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Episode 006: Dreams by the Yard Full

Previously on Pokemon Black & White...

Hilda caught a Patrat, Lillipup, and a Purrloin to add to her team of a female Tepig, and a Female Deerling. So Hilda's Team currently consists of Trinity the Tepig, Deena the Deerling, Patrick the Patrat, Lily the Lillipup, and Phantom the Purrloin. However while Hilda was catching her three newest Pokemon, an old friend decided to make an appearance, Charizard came back and fried Ash like usual. Ash then introduced everyone to his Charizard and the returned him. In order to keep Charizard in his team, he sent Pidove to Professor Juniper. Then an all to familiar balloon Pokemon showed up and lulled everyone to sleep with her song. When they woke up they found that they had been drawn on by a marker. Ash knew that Jigglypuff would show up again sooner or later. The reason being is because she is still trying to find someone that will listen to her music without falling asleep. Ash and Hilda then decided to take on the Striaton City Gym to start their badge collecting journey through Unova. First they found the Pokemon Center and got rooms for the night. Ash, Hilda and Iris then went to the gym only to find out, that the gym also happened to be a restaurant. So they decided to get something to eat and drink. Then Ash had some more surprises coming. Gary, Brock, Tracy, Misty, Casey, May, and Dawn arrived. The girls decided to travel to Unova because they heard that Ash was there. May and Dawn decided to try out the contest circuit that just started up. Casey decided to travel Unova to collect badges as well. Gary came to Unova to do some more research, but it was then revealed that he was going to travel Unova as well. Brock was still studying to be a Pokemon Doctor, while Tracy wanted to sketch new Pokemon to help him in his studies to become a Pokemon Reasearcher like his idol Professor Samuel Oak. Needless to say, Hilda and Iris weren't too thrilled with the other girls showing up. In fact they were jealous. They wanted Ash all to themselves, Hilda more so than Iris, but they would never admit it out loud. The time then came for Ash and Hilda to face Cilan and Cress respectively. Hilda didn't have very much problem since she had her Deerling named Deena for Panpour, her Tepig name Trinity made short work of Cress's Lillipup as well. Hilda decided to wait until Ash finished his battle with Cilan before she accepted her badge. Oshawott did a great job against Cilan's Lillipup, which Cilan only uses for Gym Battles and doesn't take with him normally. Now Ash looks to finish this battle off strong. Will Tepig prove to be a good flavor for Ash to use in this battle? Let's find out.

After Ash finished off Lillipup...

"Which Pokemon is Ash going to use now?" Iris asked.

The other three girls on the balcony put their palms to their chin in contemplation trying to figure out which Pokemon Ash will use next. He had just sent Charizard to Professor Oak's Lab, so the only option he had at the moment with the type advantage was Tepig, but seems how Ash just capture the Tepig recently they weren't really sure if it would be a good idea for Ash to use it, but they knew that Tepig having just been caught wouldn't stop Ash from using him. Continuing to think on the situation, the girls were about to give an answer to Iris when they were interrupted.

Before Iris could get an answer, Ash didn't even notice that three more of his old friends joined the group cheering on the balcony. The people were Gary Oak, Brock Slate, and Tracy Sketchit. Brock is wearing the clothes he wore in Sinnoh, Tracy is wearing his aqua green shirt, his black shorts, his light colored bandana, as well as simple slip on shoes. Gary Oak has on his original purple shirt, yin-yang necklace around his neck, blue jeans, black tennis shoes. Over his outfit he is wearing a white lab coat.

"Tracy, Brock, Gary?" Misty and May asked curiously. "What are you doing here?"

"Don't tell me you and Gary decided to travel Unova too." Dawn said noticing the two newcomers. "And the other guy must be the Pokemon Watcher Tracy that I saw in some of Ash's calls to Professor Oak."

Tracy nodded then speaks up. "Yeah, Professor Oak gave Gary and me some time off so we can continue to travel and learn more."

"I decided to come because I want to learn more about being a Pokemon Doctor." Brock said to the assembled group of girls on the balcony.

"I just came to see if Ashy-Boy has truly improved." Gary said with a bit of a condescending tone in his voice, not like it used to be, but still a tiny bit condescending. However Gary just laughed and smiled after that. "I also want to do some research. After all, I am the next Professor of Kanto when my Grandpa reitires."

