Pokemon Black & White

Episode 016: Ash and Trip's Third Battle and More!


Thanks to Misty, May, Brock, Gary, Ritchie, and Dawn cheering them on; Ash and Hilda go the Insect Badge from Burgh. They also resurrected the fossils they got from the Desert resort. Ash resurrected an Aerodactyl, while Hilda resurrected an Archen and named her Archerina. Now Ash and Hilda, along with Iris and Cilan are making their way toward Nimbasa City. The home of the next Gym Leader Battle for these two.

On their way to Nimbasa City...

Ash, Iris, Hilda and Cilan encountered a fishing contest. Bianca of course came running by and knocked Ash into the water again. Bianca went to help Ash only to be pushed aside by Hilda who helped Ash out herself.

"Ash, are you okay?" Hilda asked worriedly as she leveled an angry glare at Bianca. "What did you do that for Bianca? You need to watch where you are going!"

"S-sorry sorry sorry." Bianca said as she bowed. "I didn't mean to do that, I am just excited about a fishing contest that's happening shortly that's all."

"A fishing contest?" Hilda asked. "Do you want to give it a go Ash?"

"I sure do, but first I need to dry off and get into some dry clothes." Ash said.

"Well, I will be waiting for you Ash." Hilda said as she kissed Ash on the cheek. "Hurry back will you?"

Ash nodded and kissed Hilda on the cheek back. Ash rushed to the Pokemon Center, checked him, Hilda, Iris, and Cilan into the center and went to go change after he was given the keys to their room. This room was a suite with two Queen Size beds, one Super Single bed and a fold-out sleeper sofa. This suite also had a washer and a drier in it.

Ash quickly put his clothes in the drier and changed into some dry clothes. As soon as the clothes that Bianca had gotten wet were dry, he folded them nicely and went back to the others.

He found out that everyone had registered for the fishing derby and were raring to go! Ash and Hilda took one area while Cilan, Iris, and Bianca took another. Also several other fishers were trying their hand at fishing as well.

Cilan transformed into a Fishing Connoisseur and started evaluating every single Pokemon he reeled in. Ash and Hilda decided to put earphones on that had music blaring out of them to drown out Cilan's Fishing Connoisseur mode. Iris got the exact same idea because she was already extremely tired of Cilan's Connoisseur of Many Professions mode.

As the competition draws on, Ash and Hilda take the Pokemon that they caught to the contest booth. Followed shortly by Cilan Iris,and Bianca.

The two contest agents take the Pokeballs containing the Pokemon that were caught for evaluation. Several trainers follow suit.

Jessie and James cackle silently along with Meowth as they take the full Pokeballs and replace them with empty ones.

Ash and Company find out that the whole competition is fake and discover that Team Rocket is behind it. Soon our heroes are locked in a battle with Team Rocket as Cilan continues to fish as does Iris and Bianca. This leaves only Ash and Hilda to take on Team Rocket. Ash sends out his newly revived Aerodactyl and challenges Team Rocket to a battle after he dexes Yamask. Hilda is using Dylan the Swanna against Team Rocket.

Aerodactyl uses Ancient power on Yamask while Dylan continues to use Scald on Woobat. Eventually the Pokemon are knocked out and Pikachu paralyzes Team Rocket with a Thunder Wave Attack so they can't call forth their jet packs. Meowth also is paralyzed as well.

Aerodactyl then uses Steel Wing while Swanna uses Brave Bird. The two attacks connect as they send Team Rocket into the sky.

"Well." James says. "This is quite an unexpected turn of events."

"I tink we are still underestimating the twoip and the new Twoipette." Meowth said as while flying through the sky along with his Teammates.

"It looks like Team Rocket is Blasting off again." Jessie says, but before a star can twinkle in the distance, Dr. Zager shows up and rescues Team Rocket with the Team Rocket helicopter. "Well we didn't blast off."

Jessie, James, and Meowth were relieved. Dr. Zager didn't say anything and continued to fly the chopper.

Cilan the went to the shack that was left by Team Rocket after a Female Frillish released all the Pokemon that Team Rocket thought they captured. Cilan then reached for the fishing rod only to find that it was fake and broken.

Ash and Company then returned the Pokemon that were kept in Pokeballs back to their Pokeballs and continued their journey.

Continuing on their journey...

