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Jared's POV

I looked down on the beautiful angel that was sleeping on my shoulder and couldn't help but smile, she was allowing me to talk to her and spend time with her, and she didn't tell me to get lost yesterday morning.

I rubbed my hand up and down her small arm and watched as her facial expression changed while she slept. I closed my eyes again and willed myself to go back asleep and savour my time with my angel. When they opened again, I was alone on the couch in the open living room. As I looked out the window I noticed it must have been late, the sun was shining and the sky was clear.

I got up off of the couch and walked in to the kitchen; I went over to the open sliding door and sat down on the step. I noticed that there was a smell of smoke in the doorway.

"Morning sleepyhead" I whipped my head around to see Kim, my beautiful Kim, putting pancakes on two plates.

I could get used to this. I thought of Kim standing there in front of me making my breakfast in a pair of shorts and a tank top, the kitchen was different more homily and there was 2 children messing at the table. That's my future. My future with my Kim, well soon to be my Kim, I hope.

I stood up and grabbed her into a bear hug, I held her close to me as I said "Morning Kimsy" I had called her that last night and she hadn't minded at all, she had just blushed. God, I loved when she blushed, it seemed to be a regular thing with her she almost constantly had a red hint to her cheeks.

"Jared" she scolded like my mom does. My mom likes her. I put her down onto a chair and sat down opposite to her.

"I'm so sorry for falling asleep last night" She said as she started to eat her pancakes

"Kim, it's your house you can sleep whenever you want" I started to laugh; she was so insecure and self-conscious. "I fell asleep at the same time"

"Its okay, not like we done anything or anything" She fumbled over her words and went bright red.

"Seriously, there's no need to be embarrassed around me Kim" I laughed at her as she made a face at me across the table.

"KIMMY baby, I'm home" someone shouted from the back yard, was that a guy? No it was a girl. That girl that she was with at the party what's her name Kayla or something. She walked into the house with a cigarette between her fingers I sniffed the air, and asked myself how they ever appealed to me before I phased.

The girl stopped in her tracks when she seen me sitting at the table her mouth was gaped open like a fish and her eyes were wide "What the hell" she managed to splutter out

I looked at Kim who was looking at me with a hint of sorrow in her eyes, I then stuck my hand out to the small girl "I'm Jared" I said and smiled at her, she was in all the pictures with my beautiful Kim, in the living room where I had slept with my angel last night. Slept as in slept not as in had sex but slept not that I wouldn't want to have sex with her. The guys will have fun with these thoughts.

"Keela" she said as she shook my hand, that's her name Keela, I was close with Kayla I suppose "Why are you here? With bed head?" She sat down beside Kim and looked at her for an explanation; I reached up to my head to flatten my hair when I heard my phone beep in the living room. I walked in and picked it up, 1 new message from Sam. Great I thought as I scanned the message

Jared, I need you over here quick. It's Embry. – Sam

Fuck, he must have phased. I shoved on my shoes and walked back into the kitchen where Kim was telling Keela she'd talk to her later about something, I hadn't been listening and missed the first bit of the conversation; I walked over and shoved the last of the pancakes in my mouth.

"Sorry Kim but I have to get going. I'll call you later or something. Maybe we could hang out again." I smiled as her eyes lit up when I said this, making Kim, my Kim, happy was all I wanted to do ever since I looked up at her in class that day. "It was nice to meet you Keela, see you around" I said as I nodded in her direction never taking my eyes off of Kim, I wanted to get in as much of her as I could before running off to deal with the newbie.

"Okay, bye Jared" she said as I headed for the door, I looked back once and closed the wooden door behind me, as I pulled the door closed I heard a piercing howl from the trees Shit, Sam's going to be mad.

I sped out of Kim's driveway and parked a little ways away near the forest I ran for the trees and ripped off my cut-offs and tied them around my ankle, I calmed down as I felt the all too familiar tremors take over my body, soon I was on all fours.

This isn't happening. I'm dreaming. I'm not a… woo… wolf. Dream, dream, dream.

Shut the fuck up before I seriously hurt you. You've been told you're a wolf, you can see you're a wolf now fuck up and deal with it. Paul stated with a menacing growl in my head. Ah finally. Nice of you to join us Loverboy. Care to help us with Mr Over-dramatic here.

This better be good pup. I growled towards Embry as I thought of all the things I could be doing with my Kim right now.

Kim's POV

"Booty call" Keela snapped, glaring at the door.

"What?" she was starting to creep me out with how she was acting she had sat staring at the door ever since Jared had walked out my door, she had sat there in the seat glaring at the door with her eyebrow furrowed, the only time she had moved was to light another cigarette which she pulled on desperately.

"It was a booty call. He's gone to fuck some girl." She took another pull. Was he? But he didn't seem like that, I know I didn't know him very well but I just didn't think he'd do that. "Probably does it regularly too. Just like Sam" she sneered the man's name as if it was a disease or Voldemort.

Does he? She hated Sam, I knew that. He had cheated on her cousin Leah with her other cousin or something; she had never ever told me the full story. Jared wasn't going to hurt me was he?

Geez Kim, your just friends anyway, not like it matters if he's fucking around with some girl. He doesn't really care about you.

"Don't get hurt Kimmy, be smart and stay away, well away." She looked at me with pleading eyes, maybe she was right.

"But Keela, were just friends." I said, I wanted to stay like that, I wanted to be able to talk to him, he made me feel so safe, and happy. He was just amazing. I didn't want to stop talking to him when he had just noticed me. Maybe your next on the hump & dump list.

Jared wasn't like that; he hadn't had many girlfriends through high school, a few here and there like everyone. Sure he'd had his fair share of date, how could you not expect that, I mean look at him. He's gorgeous. He didn't treat girls like that. That just was not Jared. No way.

"That's how it always starts Kim" she snapped.

"He wouldn't would he?" I whispered to myself but she heard me.

"I don't know Kimmy, I just don't want to see you get hurt." She said softer than before.

"But Keela, he just noticed me. I don't want to not have to talk to him again." She looked at me and seemed to be studying my face. She grabbed her phone when it beeped on the table.

"Look Kimmy, it's your choice as to what you do, see him a few more times see what's going on you know? But don't get too attached and don't let him blind you either, be wary of him. Give him a week or two tops." She read the message on her phone.

"Hope you don't mind Kim but I had plans with Lance and I have to go get ready. Need me, text me. Love you Kimmy." She stated as she jumped up to hug me. She looked down and tapped the cigarette box "For you. I know you're stressed"

I laughed as she bolted through the door. Everything she said came back to me as I sat down. I want to talk to him. I sighed internally. If only he was here. I lifted the box and pulled out a cigarette, I lit it up and took a pull as the doorbell rang.

I opened the door to be met with a bunch of flowers. "Kimberly?"

"That's me." I said. What the fuck was this? Mom's hardly gone longer is she? I took the flowers off the man in a daze and closed the door after thanking him. I picked the note out of the middle.


Sorry for running off this morning. I want to see you again, I miss you. I'll text you


I stared at the note and then down at the huge bouquet of flowers. Lilies. My favourite. My head sped up as my phone beeped 1 new message from Jared. I started breathing rather fast when I realised he must have put his number in my phone. I opened the text.

Wanna go shopping or something? – Jared x

I quickly typed my reply and ran upstairs to get a shower and get ready.

Is this a date? :P – Kim x

I suppose it is. See you in 30 mins? – Jared x

Okay - Kim x

What is going on? I asked myself as I stepped into my room. I looked at the calendar and the wall and seen the faithful date close to the marked off ones. It was coming, sooner or later, and I still wasn't ready.

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