Everyone nodded in acknowledgement. It would make sense that Gary is next in line to be the Kanto Professor after Oak retires.

"Tepig, I choose you!" Ash said as he tossed out Tepig's Pokeball releasing the fire pig Pokemon. "Fire has the edge on grass any day, but I know this will be a tough battle since I just captured Tepig yesterday. I hope this battle will give Tepig a lot of much needed experience."

"I can see you are going with the type advantage, but that doesn't always mean a victory Ash." Cilan said to his opponent. "Though, it seems that Tepig really trusts you. Let's give this a try. Start things off with Bullet Seed Pansage."

Pansage nods and sends out a barrage of seeds toward the fire pig Pokemon.

"Dodge the attack Tepig and use Ember to burn the seeds up." Ash said to his most recent capture. Tepig nods and does as he is told.

The seeds from Pansage are quickly burnt up and the Ember Attack hit Pansage dead on even before he could dig to avoid it. The Ember attack also caused Pansage to get a burn.

"Dig Pansage before Tepig can attack again," Cilan said to his partner with a smile on his face. He was having an excellent time with this battle. Ash is really an experienced trainer it's no wonder why he has so many friends behind him. "Use Sunny Day to make the sunlight brighter!"

"Pansage Pan!" Pansage exclaimed as he clapped his hands together sending out a ball of light up through the window and then proceeded to dig away from Tepig.

"Tepig, follow Pansage down the hole and use Tackle while he is distracted with digging!" Ash exclaimed to his recently caught partner.

Tepig snorted smoke, nodded, and followed Pansage down the hole that he was digging. Ash then ponders what he's going to do with his advantage now. That sunlight is streaming in through the skylight so it's powering up Tepig's fire inside of him. Pansage jumps out of his hole and looks around wondering where his opponent is. Ash is standing on his side of the field with a calm expression on his face. He really needs to teach his Pokemon some other moves as well right now he only knows Tackle, Ember, Odor Sleuth, and Defense Curl. He also knows Tail Whip, but something tells Ash that Tail Whip wouldn't be very effective at all against Pansage. Tepig is still camping out in the hole that Pansage just leaped out of. Ash then sees his opportunity and notices the brighter sunlight shining through the skylight above and smiles.

"Now Tepig since you are so close to Pansage finish it off with Ember!" Ash exclaimed happily ready to accept his badge once this battle was over.

"Pansage dodge the attack and use Solar Beam!" Cilan exclaimed to his partner.

Tepig nodded, and since he was so close to Pansage, there is no time for Pansage to dodge the attack because of the burn he suffered earlier. Pansage is having a hard time moving around because or the burn, so he can't seem to dodge it quick enough and takes the point blank shot of Ember from Tepig. Due to his already severe burn, Pansage faints immediately after taking that attack.

"Oh no Pansage!" Cilan exclaimed as he turned toward his fallen Pokemon. It was very apparent from the swirls in Pansage's eyes that he was unable to battle, so the ref raised the red flag declaring Ash the winner.

"Pansage is unable to battle," the referee said to the battling duo, then continued, "therefore the battle and this match goes to Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town in the Kanto region."

"Alright Tepig! Great work in your first battle, I am very proud of you!" Ash exclaimed as he picked up Tepig and hugged him. Once the battle was over, it was apparent that exhaustion had overtaken the small Fire Pig, so he ended up fainting after the battle was declared over. Ash took out Tepig's Pokeball and pointed it toward his fire pig as a red beam came from the button on the Pokeball. "Good work Tepig, take a nice long rest you deserve it."

"That was quite an exciting battle Ash," Cilan said with a smile, then continued, "meet me in the restaurant area with Hilda and I will give both of you your badges."

Ash nodded and left the battlefield and headed back to the restaurant with Hilda, Misty, May, Dawn, and Iris close behind whil Brock, Gary and Tracy went to the restroom first.

Back in the Restaurant area...

"Wow Ashy-Boy, you certainly have improved over the years." Gary said as he gave Ash a high-five and the thumbs up sign.

"We had faith in you Mr. Pokemon Master." Misty said as she hugged Ash in a friendly way. This drew a jealous glare from Hilda as well as the other three girls.

