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Chapter 6

I laughed when I looked across the room to see Kasey hanging on to Jared's neck as he helped to paint the walls. It was so different to see because Kasey was so shy she never took to anyone but she let Jared in straight away, it was strange but I loved it.

It was good to see Embry again he hasn't been back to school and I haven't seen him since the first time I was at Emily's house. Jared had arrived with Paul Sam Embry and Emily. She told my mom that she could help clean the kitchen and the windows while the boys helped my dad paint.

My parents were shocked when they saw Jared walk in with Sam Uley behind him. Sam was looked up to on the rez because of his job and because of how the elders approved of him. Jared told me during the week that it was to do with the security of the rez, I had laughed and asked him what danger is there in La Push but I let it drop because he had got very touchy about the subject.

My dad had put his hand on Jared's shoulder when he seen him and said "One of Sam's boys Jared? Good lad" I don't think the smile on Jared's face could have got any wider I think it showed him that my dad actually approves of him.

He winked at me and smirked cockily when I blushed.

I had helped Emily and my mom to clean every part of the kitchen. The room was literally sparkling, it was almost sore to look at the polished metal that made up most of the large room. The occasional bit of sun that shone through the window made it even worse. The room was gleaming.

Keela was so excited about the whole thing when I had rung her and told her. She had gone into specific details about her date with Lance and how it had been perfect, the way she spoke of him made me realise that something in her had changed. Whether she had just grown up or what I don't know but when I heard her say that she was falling for him it clicked, that's what it was, she was falling in love.

I couldn't believe it, I don't think anyone ever thought that she could be tamed but Lance seemed to be doing just that. She told me that she wished she could come over and help but she said that her parents were taking her to Port Angeles because they needed to talk to her or something.

Probably about her grades I thought as I laughed at the boy-crazed party lover that I called my best friend. She was really hopeless when it came to her school work due to the fact that she 'never had time' or that she was 'just so tired' or that she was simply too busy to put in any real effort to her work.

I giggled to myself lightly as I thought about Keela sitting down to study. Yeah right I thought as I grabbed the cloth and clear spray bottle and finished washing the last window to be done in the diner.

I laughed as Keela walked into my room and flopped straight onto my bed, looks like she got a pretty good lecture.

"Kimmy, I need to tell you something"

She squeaked from the bed, I had barely heard what she said because her head was stuck in the middle of my pillows and her voice was muffled.

I lay down beside her and grabbed her hand to look at the familiar ring that was simple yet fascinating, that her nana had given her before she had passed away not much longer than 3 years ago.

"Me too jam." I whispered. "I think I'm in love with Jared. Like properly in love with him not just a crush. I mean head over heels in love. I don't know how to explain it, when I'm with him I just feel safe and I feel like everything is right when I'm with him. It's perfect."

She giggled as she criticised me "Only realising that now ham? I've known for-ev-er. You're just meant to be Kimmy dawling." She bowed down to me and laughed at me.

"Shut up you" I laughed as I grabbed the pillow she was leaning on and hit her across the head with it.

There was an awkward silence in my room as she jumped up to pace back and forth in front of the window.

"So" she finally started "my news. My news is just a heap of bullshit." she sobbed and hopped back onto the bed and put her face back into my pillow.

"I'm moving Kimmy. Across the country. Tomorrow. I'm fucking moving tomorrow! Why so soon? Oh because my parents are fucking 'spontaneous' I'm fucking moving because my stupid fucking parents are fucking 'sick' of La Push and they fucking believe that there would be many more fucking college opportunities and fucking options for me outside of La Push. Who the fuck needs fucking college any-fucking-way?" she shouted as she boxed the pillow with so much rage and anger that it burst open and feathers flew all over the bed.

My heart stopped beating in my chest. I couldn't breathe. I felt like there was a golf ball blocking up my lungs to stop me catching my breath.

I thought back over my life, ever since I was a baby lying on a fluffy beige rug, as the picture on the shelf near my window showed, Keela was always there.

Through everything. Everything I had ever done or been through Keela was with me.

We learned to walk at the same time and how to talk. We were potty trained together and started school together, we rode our bikes together. We learned how to swim at first beach and make sand castles.

I was there right behind her when she punched Pearl Simmons in the nose when we were 8 because she called her a bitch and she was there with me when I throttled Danny Parker for saying girls couldn't play football.

She was the one who stayed with me and held me when I cried every night for 5 weeks when my parents had a rough spot when I was twelve. She came on all my childhood family holidays and I went on hers. She's the one who got me suspended from middle school for fighting with some bitch who had bullied her because her dad was having trouble with alcohol. We went through puberty together and our first heartbreaks. We started middle school and high school together.

I knew her better than I knew myself. I couldn't lose her, no, I couldn't lose someone else that I was close to. No she just couldn't leave.

"Kimmy" she screamed in my face as she shook me by my shoulder "KIMBERLY ANNA CONWELLER. IF YOU DON'T SAY SOMETHING IM GOING TO BITE YOU" I pushed her away from me asquick as I could.

"You're not going. No way. You can't leave me Keela." I whispered.

"I've tried everything Kim, I said I'd live here, I said I'd get all A's, I told them I'd go to a tutor and I'd get a job. And just no that's all they said just no. nothing else, no explanation no nothing. That of course made me angry so I cursed and screamed and fought and I ended up telling them I'd go to the council and say they were trying to take away my heritage by taking me from the rez. Didn't work though."

"We could try that. It could work."

"Really Kimmy? And you're supposed to be the smart one? Thers no way they could do that. I have to go Kim, I have to" she said as a tear slid down my face.

"You can't go Keela, you're my other half! I can't live without you." I sobbed out.

She took a shaky breath before she grabbed my hand "Kimmy, were one soul in two bodies, you're my best friend, my sister. You'll never have to live without me. I'm always going to be here for you no matter how far apart we are. Twenty years from now im going to look bacnk and remember that you were the one person who could turn every frown into a smile in a few simple words; that person who lifted my head when I was losing faith in myself; that person who carried tears on her shoulders after every fight, every break-up, every death; that one person that accepted every decision I ever made, that one person who knew who I really was and that one person that made the biggest impact on my life. I'll never forget you or our friendship Kimmy. You'll always be with me. I'll be back here as soon as I can be. A year and a bit and I'll be right back to you and we'll build our house and get married and live together." She giggled.

When we were little we fully believed that we would grow up and build a house and get married. It didn't help that our parents told us that it would be okay and we thought that one day it would come true.

I forced a smile at her as her phone rang she looked at the caller I.D and cursed the phone

"What?...yeah?... and? What's that got to do with me?...great….oh mother I just can't wait…. Whatever….fine" she snapped the phone shut and glared at it menacingly.

"That woman irritates me." She sighed " Kimmy I've to go and start packing, come over tomorrow to say goodbye won't you? Love you ham." She said as she gave me a bear hug and ran out of the room and down the stairs.

I lay back on my bed and began to try digest the horrible news I'd just been given I grabbed my childhood teddy and held him close to me as I let the tears flow thinking about how shit the next year would be.

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