Written in Blood 1

Chapter 1: Missing

Summary: Skyler Blake can't change her position as the town outcast… and the town witch. When a young girl comes to her to talk to her dead mother, who knew that doing so would allow her to find a place among outcasts, and her place beside the most dangerous one. Happy/OC

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The sounds of male voices, talking and occasionally swearing bounced around the lot, drowned out every now and again by the sounds of power tools being used to repair and renovate the means of transportation that had broken down or needed some fine tuning. It was a relatively slow day and most of the men working were those that didn't belong to the motorcycle club that owned that particular shop in Charming California.

The small town of Charming California boasted of preserving their small town status despite the many developers that had attempted to get their hands on their land. The town itself consisted of six blocks of shops and service centers surrounded by woods on one side, and sparsely vegetated desert on the other. Littered in no real pattern or plan around the town itself sat houses belonging to the citizens of Charming, most of which sat off of dirt roads that didn't even have paved driveways. It wasn't fancy or overly rich, a lot of inconveniences plagued them because of their isolatedness, but to the people living there, it was home.

On the far side of town sat Teller-Morrow Auto Body Shop, the legitimate business belonging to The Sons of Anarchy, a biker group that had run the town for years. They tread the fine line between what was legal and what was not and dealt their own justice to those who crossed the line or hurt the citizens of Charming. They were considered the towns' personal guardian angels…in a vigilante sort of way.

Happy sat at the picnic table with a cigarette in his hand and two of his brothers on either side of him. Jax, Chibs, and he were not needed in the shop or for any club business, so it gave them a little time to shoot the shit as the rest of the guys wound down in the shop.

"So how's Abel doin?" Happy's gravelly voice asked as he took a deep drag from his lit cigarette.

"He's doing good man, sleeping through the night and shit. Tara's been helping out with him, says he's gonna be good man, should grow and progress like every other normal kid."

"He's a fighter." Happy said nodding.

"Like his da." Chibs cackled, slapping Jax's arm with a grin. The men's laughter was cut off when a tan Oldsmobile swung into the lot and screeched to a stop in front of the shop. A woman leapt out of the car like it was on fire, her mass of blonde hair in disarray and a panicked look on her face.

"Lyla!" Opie, the woman's old man loped towards her, wiping the excess grease from his hands, "What's wrong?"

"Ellie's gone!" She yelled, running her hands through her hair and looking ready to cry.

"What!" Opie's mouth fell open, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"When I went to pick the kids up, the boys were there but Ellie wasn't. I searched the whole school and she's not there!" The rest of the club, drawn by the raised voices, gathered around the couple.

"What's up Opie?" Clay asked, looking between the couple curiously.

"Ellie's missing." Opie peeled off his jumpsuit reveling jeans and a plaid button down shirt. He picked his cut up and put it back on before turning towards his bike, "I'm gonna go look for her."

"Hey Op, wait up!" Jax, Chibs, Juice, Bobby, Piney, Tig, and Clay all followed suit, running over to their respective bikes.

"Happy, Sack, stay here and watch out for the girls, fill Gemma in and if Ellie comes back call our prepays! Get Unser on the phone and get him out looking for her too!" Clay barked out before they started their bikes and roared out of the lot, causing Gemma to stick her head out of the office.

"Where the hell are they going?" Lyla ran up to the queen to give her an update as the men closed the garage and checked their weapons, both of them thinking the same thing but neither of them wanting to say it a loud.

What if one of their enemies had snatched up the little girl?


Skyler Blake was nothing if not someone who could control her feelings. So when she went to town that day and heard those awful, hurtful words, she showed none of the hurt they caused, abandoned her cart in the grocery store, and came back to her home, the only place she knew of that could offer her some sort of protection.

"We don't serve the likes of you in this town."

Sitting at her kitchen table she couldn't help but think about her situation. It wasn't like she had asked for this- no far from that! Her condition was the result of an unfortunate accident involving her in her VW Beetle and a drunk driver in a Ford F150 that had literally killed her. She just hadn't stayed dead.

Days like this made her wish she had.

But she hadn't, and now she had to deal with her gifts for the rest of her life. Six years ago her life had been heading in a totally different direction. She had had a fiancé, her parents had lived in the same town as her, less than ten minutes away, her best friend lived in the apartment below her and they had seen each other every single day. The accident had lead her to six years of learning how to use her gifts, of learning how to create the most good from the worst day of her life, and had forced her to a different town, a different religion, and a different life.

Slowly she got up from the table and, dressed in a flowing white skirt and baby blue halter top, she walked barefoot out to her flower garden, taking comfort from the colorful blooms that blanketed her property for nearly half an acre. She had loosened the ground in late winter and walked up and down the plot of land sprinkling mixtures of seeds and planting a variety of bulbs to create a regular floral free for all that smelled heavenly and held every color imaginable. In the very center a small circle was cleared out where a yoga mat was placed which she sank gratefully upon.

Sunlight streaked through the leaves of the trees, warming patches of skin on her face. She took a deep breath in, letting it out slowly over a count of ten and listened to the breeze rustle through the flowers and grass she was sitting among. In with the calm and serenity of nature. Out with the stress and sadness.

In. Out.

