as a few rivals. Among the friends he made, he has traveled with a few of them. Brock Slate, a former Pokemon Gym Leader who is currently in training to be a Pokemon Doctor. He's also trying to improve his skills a Pokemon Breeder as well. Misty Waterflower, the Cerulean City Gym Leader. She was the first trainer that he encountered and made friends with. His relationship with Misty was rocky at first, but eventually they got close to each other, and Ash even helped Misty improve her abilities as Pokemon Gym Leader, as well as Pokemon Ballet and Musical performer with her sisters Lily, Violet and Daisy. Another companion that traveled with Ash was Tracy Sketchit, a Pokemon Watcher and also currently working as Professor Oak's aid. In Hoenn, he encountered two people and quickly befriended them. One was May Maple, a young lady that at one time had an uncanny fear of all types of Pokemon, she only started her Pokemon Journey so she could travel. Eventually Ash helped May overcome her fear of Pokemon and also helped her decide to be a Pokemon Coordinator. Eventually, Ash and May were joined by May's little brother Max Maple. He also admired Ash for the long journey he had been on before coming to Hoenn. After the Hoenn Region, Ash, Misty, May, Max, and Brock headed off toward the Kanto Battle Frontier, where shortly after being reunited with Ash, Misty went her separate way back to being a Gym Leader. After Hoenn, Ash once again left with only Pikachu to the Sinnoh Region where he met a young aspiring Pokemon Trainer, who eventually became one of the top two Coordinators in the Sinnoh Region. She came in second place at the Sinnoh Grand Festival, her name was Dawn Berlitz. Just like with May, Ash was a mentor for her and also helped her with her Pokemon skills. Unlike May however, Dawn already knew what she wanted to be when she met Ash. She wanted to be a Top Coordinator like her mother Johanna.

During his journey, Ash has captured several Pokemon as well as competed in several leagues. In the Kanto Region, Ash competed in the Indigo League and finished in the Top 16. In the Johto and Hoenn Leagues he competed and made it into the top eight. Along the way he also managed to conquer and win the Orange Island League as well as several smaller competitions. He also managed to conquer the Kanto Battle Frontier and was offered the position of becoming a Frontier Brain. He however, declined this offer and decided to continue to travel. After the Kanto Battle Frontier, he entered the Sinnoh League and finished in the Top 4. He took out nearly half of Tobias' Pokemon including Darkrai, Latias and Latios. Unfortunately in the end, Pikachu fell to Latios after a hard fought battle. Now he was at home trying to figure out what to do next. Eventually he finds out about another region called the Unova Region from his mentor Professor Oak. Right after he heard about the Unova Region, he immediately decided he wanted to travel to Unova, however he had a lot of thoughts going through his brain. Was he going to do like he did for Hoenn and Sinnoh and start off only with Pikachu, or was he going to take some of his other Pokemon with him this time around? His mother also made him some new traveling clothes as usual. She does that with every new region he heads off to nowadays.

Ash's bedroom...

Ash is getting ready to set out for Unova. Of course he would have to get to Unova by Seaplane. Ash got his Unova outfit on. Ash decided he was going to at least take Pikachu with him. Ash is wearing a red and white hat with blue Pokeball on the front of it. The back of the hat and the bill of the hat are both red. He is also wearing a white t-shirt with a blue and white jacket over it. The zipper on the jacket is golden yellow, well a lot closer to yellow than gold. His jacket is short-sleeved. He is wearing black and red high-tops on his feet. He is also wearing black fingerless gloves with red cuffs on said gloves. He is wearing some black cargo pants. Once he is dressed and ready to go, he heads downstairs to greet his mom. In his head he is running over all the Pokemon he has and is trying to figure out which ones, if any he's going to take to Unova besides Pikachu.

Downstairs in the Living Room, Delia was watching TV and heard Ash come in...

"So Ash have you decided what Pokemon you are going to take with you?" Delia asked.

"I am definitely taking Pikachu and some of my stronger Pokemon from my other regions." Ash said.

"Which ones are you going to take?" Delia asked.

"I already got my Kanto pick, and that's Pikachu." Ash said. "My Johto pick is going to be Bayleef. As for my Hoenn pick, I think I will choose Swellow. My Sinnoh pick, I am going to go with Gible."

"So that leaves you with two more slots am I right?" Delia asked.

"Yes it does." Ash said. "I guess I better get to the lab to pick up my other Pokemon."