Ash and Oshawott are training for their next battle. Things are going well until Oshawott loses his Scalchop. Ash and Company search all over for it and use a number of substitutions but Oshawott gets shocked all the time. Eventually, Oshawott finds the Scalchop. Ash is then challenged by a trainer that he has never met before. His name is Stephan. Stephan challenges Ash to a battle. The battle goes on for a short while and Ash eventually wins with Oshawott against Blitzle. From then on out, Ash and Stephan are rivals striving for the same goal to be Pokemon Masters and compete in the Unova League. Once Ash parts ways with Stephan, him, Hilda, and Cilan continue on their journey to Nimbasa City. With three badges in their possession, Ash and Hilda l head off toward Nimbasa City nearly leaving Cilan and Iris in the dust. Cilan and Iris eventually catch up with Ash and Hilda, and all four of them continue their trek to Nimbasa City.

As the journey to Nimbasa City Continues...

Ash and Hilda are walking next to each other as usual just catching up on what happened in their time in different regions very far away from each other. Ash then spots Trip training.

"Hilda let's get to the nearest Pokemon Center," Ash said. "I want to exchange my team out. I think I will go with my original team that I had through Kanto and the Orange Islands."

"Sure thing Ash, let's show Trip what you can really do." Hilda said.

"What a couple of Little kids, thinking about nothing but Pokemon battling!" Iris exclaimed toward her friends while rolling her eyes, "Is that all you two ever think about? I know Trip is a jerk, but why must you always pick a fight Ash?"

"It's simple Iris, I want to do much better than I did in our last encounter, " Ash said to the purple-haired girl, then continued on, "he still looks down on Kanto Pokemon even though I already defeated him once with Pikachu, who at the time, didn't have access to his Electric attacks. Stop calling us little kids, we are both five years older than you!"

"Sorry guys," Iris apologized and hugged Ash and Hilda as an apology, which the two gratefully accepted.

Ash and Hilda let Cilan know where they were going and went off. Iris decided to stay with Cilan while Ash headed to the Pokemon Center with Hilda not far behind. Ash then noticed a couple of Pokemon on the horizon, one was floating in the nearby river, while the other one was flying gracefully with another Pokemon of the same type. This peaked Ash and Hilda's interest.

"Come on Hilda let's fly over the water and see." Ash said as he sent out his Aerodactyl. The two childhood friends climbed onto Aerodactyl and took to the skies.

Ash then spotted a Lapras and had Aerodactyl fly down closer to it. Aerodactyl didn't fly so close to the water that he might get wet and weakened but flew down just enough to get a good look.

"Hilda, that's my Lapras. I left him in the Orange Islands when I left and met him again on our way back to Pallet after the Silver Conference." Ash said.

"Who are those other two Pokemon that you saw?" Hilda asked her childhood friend, then continued without waiting for an answer, "It seems like you knew them."

"That is my Butterfree and his girlfriend. A pink one." Ash said.

"Wait a minute Ash, the few years that we were apart, I remember catching a pink Butterfree. We vacationed in Kanto and I released her because she found a Butterfree that had a scarf around his neck to possibly mate with." Hilda said remembering that one time they had vacationed in Saffron and where she had to release the Butterfree to breed.

"A Butterfree with a scarf around the neck?" Ash asked as he thought back to that time in Kanto with Misty and Brock right after they left Maiden's Peak to head to Saffron City. "Wait a minute Hilda! That Butterfree you are talking about is my Butterfree. The pink one is your Butterfree? Wow!"

"Ash you don't think that maybe..." Hilda said as she trailed off.

"Your Butterfree and my Butterfree met and left together?" Ash asked. "Um Hilda! Let's head back to land. Back to the beach Aerodactyl!"

Aerodactyl roared and nodded as they flew back. The Lapras had gone to the edge of the shore and shot an Ice Beam onto the land to create a trail where he somehow knew that Ash and Hilda would be. Then the two Butterfree having released all the Caterpie that they had given Birth to into the wilds of the Viridian Forest, Ilex Forest, Petalburg Woods, Eterna Forest, and Pinwheel Forest went to search for their trainers. They wanted to return to them.

As Ash and Hilda sat down at the end of an apparent Ice Track, Ash was confused where it came from. Then all of a sudden Ash heard a familiar cry "Laaaaaaaapppppraaaaaasssss!" The cry said as it literally tackled Ash and looked into his eyes.

