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Chapter 2: Blood Fear

"Damn it, Dante! Put on the freaking costume," Trish yelled from the first floor. I groaned in annoyance. Yeah, I know what everyone is thinking, 'What costume?' Well long story short… I lost a bet.

"It's on alright!" I yelled back in response. Trish wasn't above barging into my room to force me at gun point to do her bidding. So, I answered her. "I can't believe I agreed to this bet. Why did I do this again," I muttered to myself as I turned to look in the mirror. I glared at my reflection, I'm currently wearing a butler suite, admittedly in red and black, but still! The only consolation was the fact that I wasn't wearing a princess gown like Lady or a full suite of armor like Trish. I couldn't help, but laugh at that.

To answer any questions that are bound to be asked about this whole situation, though some of you may guessed the reason. The three of us lost a game of cards to Patti. Every time I tell myself not to gamble and it all just goes down the toilet. I groaned in frustration with myself, I really was hopeless with anything, but brawling. Pulling on the noose around my neck I opened my bedroom door and slammed it behind me. The act of itself did nothing for the suppressed violence that came with my agitation.

Drago grumbled under his breath as he was pushed down the stairs by Shade, his adopted kid sister. Shade was dressed in a sleeveless crop top with cargo skinny jeans. Attached to her midnight blue assemble were various chains and loops, and hanging around her neck was a large collar like cross. On her head were a pair of cat ears the same color as her scarlet locks, a tail hung from around her hips. She wore combat boots and gauntlets to finish off her look, calling herself "Black Lynx." (A/N: I like Ikuto from Shugo Chara, bite me.) Trailing behind the two like a shadow, the ever present raven haired Tenshi came wearing a short white dress with a black corset and overskirt. Over this was a red cloak, and on her legs were fishnet stockings paired with thigh high black boots. To say that she wasn't smiling about the state of dress she was in would be an understatement. Mistrell had gotten it into her head that it would be funny to dress the young wolf demon as "Little Red Riding Hood." The irony was not lost on Shade who thought the whole idea was a hoot.

Drago, however, couldn't get bullied into wearing a costume. He was carrying his usual demon gear, a sword and a shot gun while wearing dark wash blue jeans and a deep green tee-shirt with military issue boots, topped off with a black leather jacket. Nova had refused quiet pointedly about dressing up so he too was free from this outrageousness, but Mistrell had decided to hand out candy dressed as a playboy bunny. The drool on the teenaged boys' faces that came by the house was nothing short of pathetic. The gorgeous demoness would eat them all for lunch, figuratively speaking of course.

Now on to the reason that the three were going outside on this the night of All Hallows Eve, a party, was taking place on the block and Shade being Shade had to drag other people along with her. Drago wasn't happy that he was stuck playing escort to the pest and Shade. The dragon demon detested having to deal with any being lesser than he. Wolf demons while powerful were below where he stood in the demonic hierarchy. He tolerated Tenshi merely because of the fact that she was the very reason that they were able to keep Shade out of trouble most of the time.

As the trio walked through the festival they head the sounds of children's laughter. This night was one of mischief. Shade was giddy with glee, seeing everyone dressed up made her feel as though she was able to have the childhood that she was never able to have. Laughing gaily she spun in a circle arms spread wide for balance she grinned widely at her two companions.

Tenshi, just rolled her eyes at the red head's antics. She was at a loss about how to get the older girl to take things seriously, this was after all a town where demons made their homes. Admittedly they were demons too, well except for Shade. They were still unclear on what she was.

Shade was laughing loudly as she watched the children walk up to Drago and ask him over and over again whether or not his weapons were real. The look on his face was immensely entertaining; he hated repeating himself.

Later on that night Shade noticed that Drago had been glaring at someone for a good amount of time. Whipping around so that she could look in the same direction, she followed the direction of the glowering demon's gaze. When she did she saw none other than Dante, the guy that she had been thinking about since the day that he "stalked" her. She eyed with interest the rest of his group, taking note that there was a young blonde girl with them dressed up as Alice from "Alice in Wonderland." To say that she was intrigued would be an understatement. She watched with an intensity that would have drawn the gaze of even the most oblivious of men. Needless to say then that Dante met her emerald green orbs.

When the two's eyes met there was some kind of fire that seemed to spark. They stared at one another for what seemed like forever. Then of course there was the mandatory, or so it would seem, interruption in the cosmic moment. Drago came forward a sneer on his lips. "Half breed, what do you here," the dragon demon roared in the middle of the street. If it wasn't obvious before then it was plenty clear now, Drago did not like Dante.

"Not that I don't think that it's any of your business, but I'm here for the party. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to see if I can win any of those games," Dante then turned his back on the demon. One would think that one so skilled in combat would have seen what was coming next, but the white haired man was an absolute moron. With that one move he had managed to piss off the reptilian creature that then proceeded to grab the demon hunter by the back of his suit jacket.

"I'm not done talking to you," Drago growled his golden eyes narrowed to slits. He pulled until Dante had no choice but to yield to the pressure from his clothing else risk being strangled.

Dante as anyone could guess didn't appreciate getting manhandled. His eyes like those of his assailant had narrowed. His face staying impassive he reached behind himself and took hold of the wrist that was imperfectly ensnaring him. Once he had a firm hold of the appendage he applied a precise amount of pressure to the joint. Drago's grip went slack as the pressure point in his wrist sapazumed. Glaring at each other both men stepped forward and punched the other square in the face.

Normally, such an occurrence as this wouldn't be any cause for concern, but there are certain things that played a role in what happened next. Shade, had a problem. Not so much hemophilia as a reaction to something traumatic that had happened to her as a child.

Blood went flying from both men's mouths as they both reeled back from the other's blow. The blood landed on Shade's exposed stomach. Feeling a sudden warm wetness she touched it and brought her fingers up to eye level so that she could see what it was.

The crimson liquid on her hand caused a change in the young woman, one that happed rapidly. Her eyes dilated to the point that there was no iris, her pupils taking up the whole of her eyes. Then she went on a bender, the strength that came out of nowhere started throwing things down the street. The other people at the party not used to the "excitement" ran screaming in terror.

As the shrieks reached the two morons' ears they turned from their petty fight to see the red head going on a rampage. Now this wasn't to say that Shade didn't go off, but those sort of things were more controlled…usually anyway.

Drago muttered, "Shit." As he turned away from the fight that he himself had started. He didn't even bother to look at Dante as he moved toward his foster sister. He knew better than anyone other than the guard dog that he needed to calm the rage before something bad happened, for lack of a better word.

As he came up behind her he saw Tenshi forcing the members of DMC back. The girl was slight, but none of them got pasted her. Shade when she went into one of her fits was single minded, usually she'd attack anyone sneaking up on her, but at the moment she wasn't in her right mind. This made what the dragon demon had to do slightly easier, but not by much. Shade was fast. Taking into account his surroundings Drago pulled back his fist meeting the back of the red haired girl's head. The solid sound pf flesh meeting a skull filled the air and even as Shade whirled around to face her attacker her wide eyes returned to normal and she fell forward in a dead faint, the fatigue causing her to fall unconscious.

Turning back to where Tenshi stood with Shade's limp form slumped over one shoulder he called, "Alright mongrel, let's get back to Mistrell. She'll want to look little Bit. over after she hears about what just happened. No doubt I'm going to get an ear full." He was disgruntled, that much was obvious to everyone. Tenshi merely growled, but said nothing further and started forward. Leaving the DMC crew completely confounded about what had just happened.