"Okay sweetie see you later." Delia said as Ash headed off to the Lab.

Professor Oak's Lab...

As Ash arrives at Oak's Lab he looks around and figures that Professor Oak is probably in the lab area somewhere. He proceeds downstairs to the basement of the lab and opens the door only to be greeted by Professor Oak doing research as usual.

"Hey Professor Oak, how are you doing?" Ash asked as he entered the lab and closed the door behind him.

"I'm doing well Ash, thanks for asking. So Ash have you decided on which Pokemon you are going to take with you, or are you just going to leave with Pikachu like usual?" Professor Oak asked. "If you are going to take some of your other Pokemon with you could I make some suggestions?"

"Actually I am going to take one Pokemon from each of the regions I have been through with the exception of the Orange Islands." Ash said.

"Why aren't you taking any Pokemon with you that you caught in the Orange Islands?" Professor Oak asked.

"Because, the only Pokemon I have left with me that I caught in the Orange Islands is Snorlax." Ash said. "Somehow I don't think it is a good idea to take Snorlax with me. He will eat way too much and eat everything that anyone I meet in Unova will make. It is just easier this way."

"So which Pokemon do you want to take with you?" Professor Oak asked.

"Well I am going to take Bayleef, Swellow and Gible with me in addition to Pikachu." Ash said.

"So a Grass Type, Flying Type, and a Dragon/Ground Type am I right?" Oak asked.

"You are absolutely right." Ash said. "At least for now. I may rotate in some of my other Pokemon as well. However these four will do for now."

"Very good," Professor Oak said. "I will go get them."

With that Professor Oak went off to get Ash's requested Pokemon. He soon came back with four Pokeballs for Ash.

"Here are your friends Ash." Professor Oak said. "I will pick you and your mom up a little bit later. We need to get to the airport. Unova is a lot farther away than the other regions you went to."

"Thanks Professor, I will see you later." Ash said.

Ash then heads out to the yard and calls for his other Pokemon. They all greeted Ash with happiness.

"Guys, I am taking Pikachu, Bayleef, Swellow, and Gible with me to Unova." Ash said.

The rest of the Pokemon were about to attack him for not including them but stopped when he ordered them to.

"I know you all want to come with me, but the rules say I can't do that." Ash said as he greeted his other Pokemon. "I promise I will rotate each of you in from time to time. I also promise that I will come back with more friends for you to hang out with from Unova when I return."

With that Ash gives all of his Pokemon a hug, which was more like his Pokemon are all giving him hugs at the same time squeezing the life out of him.

"Guys, need to breathe!" Ash coughed "You are all cutting off my air flow!"

Noticing this, all of Ash's Pokemon release him and let him breathe. Ash then thanked his Pokemon and heads back home after recalling Bayleef, Swellow, and Gible.

Back at the Ketchum Residence...

Delia Ketchum is in the living room watching TV when her son enters with three of his other Pokemon in their Pokeballs on his belt.

"Mom Professor Oak said he is going to pick us up for our flight to Unova later on." Ash said. "So we get to spend some more time together."

"I am so proud of you sweetie," Delia said. "You kept some of your old Pokemon's feelings in mind. How did the others take not being chosen?"

"They were sad at first, but then I told them that I would rotate them in every now and then." Ash said. "I also promised them I would bring them back more friends to hang out with from Unova."

"That's nice of you sweetie." Delia said.

With that, mother and son share a hug and wait for Oak to arrive. It didn't take long, until Oak arrived to pick them up. They all head to the airport and board a plane that would take them to Unova.

After the Flight...

In a matter of hours, they land in Unova and pulled up to the dock at Nuvema Town. Professor Oak and Delia headed to the end of the dock to get their luggage. Ash and Pikachu exited the plane and looked out at the water and all of the new water type Pokemon only native to the Unova Region. Ash was about to go to the dock when Pikachu's ears popped up and twitched as Pikachu noticed a strange storm in the sky. He could make out some faint red eyes in the black clouds and a blue lightning bolt striking the water. The Black Clouds were moving closer and closer. Ash rushed over to Pikachu and looked into the sky. All of a sudden Ash and Pikachu were surrounded by the Black Smoke. A blue Lightning Bolt struck Pikachu. Since Ash was holding Pikachu, he too was also shocked. Delia and Professor Oak saw this and called for Ash to bring Pikachu over here. Luckily, the rest of his Pokeballs were safely on his belt so they weren't harmed. Also Team Rocket was encountered and they came back with a new motto. Team Rocket is really getting on Ash's nerves as they try to capture Pikachu. Pikachu tries to shock the Trio but doesn't due to a shield deflecting all attacks. It is after Team Rocket has flown off in their jet packs that a bolt of Blue Lightning Strikes Pikachu as well as Ash. From a tree in the distance, a purple-haired girl with an Axew watches the Dark Clouds and sees Zekrom she then remarks to her Pokemon that she has a feeling something good is going to happen.