"Lapras," Ash remarked. "Is that really you?"

The Lapras nodded as it licked his face.

Ash then sent out all of the Pokemon he had caught in Unova, that he had on him as well as Aerodactyl, and introduced them.

Ash then felt a gust attack coming from the sky and saw that his Butterfree, Scarf and all was there. Then the pink Butterfree greeted Hilda with a gust attack.

"Butterfree!" Ash exclaimed happily. "It really is you isn't it?"

Butterfree nodded.

"Pinkie?" Hilda asked. "Is that really you?"

Pinkie nodded and snuggled into Hilda's outstretched arms as did Ash's Butterfree.

Then Ash's X-Transceiver rang. It was Professor Oak saying that his and Hilda's status of # of Pokemon that can be carried at once has been increased from 6 to 12. However, they could only use six to battle with. The reason for the increase is because of their heroics in the Desert Resort. In other words, May, Dawn, Misty, Gary, Brock, and Ritchie could also carry 12 Pokemon with them if they wished to do so. This made Ash and Hilda so happy. Ash was excited as well. However they both decided to stick with the standard size as far as on-hand Pokemon for the time being. Aerodactyl understood what Ash wanted to do so he was happy to go back to Oak's Lab with the other Pokemon. Ash also sent Scraggy to Professor Juniper. He also recalled Tranquill. So Ash had Pikachu, Tranquill, Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott on him.

"Will you guys wait here for me and protect Hilda?" Ash asked Lapras, Pinkie, and Butterfree. Pikachu decided to stay behind as well. Tranquill did the same thing.

Ash went back to the Pokemon Center to make a few calls.

In the Pokemon Center...

Ash was surprised to see that the Officer Jenny that was taking care of his Squirtle was at the Pokemon Center. With an extra Squirtle that now sported the round sunglasses of the standard squad. The Squirtle that had been Ash's Squirtle's assistant was sporting a pair of sunglasses identical to Ash's Squirtle's sunglasses.

"Officer Jenny," Ash said as he acknowledged the current Jenny that was in front of him. It was the one that he met when he first got Squirtle. "Is that really you?"

Officer Jenny nodded and said she was in Unova for a Jenny convention and remarked that Ash's Squirtle wanted to return to him since they had found another Squirtle to add to the Squirtle Squad, and Ash's Squirtle's assistant was trained at how to be a leader in fire fighting. However Ash's Squirtle insisted that he keep his sunglasses, but talked Officer Jenny into getting the same type of sunglasses as he had for his apprentice Squirtle.

Ash found out that Squirtle wanted to return all along to Ash. However until he had trained his assistant, it was a no go. Now it was a go.

"I have to make a few calls and you can come with me again okay Squirtle?" Ash said then asked.

Squirtle nodded happily and gave Ash a hug. Ash then sent out the remaining Pokemon he had on him so they could meet his Squirtle.

They got along great Ash quickly returned them. He then sent the Unova Starter Trio and Tranquill to Professor Juniper. He then dialed up Professor Juniper.

"Hello, this is Professor Juniper." Professor Juniper said. "How can I help you?"

Ash then turned on the Video Phone Portion and talked to Professor Juniper.

"Could you do me a favor and send Tranquill, Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott to Professor Oak?" Ash asked. "I'm sure Professor Oak would like to do some research on those Unova Pokemon I have."

"Sure Ash," Professor Juniper said, then continued, "what about Swadloon and Scraggy?"

"You can send them over there two if you want to," Ash said. "I am still going to look for more Pokemon to catch, but I am sort of hoping to show Trip my original team."

"Sounds like a plan," Professor Juniper said, while getting the Pokeball Transporter ready. "I will do so."

With that Professor Juniper cut the channel and did as Ash asked.

Ash then contacted Professor Oak to see if his Unova Pokemon made it okay. Professor Oak told Ash that they did arrive safely and asked what he wanted.

"Professor, I wish for you to send me Bulbasaur, Charizard, and Pidgeot." Ash asked.

"Sure thing Ash." Professor Oak said. "Also thank you for giving me the opportunity to study your Unova Pokemon. Let m know if you want me to send more of your Pokemon to you since you can carry twelve with you now."

"Will do Professor." Ash said as he just received the Pokeballs he requested. "I have received them Professor."