"We all thought we would see an excellent battle." Casey said as she hugged Ash in a friendly way.

"I am so glad you won Ash." May said. "It wouldn't have been very much fun if you didn't win."

May then hugged Ash shortly after Casey did.

"I knew you would win!" Dawn said as she too hugged Ash. "That was quite a battle."

"The only reason I won was because all of you were there." Ash asked as he looked at the girls that had just given him a hug. He also blushed. "Wow! Thanks guys for being here for me."

"You're welcome," Iris said, then continued, "I am so sorry I called you and Hilda little kids earlier. Especially since I am younger than both of you."

Iris then gave Ash a friendly hug.

"Thanks Iris." Ash said as he returned the hug just like he did with the other girls.

"Ash, come here." Hilda said with a wink.

Ash saw this wink and was a bit nervous. "Um Hilda what was that wink for?"

"For doing the best you can." Hilda said as she reached out to him. Ash reached out for Hilda.

With that Ash and Hilda embraced in hug that was a little more friendly than the others. Ash also felt a spark that he didn't feel when the other girls hugged him. What could that mean? When they broke apart, Ash and Hilda just stared at each other with a blush on their faces.

"Oh wow." Ash said.

"That was great." Hilda said.

"Awwwwwwwwww!" The other girls said a bit dejectedly but could easily see the chemistry developing between the two. Iris noticed it the most.

"Isn't that romantic?" Misty said with stars in her eyes, though she wished that she was in Hilda's place, but wasn't jealous at all, she was happy.

The other girls agreed, but just like Misty, they wished that they were where Hilda is.

"Wow Ash, Hilda you seem to be emitting a wonderful fragrance between the two of you." Cilan said.

"Huh?" They both asked in unison.

The other girls giggled at the two clueless trainers.

"As proof of your victories at the Striaton Gym." Cilan started as Cress walked up next to him after cooling down the battle field. Chilli shortly joined as well.

"We proudly present the two of you with." Cress continued.

"The Trio Badge." Chilli finished.

"Wow! WE JUST WON THE TRIO BADGE!" Ash and Hilda exclaimed in unison.

Casey then went up to Chilli.

"Excuse me." Casey said. "Chilli Sir?"

"What is it miss?" Chilli asked.

"My name is Casey Calhoun form New Bark Town in Johto, and I was wondering could I challenge you for a badge?" Casey asked. "I started off with the grass type Chikorita. Could I please battle you?"

"I don't see why not." Chilli said. "We need to battle outside in the square though, the battlefield is still too hot to stand on. Is that okay?"

"I guess it is." Casey said as she saw all the steam still rising off of the battlefield.

"Hey Chilli, why don't you and Casey Battle on the battlefield outback," Cilan suggested. "Cress and I have to go heal our Pokemon, but I will be happy to ref it for you first."

"That sounds good," Chilli said, then continued, "Does a two-on-two battle sound good to you Casey?"

"Sure does." Casey said. "I will see you all later."

"Wait a minute Casey, we are coming to cheer you on," Misty said.

"It would be so cool to see three gym battles in one day," May said.

"You don't mind do you?" Iris asked.

"I know you can beat Chilli!" Dawn said.

"No, I don't mind at all." Casey said happily. "Ash, Hilda, how about you?"

"Hilda and I will be back to watch the end of your battle," Ash responded.

"Yeah, we need to heal our Pokemon first," Hilda echoed Ash's sentiment.

Casey nodded as Misty, Iris, May, and Dawn followed Casey and Chilli with Brock, Gary, and Tracy close behind.

Cilan also followed since he is the ref.

Ash, Cress, and Hilda headed to the Pokemon Center to heal their Pokemon.

At the Pokemon Center...

Ash, Cress, and Hilda arrived in the Pokemon Center to heal their Pokemon when Ash's X-Transceiver rang. Ash activated it and saw Liza from the Charicific Valley on it.

"Liza?" Ash asked. "What are you calling me for?"

"It's good to see you Ash." Liza said. "Professor Oak told me you got your first badge in the Unova League."

"Nice to see you again as well Liza, but what did you call me again for?" Ash asked.