"Are you two okay?" Delia asked worriedly.

"That was quite a bolt of lightning that struck Pikachu." Professor Oak said. "Are you going to be okay?"

"Pikachu and I will be fine Professor," Ash said. "We have been hit by a lot worse in our journey."

Just then a jeep pulls up and honks its horn. In the driver seat is a woman in a lab coat. Only seems to be about 34 much younger than Professor Oak and just one year younger than Delia.

"Hey there Professor Oak!" The woman says. "It's nice to see you again."

"Same here." Professor Oak said introducing the woman to Ash and Delia. "This is Professor Juniper, she is the lead Pokemon researcher here in Unova."

"Nice to meet you." Delia says. "My name is Delia Ketchum."

"Hi Professor Juniper," Ash started. "My name is Ash Ketchum. This is Pikachu."

After being introduced, Pikachu waves. His cheeks start sparking.

"What's up with Pikachu?" Professor Juniper said.

"Pikachu got hit by a blue lightning bolt from the sky." Ash said. "It looked to me that it was from a black Pokemon with red eyes."

"Sounds like Zekrom." Professor Juniper said. "We should go to my lab to have Pikachu looked at. So hop in everybody and buckle your safety belts. Ash, I must say Pikachu are a rare find here in Unova. Do you have any other Pokemon on you or just Pikachu?"

"I have three others." Ash said. "I have been traveling for about five years now. This is my sixth league quest. I have taken part in the Indigo League where I made it to the Top 16. I have also gone through the Orange League and won it. I was Top 8 in the Johto and Hoenn Leagues. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I also went through the Kanto Battle Frontier and beat all the Frontier Brains. I was offered a position as a Frontier Brain, but I declined the offer because I wanted to travel more. I also made the Top 4 in the Sinnoh League."

"Wow that's a lot of leagues." Professor Juniper said. "And to conquer the Orange League and the Kanto Battle Frontier, that is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. So what other Pokemon do you have with you?"

"I have one of each native to the major regions." Ash remarked. "I will show them to you when we get to the lab like I said I would."

Professor Juniper nodded as they arrived at the Lab.

When Professor Juniper arrives at the lab they see two trainers waiting for her. One is a trainer with brown hair in a high Ponytail that was held back with a Pink and White hat she also has Blue eyes. She is a bit shorter than Ash is now, Ash is now about 5'10" since he is now about 15 years old. This girl also has blue jean shorts that are ripped revealing her pockets she has wristbands that are black with a pink line circling the diameter of the wrist joint. She also had a Pink bag slung from her shoulder across her chest to the hip that is opposite her shoulder. She also wore a white Tank Top with a black vest over it. She also has black socks that are just above ankle length. Her high-tops are black with pink laces and black soles. Her height was about 5' 8"," about two inches shorter than Ash and is also 15. The other trainer that is there is about 5' 5" tall with dirty blond hair, pale gray eyes. He wears a black hooded shirt with a burnt orange jacket and a blue undershirt that was visible through the V-Neck of his black hooded shirt. He also wears light gray long pants as well as blue and white sneakers. Whether he is wearing socks or not is unknown since he is wearing long pants. He looks to be 10 years old.

As Professor Juniper's jeep parked, Ash couldn't help but stare at the girl with the Pink and White hat. She is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. The girl also seems to be staring back at Ash. Both trainers have a faint trace of blush on their faces. Ash feels that he somehow knows this beautiful girl from childhood. She also feels the same way.

"Hilda, Trip." Professor Juniper said. "You made it. Let me guess you are here for your starter Pokemon."

"We sure did Professor." Hilda said as she went up to Ash and shook his hand. "Hey there my name is Hilda. I am from here in Nuvema Town."

"My name is Ash Ketchum, I am from Pallet Town in Kanto." Ash said. "This is my best friend and first Pokemon that I received from Professor Oak over there. His name is Pikachu."

"I am ready for my Pokemon now!" Trip said.

