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Iggy is blind (but remember he can see things that are on white)

Yes they do have wings

And finally this takes place after The Angel Experiment and School's out Forever.

Also I like the idea of bringing Dylan in that would be interesting But it takes place before he came.

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(I laughed my butt off writing this chapter)

Ch. 2 Revenge Anyone?

Max's POV

"I swear if you freaks don't get your asses down here right now, I am cancelling this trip to hell!" I scream.

What can I say, were freaks and it always works.

"Max we're right in front of you," says Fang trying to sound… sweet. I had better keep my eye on him… and that bag?

"Fang, what's with the bag?"


Am I the only one who caught that or did Fang just stutter?

"Let's just go I want to get the heck out of here and then out of there before anything happens.

"Ugh, I'll be right back I forgot the MAX card in my room." I stomp my way up the stairs. You see I have reasons why I don't want to go to Wal-Mart; try living most of your life in a dog crate. Crowds. See my problem?


"Creeper, what are you doing stalking me!" I screech in his face.

What? He caught me off guard.

"No," Then he leans in and wait for it; kisses me. I kiss back, yea, I'm a hormonal driven teenager give me some slack people!

"Max, Fang, are you coming or not?" Iggy yells.

"Max get the card."

"Oh yah thanks." There is something not right with this picture. If you don't believe that imagine this: you walk down the stairs after an amazing kiss (you can only dream) by Fang, then, Fang whispers to Iggy phase one done, then, you get pulled out the door by two incredibly strong girls to go to what is hell to you so yah can anyone decode this for me. Gosh, I'm turning into Nudge .

"Fang, you're in charge of Iggy and Gazzy. If they blow anything up you are to be blamed and I want no funny business. I don't want to get kicked out of another store, its bad enough you guys blasted a whole in the side of Target. I don't care if the name of the store is Target; it's not a target for your bombs you know what you need meet me back in the front when you're done. Come on Angel and Nudge." Phew that's a lot of words.

As soon as we got away from the boys (this store is huuuuge) Angel told me this exasperating piece of information:

"Max I just read Fang and Iggy's minds because I was suspecting that they were up to something, and they are. They want payback for all your retarded pranks. They are planning to make your life absolutely positively horrible today, and they are going to do it at all costs possible so can we attack them before they do us?"

"Angel, one: yes we are going to attack them first I have a few ideas two: it's wrong to read minds but thanks for it three: have you been reading the dictionary lately?" I ask which gives her a slight blush on her cheeks.

"Mmp butfd srdkd dlfoakser dlkfuse alkdfuj dlfjdoif." Oh yeah, I forgot to take the duck tape off Nudge. That just is another use for duck tape. Got to love that stuff.

"Ouch do you have any nice things in your body I mean jeez, okay first off can we ride those electric cart things they look so fun. I mean I don't think anyone would let Iggy ride one of those. He would probably just run it into a dressing room or something. What do you think that Fang and Iggy are going to do to us? Do you think that Gazzy is going to go against us, if so that would be so unfair because I mean he was like in our pranks against them but then again, Max started it so maybe they are just going to go after you, I just hope I don't get tie-dyed, I really really would hate that. We should never ever again tie-dye Fang, it just looks so wrong I mean sure it's really funny but I think black is his color he is such an emo I wonder what it would look like if we dressed him up as barney? Max can we tie Fang to a chair and give him a makeover I want to dress him up as a fairy princess and oh ooh then Angel should mind control him to go flirt with all the guys that would be so hilarious. Please?"

"NUDGE YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT TO THOSE DUMMIES AS LONG AS YOU SHUT UP ALREADY!" what I'm surprised she even stopped this time. She must not want her mouth duck taped again I do like the idea of dressing him up as Barney though.

Fang's POV

"Fang which idea should we do first? Ride the electric thingys or scare little kids." Iggy asks Fang.

"You are purely sick Iggy. Electric carts." Fang tells Iggy.

Max's POV

What the heck was that? He is so dead who let a (swear word of your choice here) blind guy ride an electric cart.

"Iggy!" Damn I shouldn't have yelled well I hope no one in the store wanted to go in the sewing department because I am NOT cleaning that up. Oh No the war has begun.


Jesh Max don't yell you're going to make my brain bleed.

Sweetie, can you please tell Nudge that the war has begun and that she can do anything she wants to the enemies and to just try and not break anything.

Okay Max I have an idea for one. Meet me out side of women's under wear.She leaves my head after that guess I won't be questioning her first oh well all of Angel's tricks usually end up pretty funny.

So I walk to were Angel tells me and I just can't help not laughing. I mean seriously have you ever seen two 14 year old boys and an 8 year old boy running in circles singing the song 'Sexy and I know it' in a bra and thong. I do not ever want to see that sight again but it's so funny. Yup Angel's tricks are always good.

Thanks Max! Angel mind sends to me with a bright smile on her face.


Nudge has… a camera…and just took a picture.

"Miss may I please interest you in some condoms?" Fang asks to a young couple trying to get the hell away from him, while still in the undergarments. He is NEVER going to live this down. Just then out of the corner of my eye I see Iggy and Gazzy doing the same thing.

'Click' 'click' 'click' 'click' 'click' 'click'

"Nudge… I want… a million copies… of those!" I scream in-between laughing my butt off.

"Kay Max!"

"Max I can't hold them for much longer can we run now?" asks my baby Angel. No she is not my baby but she has sure taken after me.

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