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Chapter 5

Jared had come over and took me shopping and now we were sitting at a tiny Italian restaurant that I didn't know existed before tonight. When the woman was bringing us to the table for 2 she was acting like Jared was a regular, she spoke to him like any other person you would speak to everyday of the week.

I thought of what Keela said about him, was he really a player? Did he go there often with girls, he must have. The woman knew him, really well; she was used to him being in there. Maybe he was a player. Maybe I was just the next booty call.

I heard my phone beep but continued to pace in front of my bedroom window. Seriously Kim, you probably should stay away from him. I laughed at myself, probably; he already had lured me in. I mean randomly showing up and apologising, abducting me and introducing me to his friends, staying in my house, actually Kim you invited him over that time, shut up, then he goes and runs off to fuck some girl and then he sends me a beautiful huge expensive looking bouquet of my favourite fucking flowers. He brings me out and we have so much fun then he speeds home like an absolute mad man and just leaves without a word not even a goodbye. Who does he think he is?

"What is wrong with you?" I squealed and nearly fell out through my open window; I turned to see Keela sitting on my bed.

"Nothing" I lied "but you sneaking up on me like that could have seriously hurt me"

"Your pacing and ranting Kim, you only do that when something is seriously wrong" she frowned "I did not sneak up on you I texted you and tried to talk to you but you were too busy talking to yourself about a mad man or something"

"Jared Cameron will be the death of me." I stated as I lay back onto the window seat and looked out the window to the dark forest

When I was little I used to sit up here and dream of running away an living in those trees, my brother used to scare me and say that the bears would kill me but I would always win by telling him the wolves would protect me, he never agreed but daddy always backed me up, he said that the protectors were out there watching over us.

"I'm not going to even ask. Your thinking too much Kimmy, just stop thinking and give it a chance. You've had a crush on him for years, this is your chance, don't let it slip away, you'll only end up regretting it."

She stood up and hugged me "Now get yo skinny as in bed and sleep bitch" she said in a ghetto accent that she just could not manage to pull off and with that she was gone through the door and I heard the front door slam.

I got up and pulled on a tank top and a pair of shorts. I ran down stairs and locked all the doors and made sure the windows were shut. I walked up the stairs and pulled my window closed, I turned and dived for my bed, and I pulled the covers up to my chin and willed myself to go to sleep.

I took a deep breath as I looked back over the past few days, Jared and I had became inseparable. We were really good friends now. Keela nearly died when Jared and Paul left the popular table to come sit with us.

The cafeteria was full and when we had paid for our lunch I smiled at Jared as we walked toward our usual table he gestured for us to go sit with him, I glanced around his table and seen the bitches of the school trying to get their attention.

I shook my head and gave him a small smile as I continued on to our table with Keela. We had sat down and joined in the playful conversation. I was so shocked when I saw Jared and Paul walking over towards our table; the whole room fell silent as he asked me could he sit with us, all I could do was nod pathetically.

Ever since then Keela and I have sat with them at lunch. Jared has walked me to most of my classes and drove me to and from school every day. We had got so close and I loved every minute of it. He made me feel safe and also very special. He made out like I was the only girl alive.

It was Friday now and my mom had text me this morning to say she'd be coming home today and that her and my dad had something important to tell me. I had told her about Jared on Tuesday and she seemed genuinely excited to meet him and he was just as excited to meet my family.

He insisted that he meet them tonight, I told him no that he could meet them another time. I was nervous for him to meet my family. Would he like them? Would they like him? But he won, he used the fact that I've met his family a few times now so in precisely, 3 minutes, Jared and I would be on our way back to my house where my family would be.

The bell rang and I handed up the quiz that we had been given as a 'surprise' if only old Mrs. Grant knew how predictable she was. We started a new topic and then 2 weeks later to the day she would give us a quiz on the chapter. This one was on supply and demand so it was handy enough. The white haired woman smiled at me over her glasses which were hanging on to the very tip top of her nose I smiled back and waved as I walked out the door.

I looked up and smiled when I saw Jared leaning against the wall outside my economics classroom, he grinned when he seen me and pushed himself off the wall. I walked beside him before stopping at my locker; I laughed when Paul came up and pushed Jared out of the way so he could open my locker for me.

I think he only done it because he got to punch something but he told me that it was because he didn't want me to hurt my hand. They had both realised I couldn't open my locker on Monday and when Keela didn't come in until 5th period Paul decided that it would be his job to open it, he fixed it so that when he hit it in a certain place it would open perfectly for him.

I grabbed the bits and pieces that I needed for the weekend since we had tomorrow and Monday off due to teachers going on strike or something like that, I really didn't care what it was I was just delighted that we had 2 extra days in the weekend.

I hugged Keela and told her to text me after her date with Lance and let me know how it goes. She promised to text me before quickly running to get on to the chugging old, smelly bus. I thanked god that I didn't have to take it anymore since Jared insisted on driving me.