"Good Ash." Professor Oak said. "Now good luck with the rest of your Unova journey."

"Thanks Professor Oak," Ash said, then continued, "I will talk to you later."

Professor Oak nodded and cut the channel.

Trip was in for a big surprise. So Ash had Bulbasaur, Pidgeot, and Charizard on him. He had three spots left. He took out two Pokeballs that he kept for a long time as rememberance of his Kanto Pokemon Journey. He also had one other one that he could carry with him as well.

Ash then returned to Officer Jenny and brought out Squirtle's Pokeball.

"You sure you want to come back with me right?" Ash asked. "I mean, there is no turning back now. Are you sure?"

Squirtle just nodded and stood ready as he stowed his sunglasses in his shell.

"I think Squirtle is ready." Officer Jenny from Kanto said. "He wants to come back to you."

"If that's the case," Ash happily remarked. "Squirtle Return!"

With that Squirtle was returned and Ash bid a fond farewell to the Kanto Officer Jenny and returned back to Hilda and his old Pokemon friends. He was glad he could carry 12 Pokemon with him now.

Back with Hilda and the Pokemon...

Ash returned with a smile on his face. Hilda knew something was up so she asked.

"Why the smile Ash?" Hilda asked as she ran up to him and hugged him.

"Because of this!" Ash said as he pulled out four Pokeballs and threw them in the air. "Come on out guys!"

Soon out of beams of light emerged Bulbasaur, Charizard, Squirtle, and Pidgeot. Ash then turned to his Butterfree.

"Do you want to come back Butterfree?" Ash asked as he held up Butterfree's Pokeball. "I bet you have learned some cool new moves haven't you?"

Butterfree nodded. Pikachu then jumped up onto Ash's shoulder.

"How about you Pinkie do you want to rejoin me?" Hilda asked hopefully. "I missed you so much!"

Pinkie the Pink Butterfree nodded and happily posed with her mate.

"Return!" Ash and Hilda said in unison. Lapras looked a bit down, here he had come all this way, and Ash wasn't even going to take him back it had tears well up in his eyes.

"Lapras, don't cry," Ash said as he raised up Lapras's Pokeball, ready to call him back. "I still have room for you. Remember, I can carry up to twelve with me now."

Lapras nodded happily.

"Okay Lapras, Return." Ash said happily as he pointed Lapras's Pokeball toward his old friend. "Well Hilda let's go find Trip. He is probably talking to Cilan and Iris."

So Ash now has Pikachu, Butterfree, Pidgeot, Bulbasaur, Charizard, and Squirtle.

Ash had decided to send Lapras to Professor Oak's to meet all the other Pokemon that he had caught over the years. He would definitely show Trip his other Pokemon at a later point.

Hilda now has Trinity(Tepig), Deena(Deerling), Tim(Gurdurr), Dylan(Swanna), Pinkie(Butterfree), and Archerina(Archen) on her. If she wanted to, she could add Trini(Tympole), Patrick(Patrat), Lily(Lillipup), and Phantom(Purrloin) to the mix but decided to keep her team of just six.

With Trip and Cilan...

"Where is my lazy rival?" Trip asked condescendingly toward Cilan and Iris. "And his loser Girlfriend?"

"Ash and Hilda aren't officially boyfriend and girlfriend yet," Iris said to Trip, then continued, "you really need to stop acting like a little kid and looking down on Ash. He has been training his Pokemon for a lot longer than you have, he has been traveling for five years. So stop acting like a little kid and grow up! Pikachu use Thunderbolt to bring Trip down a peg!"

Pikachu nodded and let loose a blinding bolt of electricity straight toward Trip, though he kind of cut it down a notch as not to hurt Trip too much, it's very unsportsmanlike to do that.

"We are right here idiot!" Ash exclaimed as he and Hilda ran up to the three next to each other. "I challenge you to a full battle."

"I suppose Iris told you that we aren't officially a couple yet," Hilda said to Ash's snobby rival, then continued, "that's going to be a long time before we actually become girlfriend and boyfriend..

Before Trip could respond two more Pokemon all of a sudden appeared wanting to reunite with Ash. One punched Ash in the back of the head while the other one just faded in and out from sight while laughing.

"Um Ash are those other Pokemon of yours?" Hilda asked curiously.

"They are so cute!" Iris exclaimed, while looking on in awe at the other two Pokemon that Ash once had, "Is that a Primeape and Haunter?"

