Hey y'all (pardon my occasional southern exclamations; I'm only half southern but it's more fun than typing in a northern accent ;-). This is my first fanfiction but I have been developing the Potter Twins for about a year and a half with my best friend. I pretend to be Nicki because she is fun to be and if I was Sydney, I would practically be acting as myself (except for the horseback riding cuz that's my friend's thing). All characters except for Sydney, Nicki, and a few others who will appear in future chapters belong to J.K. Rowling.


Albus Dumbledore held two six month old babies in his arms, one with light hair and one with dark hair. Suddenly, the black cat watching him turned into a woman. "Are you sure you want to do this, Albus?"

"Yes Minerva. Voldemort will never look for them here. James and Lily died for their daughters and we must protect them." Dumbledore walked up to the front door and placed the babies on the doorstep. He took out his wand and conjured up a note to leave with the girls. He knocked on the door before he and Minerva McGonagall disappeared.

Chapter 1

"Nicki! Sydney! Get out of bed you lazy oafs!"

The two ten year olds sat up at the same time, whacking their heads on the low ceiling. "Ow!" they both exclaimed. This was how their mornings always started: waking up at 6 am to clean and making breakfast for their Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and cousin Dudley. Ever since their parents died in what Uncle Vernon said was a car accident, Nicki and Sydney Potter worked hard as servants in the Dursley household. The only fun thing to do was have arguments with Dudley.

Even though Nicki and Sydney were twins, they looked nothing alike. Sydney had long, curly blonde hair that always grew to the middle of her back, no matter how short it was cut the day before. She had purple eyes that looked pink when she was mad and black when she was hurt. Sydney was the smart twin and loved riding horses, even though it was hard for her to get that opportunity. Sydney had a star-shaped scar on the left side of her forehead that her hair always hid.

Nicki, on the other hand, had straight, shoulder-length brown hair that could never stay neat. She had bright blue eyes that flashed like lightning when she got annoyed or mad. Nicki was more into the boy sports like wrestling and martial arts; Nicki could take down anyone who tried to hurt her or Sydney. She also had a musical and artistic side, able to play guitar and sing like no other. Nicki had a crescent moon scar on the right side of her forehead that was always hidden by her side bangs. Adults always liked Sydney better not only because she was more polite, but also because Nicki was a huge prankster.

Sydney stumbled out of their room under the staircase before she went back in to drag out a half-sleeping Nicki. They began their morning routine. Sydney went to make breakfast while Nicki went to get the mail. In the pile were two letters, one addressed for each of the twins. Nicki walked into the kitchen dropped the mail almost in Dudley's eggs.

"Hey!" exclaimed their seriously chubby cousin. Nicki placed Sydney's letter into her sister's hand. "Mummy, the twits have letters! Who would send them something?"

Uncle Vernon noticed the seal on the letters, snatched them away, and tossed them into the fire. "Hey those were for us," Nicki cried out.

"Yeah, they even wrote that we lived under the stairs on the address," argued Sydney.

Vernon ignored the reactions of his agitated nieces and turned to his child. "Son, if you see those two with anymore letters I want you to tell me immediately."

"Yes Father."

Over the next few days, owls kept showing up delivering letters with the same seals until Uncle Vernon finally had enough and brought Aunt Petunia, Dudley, and the twins to a little cabin hours away from their house.

"You know that it's not only Dudley's birthday," Sydney pointed out while she and Nicki were trying to settle down on the cold floor of the cabin.

"Yeah, it's our birthday too," Nicki added.

"Nobody cares, so shut up. It's your fault that I'm here instead of my high-tech playroom with my friends." Nicki held back her tongue to avoid one of her uncle's temper tantrums.

Suddenly, the door blasted open and everybody shot up from where they were sleeping. A man who looked like he could eat a football team walked, or stomped, in. He had a beard that needed to be shaved badly and carried a pink umbrella—odd for such a Neanderthal-looking man. His voice boomed when he said, "I'm lookin' for Sydney and Nicole Potter. Would that be you two?" The twins nodded, afraid of angering the huge man. "I'm here tuh take you tuh Hogwarts. The name's Hagrid. Here are yuh letters." Hagrid handed the girls the letters and they opened them before Vernon could rip them.

"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? But we're not magical," Sydney argued.

"Yeah, if anybody here is a witch, it's Dudley; he's got the evil part down."

Hagrid explained more before Nicki could get herself killed by their relatives. "Yuh parents were killed by an evil wizard named Voldemort when you were lil and we've been hidin you in the muggle world ever since."

Sydney butted in, "our parents weren't killed by some wizard. Uncle Vernon said our parents died in a car accident and they took us in."

Hagrid began to get angry as he sputtered, "The great James and Lily Potter… die in a… car accident!"

Vernon finally couldn't take it as he yelled, "They were freaks! And I'm not paying to send these girls to a school full of freaks run by some crackpot!"

Dudley jumped up and exclaimed, "Wait, if those two are going to an exclusive private school, then I have to go too. Get me in Mummy! Give me a letter you giant oaf!"

Hagrid ignored the whining boy and growled, "Never insult the name of Albus Dumbledore!" He turned to Dudley and zapped him in the butt. Suddenly, he had a little pig tail pop out and he started snorting. Vernon and Petunia freaked out and Hagrid took the opportunity to tell the girls to get their things because it would be a long time before they returned to their aunt and uncle.

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