Written in Blood 13

Chapter 13: New Beginnings

Summary: Skyler Blake can't change her position as the town outcast… and the town witch. When a young girl comes to her to talk to her dead mother, who knew that doing so would allow her to find a place among outcasts, and her place beside the most dangerous one. Happy/OC

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Adult Content Warning: There is a reason why this story is considered only appropriate for mature audiences and this chapter is why.


He devoured her, feeling her liquid moan slip into his mouth. He pulled her hips into his, grinding them together. He lifted his mouth a breath away from hers, "We need to talk. Later." He captured her mouth again and lifted her, groaning in pleasure when her legs wrapped around his waist, and carried her into the house.

As if from a distance Happy could hear the cats yowling as he pressed their mistress up against the wall and grinded his hips into hers, smiling smugly when she moaned deep in her throat. He kissed down her throat, licking and nipping the sensitive skin as he went. He pressed her hips back firmly with his and lifted his now free hand to her breast and cupped the weight of her flesh and shivered. God she felt good in his arms- no better than good, she felt right.

"Hap!" she gasped out, gripping his shoulders harder. It was beyond erotic that he was still completely dressed and she was nude, the feel of the different fabrics that he was dressed in rubbing her bare skin and all the different sensations were driving her crazy. She scraped her nails down the back of his neck and he growled, the sound going straight to her lower abdomen and making her smile. "I guess you like that."

He leaned down and took her nipple into his mouth, sucking strongly and causing Sky's body to arch into him and a passionate moan to slip from her throat. His teeth clamped down gently and his tongue assaulted the sensitive flesh until she writhed against his hips, grinding herself against his denim clad cock and feeling herself growing wetter with want for him. "God Happy I need you!" she gasped out desperately, running her arms down to his waist band and attacking the button and zipper on his pants.

"Easy woman!" He chuckled gruffly, lifting her higher so there was more space for her hands to unlatch his jeans. He occupied himself by sucking on the side of her neck and only pulled back when he felt the fabric of his pants loosen and fall down past his ass, leaving him in his boxers that Sky quickly pulled down as well. He smirked at the dazed look on her face as she stared down at his cock.

Skyler felt like she had been hit between the eyes with a rock. She wasn't a virgin, she had an ex fiancé after all, but Happy was so much…larger than Adam was. She was a little worried that he wouldn't fit inside of her and if he did she doubted it was going to be comfortable. She worried her lower lip between her teeth, staring mesmerized at his hard hot flesh before she glanced up at him nervously, "Hap-"

"Don't think." Happy demanded, pulling her forward and impaling her on his cock in one swift movement. They froze, her eyes wide and her mouth opened in an 'O' of shock as she took in the sensation of being filled beyond what she had ever felt before. He was supporting her only with his hips and her weight pushed her down further onto him inch by searing inch. Happy's eyes bored into her as he tested his control by keeping still while she adjusted. Skyler wiggled her hips slightly and Happy saw her eyes flare with pleasure as sweat popped out on his forehead. She moaned and wiggled again and his control broke. With a growl he pinned her to the wall and thrust heavily into her, starting a hard rhythm that rocked Sky's body and pulled a shriek of pleasure from her. Her head rolled back against the wall and her body bowed as moans ripped from her throat.

Suddenly he stopped, his neck so taunt she could see his veins clearly through his skin, "Are you on the pill?" He demanded.

That was why he stopped? Sky moaned and grinded against him desperately.

"Damnit Skyler are you on the fucking pill?" He roared, holding her still.

"Yes!" Her words turned into a shriek as he thrust roughly, starting up a punishing pace. She could hear her cries as if from a distance as every cell in her body focused on the thick flesh pounding in and out of her.

Happy groaned as her body squeezed him with every thrust and he could tell she was close to coming. He picked up the pace; relishing the slapping of their bodies as he pounded into her harder and he felt her muscles tighten as she threw her head back and cried out his name. Sensation exploded in her and she bucked against him, her entire body shuddering. The rest of the world spun away completely.

He lasted all of five more seconds, pounding into her with a brutal force that thudded her against the wall with each thrust before he buried his face in her neck and growled his release into her slick skin. They stayed where they were for several long minutes, Skyler naked and pinned to the wall by Happy's still half dressed and sweaty body, both breathing heavily and shivering in the aftermath of pleasure. She rested her cheek against his shoulder as they both fought for breath and their heartbeats eventually slowed.

The wall was cool against her back but uncomfortably hard. Eventually the position became too much for Sky and she wiggled. "Hap I can't feel my legs."

"Must've been good." Happy grinned and winked, slowly lowering her until her feet settled on the floor. She winced, some of the aches from being fucked against the wall making themselves known. "Did I hurt you?"

Something became veiled in Happy's eyes and she was quick to reassure him, "No, I'm just not used to being between a rock and a hard place." She winked at him and some of the tension left his body. "Are you hungry?" She herself was famished and craving something sweet.

"I could eat. It was a long ride from Nevada." He buttoned his fly lazily and watched Sky move toward the kitchen, grinning when he realized she had no intention of getting dressed.