She loved the peace that always came with meditating, the feeling of being filled with nothing but light and happiness. No stresses followed her here. Here it didn't matter that ever since the accident that had changed her life, her parents didn't speak to her anymore and her best friend thought she was a freak.

In. Out.

It didn't matter that when he found out what she could do, her fiancé had left her high and dry.

In. Out.

It didn't matter that she had to completely isolate herself or run the risk of putting herself and others in danger.

In. Out.

That the only time someone from her small town even talked to her was when they expected her to help them with something that frightened her. That the whole town was frightened of her and what she could do.

In. Out.

Something furry rubbed against her arm and she opened her eyes slowly to find her male short haired black cat, Salem, rubbing against her impatiently. His green eyes shone at her reproachfully as he let out a long and pathetic meow, making her giggle. He was such a baby.

"You silly boy," She cooed, scratching under his chin affectionately, "It's still ten minutes until your dinner time."

His eyes seemed to say I know that petty human. I was just making sure that you knew that.

"Come on; let's go find your better half." She stood and dusted off her backside before following Salem, who trotted off in front of her, pausing now and then to bat playfully at a bloom. She laughed at his silliness, following behind him dutifully like a good human.

Sky's other cat Circe, a long hair pure white cat with the bluest eyes in California, sat patiently on the deck of Sky's small cabin home, observing Salem's antics but making no move to join in. Where Salem was silly and fun, Circe was dignified and calm. Sky had only ever seen Circe act like the kitten she still was at barely a year old when the catnip she grew fresh in her kitchen window was ready to harvest.

Sky walked up the stairs, pausing when both cats wound themselves around her legs and reaching down to rub between two sets of ears before opening the door and ushering them in. After she poured some food for the cats she filled her kettle with water and put it on the burner, planning on making herself some soothing tea to help stabilize her emotions. Just as she was reaching into the cabinet for a coffee mug, the broom leaning against the wall next to the door slid out and slapped the hardwood floor, making her jump. Company was coming. She pulled out two coffee mugs.

Just as the kettle began to whistle there was a hesitant knock on her door. Sky moved the kettle to one of the cool burners and called to her visitor, "It's open!"

The door opened slowly and Sky kept her back to the visitor until a small female voice said, "E-excuse m-me?" Sky turned slowly and regarded the little girl that was standing in her doorway. She was no more than ten years old, blonde with large blue eyes that held so much pain for one so young she ached for her. Her pink shirt was damp with perspiration, her cheeks reddened and her jeans and pink and white tennis shoes were dusty, leading Sky to the conclusion that she had walked to her cabin from town. That was at least two miles.

"Hello. Come inside doll, would you like some water?" She nodded and Sky ushered the little girl in, letting her senses reach out to her. The little girl was frightened of her, but determination lay under the fear and layering that was a deep sense of sorrow and pain. Sky smiled at her in encouragement and the little girl closed the door and made her way into the kitchen. "Come and sit at the table."

When the little girl was seated with a glass of water and a pitcher of more in front of her, Sky came and sat on the other side of the table with a steaming cup of tea in front of her. She studied the little girl whose eyes darted around the kitchen as if looking for a bubbling cauldron that she would soon be added to. The picture so amused Sky that she had to bring her tea up to sip in order to hide her smile. "What's your name doll?"

"Ellie Winston." Her voice was shy and she was having a hard time looking Sky in the eyes.

"That's a beautiful name." She smiled reassuringly at the little girl, hoping to put her at ease. "I'm Skyler but you can call me Sky."

"I like that name." She smiled shyly at her. Progress, Sky thought.

"So Ellie, what brings you here?" She almost wished she didn't say anything when Ellie's eyes filled with tears and her lower lip started to tremble.

"I-I heard th-that you can t-talk to people who are… d-dead." Two tears slowly leaked for her big, sad, blue eyes. Sky's heart sank. This was not going to be easy.

"I can yes." She reached behind her and grabbed some napkins, placing them in front of the little girl. "Who is it that you want to talk to?"

Ellie took a shuddering breath, grabbed a napkin and roughly wiped her face before meeting her eyes, "My mommy. She died six months ago."

Not easy at all. "I'm sorry Ellie. What happened?"

"A bad man shot her in the head." Her small chest shuddered as she tried to keep calm. "I want to talk to her. I want her to come back so daddy doesn't marry Lyla."

"Oh baby," Sky's heart felt like it was going to break. "Ellie, even if I can talk to your mommy, that won't bring her back."

"Why not?"

"Because Ellie, she's in a better place where she's happy and safe and people are there who love her." She really didn't want to have to explain to this little girl about a soul's progression through the afterlife. It was difficult for one who was not a child to understand but she had a feeling that Ellie's emotional state would make it even more difficult.

"But we love her and she left us!" Ellie's voice shook and sobs wracked her body. Sky got up and walked to the other side of the table, taking the little girl in her arms and offering as much comfort as she could to the heartbroken child.

"Ellie, baby, your mommy didn't leave you, she was taken from you." The hairs on the back of her neck were starting to rise and she knew her spirit guides were listening in. "It's not anyone's fault."

"I just want to talk to her." The little voice whispered. Sky's head snapped up when she heard a reply.

I haven't left Ellie. A figure stood behind the girl, so sad that Sky could feel her eyes smarting with tears. This must be Ellie's mother.


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