Ash was rubbing the back of his head from the pain and then pondered for a moment. He then realized that it was two more of his old friends. Haunter and Primeape. Trip tried to capture both of them but the Pokeball didn't work.

"What those aren't wild?" Trip asked angrily. "Why are they here then?"

"Because they are mine." Ash said as he brought out two Pokeballs and returned them. He then transported them to Professor Oak's Lab right away as he had gotten a couple of messages on his X-Transceiver. One was from Sabrina the Saffron Gym Leader and the other one was from Anthony the one that was training Primeape. Ash stuck his earbuds in the Ear-phone jack and listened. He happily cheered and then told Hilda, Iris and Cilan about the two Pokemon they saw. So far his Unova journey had seen returns of his old friends that he had left somewhere so they could train.

"I will accept your battle request you no name trainer from the boonies!" Trip said.

"That's it Trip!" Ash said. "I am tired of you bullying me around. I am going to win this time!"

"That's right!" Iris exclaimed condescendingly as she sat on a rock.

"Whatever!" Trip said with an angry glare.

Unknown to Ash and company a certain trainer that seemed to have a constant scowl on his face was watching Ash and Trip set up for their full battle.

Cilan took the center.

"This is a full battle six-on-six between Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town and Trip of Nuvema Town." Cilan remarked. "The battle is over when all Pokemon of either one side is defeated and unable to battle."

"I choose you Tranquill!" Trip said.

"Pikachu I choose you." Ash said.

"You still have that loser Pokemon?" Trip asks condescendingly. "Really, this should be another easy win for me! Tranquill use Air Slash!"

Tranquill nods and does the attack.

"Pikachu dodge and use Iron Tail!" Ash says as he orders his starter to attack.

Pikachu nodded and did so as he used his speed to run up to Tranquill and executed the attack.

"Air Cutter Tranquill!" Trip ordered.

Tranquill nodded and executed the attack flawlessly but it wasn't very effective at all.

"Pikachu use Thunder!" Ash said.

Pikachu's cheeks sparked and executed the devastating attack and knocked Tranquill out of the battle.

"Tranquill is unable to battle! The winner of this submatch is Pikachu!" Cilan said.

"Pikachu you did great! Take a good rest!" Ash said as he recalled Pikachu from the battle field.

"Tranquill return!" Trip said as he pulled out another Pokeball. "Timburr! I choose you!"

"In that case!" Ash said with a smirk. "Pidgeot I choose you!"

"Where did you get a Kanto Pokemon from around here. I thought you only had one Kanto Pokemon on you and that was your Pikachu." Trip said as he took a picture of Pidgeot who stood ready to go.

"Pidgeot and Pikachu are part of the original team I had for my journey through Kanto, Orange Islands, and Johto." Ash said. "He just came back and wanted to help me win the third badge, but I decided it would be a better course of action to give Tranquill some experience in battling gyms. Besides, Pidgeot is too strong and he would've taken out Burgh's Pokemon in one shot without breaking a sweat.""

"You only have three badges?" Trip asked with a chuckle. "I already have five badges you are so slow Ketchum!"

"Is that so?" Ash asked. "We will just see about that! Let's battle. Pidgeot start things off with Wing Attack on Timburr!"

Pidgeot cawed loudly and executed the attack knocking back Timburr and causing severe damage.

"Timburr! Use Low Kick on Pidgeot!" Trip said.

"Not to keen on Pokemon knowledge are we Trip?" Ash asked. "Pidgeot dodge the attack and use Sky Attack!"

Pidgeot nodded and flew up high into the sky. He then glowed as he then rushed down toward Timburr who was still trying to shake off the a missed Low Kick attack and wasn't paying attention and Timburr was quickly hit with a powerful Sky Attack. The attack knocked out Timburr as he laid on the ground with swirls in his eyes.

"Return Timburr!" Trip said as he recalled his muscular Pokemon. "Lampent I choose you!"

"In that case, good job Pidgeot return." Ash said as he recalled his old friend. "I will show you what a Kanto Pokemon is made of. Come on out Squirtle and use Hydro Pump!"

Out of the Pokeball emerged a blue turtle-like Pokemon. This Pokemon however did something unconventional. This Pokemon took out his Sunglasses from the Squirtle Squad in which Officer Jenny let the tiny turtle keep.