"Be patient Trip," Professor Juniper said. "Why don't you introduce yourself to Ash over there."

"Hmph!" Trip said. "I guess."

Trip then went over to Ash and shook his hand. "My name is Trip, I am also from here in Nuvema Town. What is someone from the boonies like Pallet Town doing here?" Trip said then asked condescendingly.

Ash was about to answer and noticed Pikachu went unconscious. "My name is Ash Ketchum, I will have to talk to you later. I have to get into the lab to get Pikachu looked at."

Professors Juniper and Oak remembered that as well. Professor Juniper quickly went into the lab followed by Ash, Professor Oak, Delia, and Hilda leaving Trip outside.

"Ash why don't you give me your Pikachu and we will run some tests on him." Juniper said. "Maybe you could go talk to Trip while you are waiting."

Ash nodded and headed toward the door of the lab followed by Hilda only to encounter Trip who was going to go get his first Pokemon. Hilda then remembered that as well so she returned to the lab along with Trip. Ash followed suit.

"Oh yeah that's right, in all the excitement of seeing a Pikachu in the Unova Region, I forgot about you two wanting starters." Professor Juniper said as she released them.

Ash was in awe at the new Pokemon. He wanted all three of them. Trip and Hilda are each given a Pokedex. Ash remarks that Oshawott is cute which causes it to blush.

Trip and Hilda analyze each Pokemon. The Pokedex analyzes the three starters and mentions that Snivy is Male, Tepig is Female, and Oshawott is male despite blushing at Ash's cute comment. Trip then takes a picture of the Pokemon and chooses Snivy. Professor Juniper gives Snivy's Pokeball to Trip who immediately recalls Snivy. Trip puts his Pokedex and Pokeballs away and heads out.

Hilda is the next one to choose, she kind of wants the Oshawott but sees that he is more interested in Ash. She chooses Tepig. Something seemed to be telling her despite wanting Oshawott first,to choose Tepig. Professor Juniper gives Hilda her Pokeballs since she already had her Pokedex. Hilda then recalled Tepig and was about to leave, but saw that Ash was worried about Pikachu. She decides to stay with him. Professor Juniper tells Ash to go relax and then gives Ash a new Unova Pokedex and five Pokeballs thinking that Ash only has Pikachu.

"Hey Ash weren't you going to show me your other Pokemon you have with you?" Professor Juniper asked.

"Oh yeah that's right!" Ash said. "I almost forgot. Bayleef, Swellow, Gible I choose you!"

With that the three Pokemon that Ash called out posed for Professor Juniper and Hilda. Ash then told the story about how he caught and evolved two out of the three, he also told Professor Juniper and Hilda about catching Gible and being finally able to teach him Draco Meteor. Ash then recalled them and went outside to see what Trip was doing with Hilda following close behind. Professor Juniper continues to run tests on Pikachu.

Ash and Hilda go outside and stop Trip. Pikachu soon comes out of the lab and jumps on his trainer's shoulder.

"Well I meant to do this before, but now is as good of a time as any." Trip said as he took out his camera and started taking pictures of Pikachu after analyzing him with his Pokedex.

Not wanting to spoil the surprise for Trip, seems how that Trip will probably become Ash's number one Unova rival, Hilda keeps the fact that Ash had three of his other Pokemon with him, she silently looks through her Pokedex on information regarding Bayleef, Swellow, and Gible.

"What are you doing with Pikachu?" Ash asked. "What is with the camera?"

"I am documenting my journey, that's basic!" Trip said. "How about we battle one-on-one? Your Pikachu against my Snivy."

"That sounds good to me." Ash said as he turned his cap backwards. "Go for it Pikachu!"

Pikachu nods and jumps off his trainer's shoulder and gets ready. Oshawott is behind a tree looking on.

"Pikachu let's start things off with a Quick Attack!" Ash said.

Pikachu does so.

"Snivy dodge and use tackle!" Trip said.

Snivy does so and hits Pikachu hard.

Ash then tries to order Pikachu to do a couple of his Electric Attacks, unfortunately he can't execute them.

"How pathetic, a Pikachu that can't even use electric attacks!" Trip says. "Snivy use Leaf Tornado!"

Pikachu is able to dodge barely. Ash then realizes that Pikachu has other moves besides electric ones. As Ash orders Pikachu to use Iron Tail, he does so, but Snivy dodges. Trip then orders another Leaf Tornado aimed at Pikachu. Pikachu is knocked down hard.