"I just wanted to let you know, that I sent Charla to Professor Oak's lab so she can be close to your Charizard I had to send her to Oak's lab because I have a lot more Charizard's to deal with now. Also I figured that Charla could help out around the grounds." Liza finished as the two trainers nodded.

After healing their Pokemon, Hilda and Ash went to watch the rest of Casey's Battle.

In the Battlefield behind the Gym...

As Ash, Cress, and Hilda arrived at the scene where Casey was battling Chilli, they noticed that Meganium was still raring to go, but Pansear was the worse for wear.

"Oh wow!" Hilda said. "It looks like Casey is about to win!"

"It sure does!" Ash said. "Go for it Casey!"

"Meganium!" Casey said. "Now it's time to finish Pansear off with Earthquake!"

Meganium stomped the ground as he sent Shockwaves toward Pansear.

The Earthquake hit dead on knocking Pansear out.

"Pansear is unable to battle." Cilan says. "Meganium is the winner. That makes the winner of the match is Casey Calhoun from New Bark Town, Johto!"

"Congratulations Casey, you have earned this Trio Badge." Chilli said.

"Alright!" Casey said. "I have just earned the Trio Badge!"

Iris seemed to have suddenly vanished.

"Say, has anyone seen Iris?" Ash asked.

Dr. Fennel's Laboratory...

In the lab of Dr. Fennel Munna's eyes glowed pink.

"What's wrong Munna?" Dr. Fennel asked. "Oh my gosh, Musharna?"

With that Dr. Fennel and Munna headed toward the Dreamyard.

Team Rocket at the Dreamyard...

"So this is the dreamyard." Jessie said.

"What a dump." James said.

"Are you sure this is where the boss wanted us to go?" Meowth said.

"YES!" Jessie and James chorused.

"Let's start the mission." Jessie said.

"Good idea." James said.

"Meowth that's right." Meowth said.

With that Team Rocket started building a huge machine. Once it was complete they started harvesting the dream energy.

Back at the Pokemon Center...

Ash and Company with Ash's old friends returned to the Pokemon Center still not sure where Iris was. Until she came running in with Axew sleeping.

"Nurse Joy please help!" Iris exclaimed franically.

"Iris what happened?" Hilda asked worriedly.

"I don't know, we were swinging through the trees when all of a sudden Axew's eyes turned pink and he fell asleep.

Just the Dr. Fennel came in with Officer Jenny.

"Something has happened at the dreamyard!" Dr. Fennel said after she introduced herself to Ash and company.

"Please return all of your Pokemon to their Pokeballs." Officer Jenny said.

"Trinity return!" Hilda said.

"Meganium return." Casey said.

"Azurill, return." Misty said.

"Piplup you have to go inside your Pokeball please return." Dawn said.

"Umbreon return." Gary said.

"Sparky Return." Ritchie said.

"Pikachu would you please do me a favor and return to your Pokeball?" Ash asked. "I promise after this problem is over I will let you out. You won't have to stay inside the Pokeball for as long as you did before I started off with you."

Pikachu shook his head no because he hates being inside of a Pokeball and pointed to Ash's hat.

"Oh, I see you want to stay out," Ash said to his starter, then continued while taking off his hat and putting it on Pikachu's head. "Here you go buddy, that should keep you from falling asleep.

Pikachu smiled and nuzzled Ash while still perching on his shoulder.

"Here I will help your Axew." Dr. Fennel said. "Munna use Dream Eater."

Munna does so as she projects Axew's dreams for everyone to see. It shows Axew dreaming about evolving into a Fraxure and then evolving into a Haxorus.

Axew wakes up and hugs Iris.

"Axew!" Iris exclaimed. "You're okay! Time to get into my hair so you don't fall asleep again."

With that, Axew nodded and entered Iris's hair and fell asleep, this time form exhaustion and not some weird wavelength.

Several other trainers came in with the same problem. There was no choice, they had to get to the Dreamyard.

With that they were off to the Dreamyard East of Striaton City.


As they arrived at the dreamyard they noticed a horrendous machine harvesting some sort of Pink Energy.

"Who is doing this?" Misty asked.

"From the looks of it, I think it's our old friends." Brock said.

"It can't be!" Casey exclaimed.