"Ha! What a wimpy Boonie Pokemon!" Trip said. "You think you are so special to put up an unevolved Pokemon up against a second stage Pokemon like Lampent? Don't make me laugh! Lampent use Wil-O-Wisp.

"What an idiot!" Ash said "Hydro Pump now Squirtle."

"Squirtle Squirtle!"(Translation: Right Ash.) Squirtle said as he withdrew into his shell and sent Jets of water out all over the place pushing back the Wil-o-wisp easily and damaging Lampent significantly. Forget significantly, Lampent was sent down on the ground and ended up with swirls in his eyes from the attack.

"Lampent no!" Trip said. "You deserve a break return. Come on out Frillish!"

"In that case, good job Squirtle return!" Ash said as he pulled out another Pokeball. "Come on out Bulbasaur! Let's show Trip what a Kanto Starter is made of!"

Out of the Pokeball emerged a little dinosaur-like Pokemon it had a Bulb on its back that grows with the Pokemon. Trip took out his camera once again and took a snapshot of Bulbasaur.

"Start things off with Sunny Day Bulbasaur!" Ash said.

Bulbasaur nodded and did so.

"Frillish use Absorb!" Trip said.

Frillish nodded and began sucking energy from Bulbasaur. It wasn't very effective.

"Bulbasaur use Leech Seed!" Ash said.

"Bulb Bulba bulba bulba bulba Bulba Saur!" Bulbasaur said as he shot a seed out of his bulb which exploded into vines and encased the Frillish in them.

It was easy to see that Bulbasaur had the edge, as Frillish was having his energy sucked out of him.

"Try to break free Frillish and use Bubblebeam!" Trip ordered.

Frillish tried to break free but couldn't, but he did manage to get the attack off. It wasn't very effective obviously.

"Bulbasaur launch the Solar Beam!" Ash said.

Since Sunny Day was active, Bulbasaur didn't have to absorb energy. The beam just shot right out eliminating the Frillish in one hit.

"Frillish is unable to battle, the winner is Bulbasaur." Cilan said.

"Frillish return." Trip said angrily. "We need to train a lot more! There is no reason that you should lose to someone from the Boonies! Come on out Vanillite and use Icicle Spear and Ice Beam before Bulbasaur can be called back! There is no way I am going to let this no name trainer from the Boonies of Kanto beat me!"

Before Ash even got a chance to recall Bulbasaur, the two attacks hit Simultaneously knocking Bulbasaur out.

"Bulbasaur is unable to battle the winner is Vanillite." Cilan said.

"You want to play hardball Trip?" Ash asked. "Well you've got it! Thanks for the great effort Bulbasaur return and take a nice rest. Charizard, I choose you! use Blast Burn quickly on Vanillite before it can be called back."

Sure enough, Charizard nodded and let loose a cyclone of flames to Vanillite. Vanillite was knocked out while Charizard celebrated. Trip now only had one Pokemon and Ash had five.

"Urgh!" Trip exclaimed. "We have to train even harder to not be beaten by a Charizard from the boonies. Servine you know what to do!"

"Charizard good work, return." Ash said. "I will fight a Grass type with a bug type. Come on out Butterfree and use Gust Attack on Servine!"

Butterfree nods and does so. This caused damage that brought Servine to 3/4 power.

"Vine Whip Servine!" Trip said. "Now!"

Servine nods and does a Vine Whip Attack.

"Dodge Butterfree and use U-Turn!" Ash says to his first captured Pokemon.

Butterfree nods and executes an attack that brings Trip's Servine down to one third power. Servine then glows green and gets a more determined look on his face.

"Now Butterfree will pay!" Trip said. "Your attack activated Servine's Overgrow Ability. Say goodbye to your Butterfree. Huh where did it go?"

"You don't know anything about U-Turn do you?" Ash asks. "Once the user attacks it returns to the trainer and the effect of it chooses a random Pokemon."

All of a sudden, Pikachu glowed and was pushed into battle. It wasn't Ash's choice, but then again it never is with U-Turn and Volt Switch anyway.

"Pikachu use Thunder to take down that Servine once and for all!" Ash said.

Pikachu's cheeks sparked as he was encased in a yellow Aura. The sky then got dark as bolts of electricity flew down from the sky. The Bolts of Electricity struck dead on as they knocked out Servine with one hit due to Servine's already weakened state. It doesn't look like Overgrow helped much at all.

