Remembrance: An amnesia story

Chapter 1:

Darkness, that's all he could see, was pure uninterrupted darkness. "Where am I?" , he thought. He tried to make sense of the unceasing dark that surrounded him. "What is this place?" he wondered, fear starting to well in his stomach at the unknown. Unable to ascertain where he was he focused on the immediate. He was lying down but not on a bed on something hard, cold even. He moved his hands and felt stone; he was lying on the ground. He could feel the hard rock wet with the moisture that hung in the air. "Was this some kind of dungeon?", he wondered.

He tried to sit up but as he did a sharp pain shot through him emanating from his back. He collapsed back to the floor gasping in pain. "What the hell?", he thought, " why am I in pain?". He gingerly reached his hands towards his back and flinched when his fingers touched what felt like broken skin. Suddenly the fear intensified turning swiftly into panic, and then he heard it. It was a guttural, feral moan coming suddenly from the darkness. The panic took him over as he tried to get on his feet, but he was too weak and could move little.

"What was that!"' his mind screamed. It was getting closer to him. He could hear shuffling now and what sounded like a low gurgling. It became louder and louder until it sounded like it was right next to him, and then the shuffling stopped. His breath caught in his throat. The only sound he heard was the low gurgling sound. "Please leave me alone!" his mind told him to yell, but he didn't want to make a sound lest whatever this thing was would hear it and attack him.

The shuffling started again and moved away from him. Relief flooded through him, the most comforting feeling he'd had since he awoke, but it was short-lived. The shuffling stopped again and after a short silence he heard the jangle of what sounded like keys and the grating of a lock, the opening of a metal door and then silence once more. Suddenly a piercing cry let out, but this time it was not from the creature, it was human. He heard a gurgling roar join in with the cry and then a sickening thud was heard and the human cry stopped.

There was a sound like a body being dragged accompanied by the shuffling. It became louder as he heard it go by and then disappear. His mind was trying to comprehend what was going on but it couldn't, it roiled with questions of which he knew he would have no answers for, "What was that thing?", "Did it kill that man?" , "Will I be next?", "Oh god, what have I done to deserve this!" , and then a more sickening and terrifying question came to mind, "Who am I?"