"What who?" May said.

"Is that who I think it is?" Dawn asked.

The rest of the group sweat dropped.

"All those questions," A female voice said. "Such Twerpish Questions indeed."

"The answers will come as we feel the need." A male voice said.

"Bringing the blinding white light of evil into the future!" the female said.

"Thrusting the hammer of justice down onto the black darkness of the universe!" the male said.

"Carving our names into the Rock of Eternity!" a cat like voice exclaimed

"The fiery destroyer, Jessie!" Jessie said as the half the smokescreen dissipated.

"And with thunderous emotion, I am James!" James exclaimed after the other half of the smokescreen vanished.

"Wisest of the wise, Meowth!" Meowth exclaimed.

"And now gather under the name of Team Rocket!" All three of them exclaimed as they continued to harvest the pink energy.

"Team Rocket!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Not you again!" Ash and Hilda said.

"Go Bayleef!" Ash said.

"Go Deena!" Hilda said.

"Go Meganium!" Casey said.

"Use Sunny Day!" All three of them said.

"You too Pansage!" Cilan said. "Use Sunny Day as well."

As Team Rocket was blabbing about their accomplishment, they harvested all the energy they needed.

"Solar Beam!" Ash, Casey, Cilan, and Hilda all said together.

The four Pokemon shot their beams at the machine destroying it. Once that was done, Musharna appeared and floated over to Fennel and Munna.

"I am so glad you are okay!" Dr. Fennel said. "Welcome back."

"Hey guys, we are still here!" Team Rocket said. "Go Woobat use Haze!"

"Where did they go?" Dr. Fennel and Officer Jenny asked.

"Pidove I choose you!" Ash said "Blow this smog away!"

Pidove did so. Once it cleared it showed Team Rocket blasting off on their jetpacks.

"We will be back twerps!" Jessie said as she flew off with the rest of Team Rocket.

"They got away!" Officer Jenny huffed.

"Don't worry, they will show up again." Ash said as he returned his Pokemon followed by everyone else.

With that they all went back to the Pokemon Center.

At the Pokemon Center...

As everyone arrived at the Pokemon Center, Cilan was debating whether he should go with Ash and Hilda or not.

"Hey where is Iris?" Cilan asked. "She was just with us where did she go?"

Iris then appeared as she jumped off the balcony scaring everyone.

"Did I scare you?" Iris asked with a giggle.

"OF COURSE YOU DID!" Everyone said.

"Guys, I am going to go my own way through Unova," May said. "Just like the others."

"Is it okay if I continue to travel with you and Hilda Ash?" Iris asked hopefully.

Hilda looked toward Ash with a curious look on her face, she knows that Ash wouldn't abandoned a friend. It was okay with her as long as she didn't bug them too much.

"I don't mind if Hilda doesn't mind," Ash said gesturing to the brunette.

"I don't mind, the more the merrier," Hilda said to her friend, then continued while turning toward Cilan. "What about you Cilan would you like to join us?"

Cilan contemplated for a bit, then he nodded happily. "That would be great, but what about the gym I can't leave it."

Cress and Chilli then walked up to the group of four and smiled. They then turned toward their green-haired brother and his Pansage, and said. "You go on and become the best Pokemon Connoisseur you can be, the Gym and restaurant will be just fine with us running it."

"Thank you my brothers, I won't let you down," Cilan said as he gave his brothers a hug and went to join Ash, Hilda, and Iris on their journey. "Best Wishes, Safe Journey."

Cilan and Chilli nodded and waved at the group of four as they left the gym.

With that Ash, Cilan, Iris and Hilda went one way while the rest of the group said goodbye to Ash and Company and each went their own ways. However Ash knew that they would run into each and every one of his old friends and rivals somewhere down the line.

Well Munna and Musharna were reunited and Team Rocket was chased off. It's too bad they got what the data they went to the Dreamyard to procure.

It was now off to the next destination on their Unova journey. What will happen? Stay Tuned to find out.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Ash, Cilan, Iris and Hilda stop in a meadow to have lunch. When the food is highjacked by someone or something. Who or what is it? Could it be the Snivy that keeps using attract on opponents? Will Ash catch a new Pokemon or not? Only time will tell. Stay Tuned to find out!

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