The Bolts of Electricity raining down from the sky and hitting Servine caused black smoke to come up and obscure the battlefield. When the smoke cleared, Servine was on the ground with swirls in his eyes.

"Servine is unable to battle, the winner of this submatch is Pikachu." Cilan said. "Trip is no longer able to call out a Pokemon, therefore the winner of this match is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!"

"We have a lot of training to do." Trip said. "Servine return!"

With that Trip returned his Servine and walked off without saying a word.

"That Trip!" Ash said. "He is just like Paul not even congratulating his opponent after the battle that he lost."

Behind the tree a certain purple-haired trainer with a scowl on his face sneezed and came out from behind a tree.

"Hey Ketchum!" Paul said. "I didn't know you had those Pokemon. I knew you had Pikachu though. Where did you get those other powerful Pokemon?"

"I got them from Kanto." Ash said. "Those Pokemon are my original team that I traveled Kanto and most of the Orange Islands with. Butterfree came back from breeding, and his mate Pinkie came back as well. Pinkie also happens to be my childhood friend's Pokemon."

"So you're Ash's Sinnoh Rival Paul? The one that mistreats his Pokemon?" Hilda asked as she stood next to her childhood friend. "That is not right."

"Ketchum and I have different battle styles, that's for sure," Paul said with his ever present scowl. "My training style got me to the top eight of the Sinnoh League. Ketchum was really tough. Him and I battled several times throughout the Sinnoh Region. Ketchum managed to get passed me, but lost to a trainer named Tobias that had a lot of Legendary Pokemon because he was too weak. See you around Ketchum."

With that Paul waved and went off to his next destination.

"Ash, so is everybody hungry for something to eat?" Iris asked the group as her stomach growled followed shortly by the others. The whole group nodded and sat across from each other. Ash and Cilan across from Hilda and Iris respectfully.

"Why didn't you get further Ash?" Hilda asked. "I thought with like all of your experience you would have won the Sinnoh League."

"I did manage to take down Tobias' Darkrai and Latias and took down his Latios, but with just those three Pokemon, he took out all six pokemon of my team." Ash said. "It was a tough battle for sure, but I learned a lot from it. Right Pikachu?"

"Pika Pika Pika Pi!"(Translation: You're right Ash!) Pikachu said to his trainer and best friend.

"Still, you took out three Legendary Pokemon!" Hilda exclaimed excitedly. "That's got to count for something. Besides you got to the top four. That's a lot further than you ever got except for the Orange League where you won it."

"Hilda, how do you know about my other accomplishments over the last five years?" Ash asked a bit confused.

"Ash, you are such a kid." Hilda said playfully while she wrapped her arms around Ash and hugged him tight. She then broke it. "You actually think I would miss my best friend's battles throughout the leagues? I am hurt. I have always loved you Ash as my best friend. I have always cheered you on. I am looking forward to the day that we actually become boyfriend and girlfriend for real."

"I have always loved you Hilda as my best friend," Ash said. "I just wish we would've met again when we both released our Butterfrees. I too am looking forward to the day that we become boyfriend and girlfriend for real.

"Awww," Iris cooed, then continued, "that was so romantic. I hope you two become boyfriend and girlfriend soon."

The two Pallet Town natives looked at each other, blushed, and turned away.

"I hate to break up this little love fest, but shouldn't we be getting going?" Cilan asked. "We need to get to Nimbasa City."

"That's right we do," Iris said as everyone finished their meals simultaneously, then got ready to get back on the road.

Ash and Hilda nodded. Ash then decided he was at least going to stick with his original team a bit longer.

Where one adventure ends, another begins. Keep an eye out for more exciting Unova Adventures in: Pokemon Black & White.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Iris is still pondering what to do about her dream. She is not sure whether or not to tell everyone that she wants to be a Dragon Master. Team Rocket tries to capture several powerful Pokemon, and Iris meets her first Rival. Also the group runs into an Emolga that has a tendency to use Attract to get whatever she wants from the male Pokemon. What exciting things will happen? To find out, you have to be patient. The Iris Arc will start with the next chapter.

Next Time on Pokemon Black & White: Episode 017: Emolga the Irresistible! Coming Soon to a Fanfiction Site near you.

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