I walked between the fiery echoes of the lamps scattered around the village, I have been here for so long, the wish to finally escape this tragic nightmare of a village grew strong inside of me. It was snowing now, my brown hair slowly tuning white but I didn't feel the cold, I never did feel cold like others would, why was there so many people lost from the village, where did they go? My envy burns from the knowledge they were able to escape, I long for adventure something to excite the bones in my dusted body, I walk on, past my house, why didn't I stop?

They would never notice, that I didn't return, I wasn't needed, I pressured myself to walk on, I had heard the stories, we all had but I wasn't scared, I never was, I was odd, different and so I walked, never stopping, never avoiding the routes marked for the insane. I realised at that point that I wanted the danger, wanted to find it, wanted to breath the air that would coax me out from my easy life, that's what it was, my life, easy, still I walked.

I was leaving the village now, towards the forest, the fact that it was dark didn't halt me, it pushed me, why was I smiling? This is where the stories began, Demons would take you, steal you away and never again would you see the village, funny, I never wanted to see that damned village ever again so I welcome them. I don't want to die, I just want to feel something, I always knew it would never turn out that way, I never was a sad person, I was happy, even when I wasn't and when my best friend fell in love with the man with brown hair they went away, I still havn't seen her, she was the closest thing I had and she was able to escape, I feel a sense of happiness for her although I strike with the empty feeling of loss. Still I walk on, I enter the forest, it was truly a beautiful place, the urge to remove my shoes just for the reason I could feel the crunch of the leaves glide across my skin, I was loosing sight of it now, the village a mere memory, I breath a sigh of release, it was funny that it felt as if I had been carrying a unwanted weight around with me all this time, so I laughed quietly. Am I insane?

What was I hoping to achieve? The village was gone now and I wasn't really sure in which direction I was heading, it was so quiet, the only thing I could hear was the sound of my own ghostly breathing, I still didn't feel the cold although my body shook, quite an odd feeling, I paused, a loud snap of a tree branch, I stared, unable to find the source, was this it? As the stories were told? I stared ahead, nothing but darkness but then a glint of white, possibly hair? I wanted to walk forward to get a better view but part of me was telling me I was hallucinating, what if this was all a dream? What if I awaken back in that godforsaken village. I panicked.

"Are you real?" My voice sounds empty as I wait for a reply, I willed for something to answer me, I realised that the white shimmer was now gone, I closed my eyes in defeat and again listened to the sound of my own breathing, my neck, it felt warm.

"More than real."