I hopped into the truck and smiled while I was listening to the boys argue about some big game that was coming up and who was going to win. I laughed at both of them when I realised that their anger toward each other was completely real.

They stopped fighting by the time we reached Paul's house. He shouted a goodbye as he ran up the porch steps of his house.

We were nearly at my house when I began to feel nervous about Jared meeting my family again. What would happen? Would it be okay? I mean as much as I wished Jared wasn't my boyfriend, he was just a friend despite the rumours Keela informed me were circling the school. Then again, I hadn't really brought anyone home since it happened.

I smiled when Jared ran around and opened the door of his truck for me, I took his hand and hopped down onto the ground, I smiled to myself as he kept a hold of my hand while we walked up the steps of the house. I looked down at our hands that were laced together, they fit perfectly. If only he could see that.

I opened the door and walked towards the kitchen I seen my dad and he instantly grabbed me up into a big hug. I realised then how much I had missed them but I understood they needed to get away sometimes and the girls were just lucky that they were young enough to go with them.

"I'm glad your home" I said as I smiled at my mom who was sitting at the table looking very tired "This is Jared. Jared, this is my Mom Isla and my Dad Rick" I smiled as he stuck out his arm and shook my father's hand; he went on to shake my mothers.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both" He said smiling at them

"Good shake boy" my dad said laughing as he put his hand on Jareds shoulder when he was walking out of the room.

"Oh Jared, Its lovely to meet you dear." My mother smiled happily for the first time in a long time. Jared was really like the sun, he brought happiness to everyone's life not just mine.

"KIMMY! KIMMY! KIMMY!" I heard the screeching when my dad waltzed into the kitchen laughing at my face probably. "You're welcome Kim" he smirked at me.

"Brace yourself Jar, here come the terrors" I warned as I heard them come running down the stairs. He just chuckled lightly. I missed my two sisters terribly when they were gone, they ran in and grabbed a leg of mine each I bent down and grabbed them both up in a huge bear hug I stood back up and spun them around as they giggled highly.

I put them back down on the ground when they noticed Jared standing there smiling. Kasey pulled on my top and whispered "Who is he?" I laughed at her shyness which wasn't normal at all.

"This is Jared. Jar, these are my sisters Kasey and Khloe" He bent down and stuck out his arm. Khloe grabbed his hand and gave it an over exaggerated huge shake.

"Nice ta' meewt you Jawed" She giggled as he tickled her sides "Well ma'am, it's an absolute pleasure to be meeting you." He said she was in a fit of giggles when she ran over to me and started jumping up and down with her hands in the air, I lifted her up and she instantly threw her arms around my neck and placed a sloppy kiss on my cheek.

Kasey was still hanging on to my top "well princess Kasey, it's an honour to be talking to you my dear" Jared said gently with his hand still out. She pulled her thumb out of her mouth and jumped forward and shook his hand "I wuve pwincesses, I ave lodsa' dvds ov pwincesses" I giggled lightly, she was just getting used to talking and still couldn't pronounce her words properly, Khloe was still trying hard to pronounce hers right but she was getting there.

"oh do you? Maybe we could watch one sometime?" he said smiling at her, he really was unbelievable, just too perfect. "Weally? Maybe later when daddy takes em' ou' ov the car" She said smiling as she tried to get up into his arms. He picked her up and leaned back against the counter where they continued their conversation.

"Kimmy we've got something important to tell you" My dad said smiling from the table where he was sitting. "Go ahead" i said as I pulled my chain from under my top for Khloe to play with.

"You know the old diner that closed down a few years ago?" My mom asked me "yeah, of course we used to go there all the time" I smiled at her remembering how it used to be.

"Well, we bought it Kimmy. She's ours. We looked at it today, it's in immaculate condition, the kitchen, the utensils, the furniture, everything is perfect. All we need to do is re-paint it and replace the sign outside. We already booked that, it'll be here Sunday" My dad said laughing at my mom who looked genuinely happy.

"I'm so excited Kimmy, this is what he would have wanted. I can't wait to get it done. Will you help us to paint it tomorrow?" she asked me

"Of course I will, as long as I get a job" I laughed as she winked and told me she could hook me up with something before she got a shocked look on her face "Rick. We need posters to hold interviews for jobs!" she shouted as if it were the most important thing on the earth.

"If you want any help tomorrow I could get some of the guys to come with me and give a hand." Jared spoke softly holding a sleeping Kasey close to him. "Oh Jared honey that would be perfect if you weren't busy. Thank you very much." She said as she took Kasey and Khloe and w3ent up the stairs, they must have been tired from the journey, I guessed it was nap time.

Jared smiled at me as we sat down on the couch things were finally looking up and I was ecstatic. I didn't think I could be happier until Jared spoke those faithful words that made my heart just about stop beating, the words I waited so long to hear from him.

"Kim, would you… are you… d-do you want to go on a date with me next weekend?"

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