"Do left over's suit you?" She asked, leaning into the fridge and pulling out a Tupperware container full of spaghetti and meat sauce. "I made more than I needed yesterday."

"Why'd you do that?" He asked accepting the container from her.

She shrugged, "I thought you were gonna be back by then."

Happy smirked, "Oh yeah? How'd you know I'd come here for dinner?"

"You're here now aren't you?" She smiled at him over her shoulder then leaned down and grabbed two beers out of the fridge.

"Good point." He opened the beer she handed him and took a deep drink, his eyes closing in bliss. "Damn that's good."

"It's from a brewery based out of Southern California called Stone Brewery. They do craft beers that are pretty damn good." She took a sip herself before setting it aside and grabbing the cold spaghetti and tossing it into her microwave.

"Why haven't you been answering your phone?" His abrupt change of subject caused her to raise her eyebrows in surprise.

"Why weren't you answering yours?" She fired back, amused with his bristling annoyance.

"I was fucking busy." He growled, not liking being questioned about his decisions.

"I was too. It's not like I left town or anything, I just wanted some time to myself." The timer on the microwave went off and she pulled the food out. "Besides, I don't think you would have liked coming here and seeing your brothers starring at my bare tits."

"They stare even when they aren't bare." He and Tig had to have a discussion about that already… three times.

Sky giggled, "You're men, it's what you do. Drink beer and stare at girls' boobs." She took out paper plates and started dishing out the steaming food.

"They're not allowed to stare at yours." He accepted the plate when she handed it to him and pulled her close. "Those are mine."

"Yours huh?" She looked down, "Funny, they look like they're attached to me. Someone might think that's an important factor of ownership."

"Mine." He leaned down and pressed a deep kiss to her waiting mouth, surfacing several seconds later and meeting her eyes solemnly, "I want you to be my girlfriend."

"Are we in high school?" Sky asked but her stomach fluttered.

"No but in the club it's a big deal. I don't know if I'll ever want an old lady, but I want to see where this goes." He sat down and pulled her onto his lap as he explained this to her. He felt nervous and it was irritating. He was acting like a fucking kid asking a date to prom.

"I don't know Hap. Being with me would be different than the other's relationships. There would be no 'what happens on a run stays on the road'. I'd know and it would kill me. And there would be no 'club business' because I know about that too." She fidgeted and kept her head down, "I can handle what you do for your club Hap, I can, but I can't take lying."

"Who's lying? I never said I was perfect Sky and despite what you think, I have thought about all of that. I'm willing to give it a shot, are you?"

She raised her head and looked into his eyes and slowly nodded, "Okay."

Happy grinned and kissed her, satisfaction settling over him. He had his girl. For now.


Zobelle looked around the diner thoughtfully. It was an old dilapidated building that looked like a hard wind would blow it over. The theme was sixties diner but what might have been charming someplace else was just pathetic here. The old blue vinyl seats were cracked and bleeding yellow stuffing that matched patched of the tiled floor where food stains had aged and bled into the speckled gray linoleum. The waitresses were ragged, their old eyes cold and detached for women so young, and the air smelt like grease and coffee.

He impatiently checked his wristwatch and breathed a sigh of relief when the couple he was waiting on opened the dirty glass doors of the diner and entered timidly. He stood, bestowing a charming smile on his guests and motioning them to sit. "Mr. Levisque, Mrs. Levisque, so nice of you to meet me on such short notice." He shook the man's hand and grasped the woman's, pulling it to his lips to bestow a kiss on her knuckles.

"Ethan." The man settled back into the seat, his arms around his wife. He was a handsome man, his thick hair a sandy color that matched his perfectly kept moustache and cool blue eyes that gave nothing away. His nose was sharp, an appealing accent to his square jaw line and long neck. He oozed money and, Zobelle thought, potential. His wife was the picture perfect trophy wife, blonde hair, green eyes, manicured nails and perfect makeup. There was something vicious in here eyes that would never make her beautiful but there was no doubt she was a striking woman.

Zobelle smiled, "You must be curious as to why I've asked you to come here."

"I can't deny that I am. You're a very well known man Mr. Zobelle, as are your connections." His eyes flicked up and down his frame quickly, sizing him up, "One might wonder why you would want to meet with someone so far down the chain."

"Yes, well it's been mentioned to me that you are looking to fill the empty governors' seat next term. I feel we can make that happen."

Mrs. Levisque leaned forward eagerly and her husband raised his eyebrows, "Really?"

"Really." Zobelle leaned forward, "The league has been keeping a close eye on you. We saw potential from the beginning but we can't just reach out to anyone you see."

"I understand." Mr. Levisque's eyes were gleaming. "You won't regret this!"

"I trust that I won't. Now there is one thing." Zobelle paused and met Mr. Levisque's greedy gaze, "The league needs an act to prove that you are one of us. Something to demonstrate that we can trust you."

"Anything." The man agreed eagerly, his wife nodding in agreement.

"Adam, Beverly, I think this is the start of something great." He smiled his satisfaction at Happy Lowman's old lady's ex-fiance and best friend. The bitch who was ruining his plans. The bitch who was going to die.


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