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This is based on John 20: 24-31. The text in italics is direct quotes from the NIV version of the bible. I got the idea from doubting Thomas and was thinking who might have been the Doubter in LWW.

Tell me what you think! Yes, the language is a bit formal, but that's how I write sometimes.

Disclaimer: I'm not dead, a man, or British.

Several of them tried to tell Oreius about Aslan's return.

"He's alive!" Peter said. "He defeated the White Witch, and we saw the scar where he was stabbed by the Witch."

"He breathed on us!" Tumnus added. "Those of us who were stone statues!"

"They all came back to life because of him." Lucy's expressive eyes begged him to believe. "Just like you did, Oreius."

"Lucy and I both heard the table crack, and we saw him rise." Susan tried to explain. "We rode on his back to the Witch's castle. We saw him do these things!"

"How can you not believe?" Edmund's voice sounded incredulous.

"I will not believe it until I see him for myself." Oreius refused to consider the possibility. "Until I touch the scar on his side and hear his voice again, I will not believe that he is alive. It is impossible. We heard the news from a dryad who had seen the ordeal herself. Your grief must cloud your minds and make you see things."

Though the eleven tried to convince him, none succeeded. Each time he said he would not believe until he saw the scar and heard his voice.

For Oreius had not seen Aslan, even after the battle. When he was restored to his normal form, he fainted as many of the other men did. The next thing he remembered was being shaken awake by the concerned royals. He had seen no hide or hair of Aslan since the night before the battle, before Aslan left to die. It was impossible that he could be alive; the two Queens had seen it for themselves. The nymph that told them the news, had as well. And death could not be reversed!

The next day, Oreius was with the eleven again. They were planning when they should move out to Cair Paravel for the coronation. With all the wounded recovering very quickly (thanks to Lucy's cordial), they were set on leaving the following day. Oreius was about to ask who was going to lead the coronation ceremony (with Aslan dead, they needed someone to do it), when he heard Lucy gasp. His hand on his claymore, Oreius turned and saw a dazzling sight.

Aslan, radiating with a glow like the sun (only even brighter and more beautiful and nicer than the most wonderful day in spring), stepped toward them. "Greetings, Oreius. See the marking of the Witch's knife? Hear my voice? It is truly mine. Stop doubting and believe."

"Aslan!" Oreius bowed before his king. "I truly believe now and I am sorry I ever doubted you. My faith will not waver again."

"Because you have seen me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." Aslan's voice was neither harsh, nor disappointed. It was filled with love and all that heard it felt as though it was spring yet again.

Oreius never again doubted the power of Aslan. He repeated all that he had seen to his friends and family and many other doubters developed a faith in the Great Lion. And when Oreius went to Aslan's country, he was greeted by the Lion himself, saying "Well done, my son."