"Pikachu, don't give up!" Ash exclaims with confidence. "I know you are stronger than this. You have faced tougher predicaments than this. Use Agility followed by Iron Tail and use Reversal! You know a lot more moves than electric moves and Iron Tail! I believe in you Pikachu!"

Pikachu nods and executes the attacks. Since Pikachu is low on HP the attack Reversal is so powerful that it knocks the Snivy out.

"It's obvious I picked the wrong Pokemon!" Trip humphs as he recalls Snivy. "Oh well more time to train."

Trip turns around and takes off without a word.

"We won Pikachu!" Ash happily exclaims. "Wow! We won without the use of Electrical Attacks!"

Pikachu happily responded and fell over from exhaustion.

"I guess we better get you back inside." Ash said as he picked his Electric Mouse up and carried him inside.

Once again Pikachu has tests run on him, and is over charged with electricity from the Zekrom attack. Which is the reason that Pikachu couldn't use electrical attacks.

The same black cloud that formed over the water earlier now formed over the lab. The same Blue Lightning that struck Pikachu and Ash earlier strikes the Lightning rod on the lab. The electricity is channeled through the lightning rod and through Pikachu causing a black out as the tests continue to be run on Pikachu with Ash and Hilda along with Delia and Professor Oak watching. Somehow all of the excess electricity inside Pikachu is expelled and dissipates. The lights then come back on a few minutes later along with all of the equipment. Pikachu then exits the test tube and jumps into Ash's arms.

"Pikachu could you try a Thunderbolt please?" Ash asks. "I want to make sure you are ready to continue our journey."

Pikachu nods as his cheeks spark. He then sends a Thunderbolt at Ash which hits him. Due to the close proximity of Hilda to Ash, she is shocked as well. Luckily the two Professors and Delia are far enough away and aren't shocked. The Thunderbolt from Pikachu proves that he can now use electric attacks again.

"I'm glad to see you are all better Pikachu!" Ash says.

"So am I." Hilda says as she turns to ask Ash a question. "Hey Ash, can I travel with you through Unova?" Hilda asks. "After all, I grew up here, for the most part anyway. I also waited a few years before I started my journey. You don't mind if I go with you do you?"

"I don't mind, if Pikachu doesn't mind." Ash said as he turned to his Pokemon. "Is it okay for Hilda to travel with us?"

Pikachu nods and jumps from Ash's shoulder to Hilda's shoulder and nuzzles her.

"It looks like Pikachu wants you to come with him and me Hilda." Ash said. "I think it will be a great idea for you to travel with us."

"Thank you Ash!" Hilda exclaimed. "Thank you!"

Hilda then inadvertantly hugged Ash, which caught him off guard, Ash hugged her back.

"I think we will be a good team!" Ash remarked.

"So do I!" Hilda said.

With that Ash and Hilda said goodbye to Delia, Professor Oak, and Professor Juniper. However Professors Oak and Juniper stopped them.

"I think you should take these with you." Professor Juniper said as she handed Ash a blue Cross-Transceiver and Hilda a pink one. "They will help you keep in touch with me better along with Professor Oak."

"That's a good idea." Ash said as he put his on. "Thank you Professor Juniper!"

"We will be sure to keep in touch." Hilda said as she put hers on. "What are these anyway?"

"They are called Cross-Transceivers." Professor Oak said. "They have all the functions of a Pokegear, Poketch, and Pokenav all into one. It's the latest thing."

"Thank you so much both of you." Hilda said. "It was nice to meet you Mrs. Ketchum, Professor Oak."

"Same here!" Delia said. "Take care of my boy!"

Hilda giggles at that. "I sure will Mrs. Ketchum." Hilda says.

"You two should take care of each other." Professor Juniper said.

"That is the best thing to do." Professor Oak said.

Ash and Hilda nodded as they were off for an exciting journey through Unova. Ash decided to enter the Unova League along with Hilda. Now their Unova journey has commenced.

Where one adventure ends, another begins! What is in store for Ash and Hilda in Unova? Only time will tell.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Ash and Hilda continue their journey through Unova and run into a girl named Iris and her Axew. Also Team Rocket makes another appearance. Also Ash catches another Pokemon. What will happen? You have to stay tuned to find out!

Next Time on Pokemon Black & White - Episode 02: Enter Iris and Axew! Coming Soon to a Fanfiction Site near you.

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