Iggy's list:

10. Walk up to an employee and tell him in an official tone, "I think we've got a Code 3 in House ware," and see what happens

Fang's List: NONE

Max's POV

So you know eventually the fire alarms started blaring and then well all hell broke loose. Like more than before. So now we are currently standing outside Wal-mart waiting to go back in, while the firemen are checking it all out.

"Max are we going back in now?" Gazzy asks me when people started going back in. I guess the water didn't really ruin everything such as the electronics so were allowed to shop. I look at my troopers covered in glitter and costumes and extremely smelly and then down at myself in my 'I'm so cute, come and squish me Barbie' costume, and I have to give it to them, I have had fun so far and we haven't been arrested yet.

"LET'S MOVE OUT!" I scream pointing at Wal-Mart and the Flock seems to get the idea and begins to split up into the usual pairs Nudge and Angel, Gazzy and Iggy, Fang and I.

"Sure about this Max," Fang asks me with a hint of excitement in his eyes.

"Hell no," I reply and with that phrase we go running into the store.

Iggy's POV

"Okay I say we start with number 10, because it just makes sense," Gazzy tells me.

"You go do it I can't see anyway," I tell him giving him a push on the back into an isle I probably should follow him so I start following him.

"We have a code 3 in house ware sir," Gazzy says in a 'don't mess with me' tone we've all learned from Max.

"Again," the man sighs in that gay accent and stomps off.

"Wow, what a sissy," Gazzy says in his voice, and we both start cracking up.

Angel's POV

IN 3 2 1

I let go of my bombs Nudge and I came up with. I hear them scream and I see Max and Fang looking all around but they obviously don't see us. Just one of the perks of having mind control.

"Use them," Nudge whispers pointing at two elderly speed walking toward the prunes.

"Okay," I whisper and I make Max and Fang believe that they were the ones who dumped the gunk on them, they start running.

"Great Angel you can almost see the steam coming out of Max's ears she looks like that thing on the Loony Tunes that Bugs Bunny always gets really mad." Nudge says giving me a high five.

"Come on lets go find something else to do," I say to Nudge jumping down from the top of the shelves.

So long time no update but I will update it once a week so on Wednesdays and if you could review what number you want me to use from Iggy's or Fang's list or a random idea for Nudge and Angel you will get credit for the girls.