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Robin shuttered as he sat up in his bed.

I am not a child now

That time of the year was closing in fast.

I can take care of myself

He thought about his recurring nightmares.

I mustn't let them down now

He shook his head hearing the snap of the rope and the crack of bones.

I mustn't let them see me cry

Maybe he should tell Bruce.

I'm fine, I'm fine

He sighed, he knew Bruce would want to know. He'd get lectured later if he didn't tell him.

I'm too tired to listen

He had hoped that the nightmares would go away over the years, but they always came back around this time.

I'm too old to believe

He got up and went to look at an old memory book. It held several pictured of him and his parents. His hand brushed past something else as well, his old favorite story book.

All these childish stories

He opened the story book, it was Peter Pan. He smiled remembering how he wished he could fly like Peter Pan.

There is no such thing as faith

He remembered how his parents would promise that one day he would.

And trust and pixie dust

He closed the book, the memories hurt. He tried to push back the tears that threatened to escape. He needed to move on.

I try but it is so hard to believe
I try but I can't see what you see
I try, I try, I try

He put the book back getting the memory book. Seeing their faces helped. Opening it up the first picture that greeted him was the three of them in their new uniforms his mother had made. He leaned on the book shelf as the memories of that day came back to him.

My whole world is changing

He was so lost after that day.

I don't know where to turn

He had stayed at the orphanage for a week. The day he left was bitter sweet.

I can't leave you waiting

He never had returned to the circus, any circus, after that. Gotham was a suitable city, broken like him.

But I can't stay and watch this city burn

It was dark, depressing, and his home.

Watch it burn

But it couldn't fill the gap in his heart.

'Cause I try but it is so hard to believe
I try but I can't see what you see
I try, I try

He went back to his bed with the book, looking at all the different places he had been.

I try and try to understand

He wished they were here right now. Bruce wasn't so good at discussing the kind of stuff his father would have.

The distance in between

His fists clenched as he thought of the man who was the cause of all of his problems and grief.

The love I feel and the things I fear

He decided to do something he hadn't done in a while. Changing into the proper clothes he slowly opened his door.

And every single dream

He snuck past Bruce's and Alfred's rooms, careful not to disturb them.

I can finally see it

He arrived at the Wayne Mansion training room.

Now I have to believe

Going inside he went to the one piece of equipment he hadn't touched in a while. It brought back memories and stories.

All those precious stories

He walked up to it, looking up as he had second thoughts, but shook them.

All the world is made of faith and trust and pixie dust

He climbed up the ladder and stood at the edge of the platform with the rope in his hands.

So, I'll try because I finally believe
I'll try, 'cuz I can see what you see
I'll try, I'll try, I'll try

With a deep breath he lept off the edge and swung into the air on the rope.

To fly