Hey guys! First fanfic EVER so it's probably not that good, but be nice. Dawn x B. Takes place after B's elimination. Multichapter. I decided to start off with the TDRI cast just because it's the cast I'm most familiar with right now, I'll probably do the old cast in my next fic.


It was nighttime at Camp Wawanakwa. For once, everything actually appeared to be peaceful in the radioactive campground. All the animals (the ones that were still capable anyway) had drifted off to sleep. Most of the campers had fallen asleep as well, not surprising given the exhausting challenges they had performed that day. But one camper sat awake, still going over the events of that day. It was Dawn. She was confused, which was rare because of her psychic powers. Normally her gift gave her a clear picture of what was going on, but this time she just couldn't figure it out.

Her teammates had voted off "Silent" B, Dawn's best friend out off all the contestants. Scott had convinced everyone that B was a traitor, reasoning that B's plan in the challenge had backfired and the fact that he never spoke. And indeed, Scott had done a very good job; he had gotten Dawn's vote as well. But now she was having second thoughts. B's aura was always a purplish-green hue, which meant qualities like honesty, kindness, and acceptance - certainly not signs of a traitor.

Dawn was never fully convinced of that argument. The main reason she voted off B was because Scott said that he hated nature. If one thing could anger Dawn, that was definitely it. She had a connection with the earth that few people had. Merely being in the presence of nature often put her in a state of serenity, and talking to her forest friends often provided her more comfort than humans ever did (they were far less judgmental after all.) While she didn't expect others to match that, she at least expected people to respect the earth around them. To defile the very earth they lived on was pure horror to Dawn. But again, B's aura gave no indication of hating nature. He was so kind, so gentle, it was just so uncharacteristic of him.

Dawn decided to consult Scott to find out more. She tiptoed out of her cabin and made her way over towards the boys' side. She walked over to Scott's bed and shook him slightly. "Scott, wake up!" whispered Dawn.

Scott slowly opened his eyes and groaned. "What do you want? It's the middle of the night!"

"I just wanted to ask you more about B's treachery."

Scott's eyes lit up, unnoticed by Dawn. He must have done a better job than he thought, if even the aura-reader was convinced. Maybe he could throw in a personal touch here, just to seal the deal. "I don't know, he just didn't like being here, he didn't like anybody."

Scott paused, then said in a hushed tone "It even said in his diary that you were his least favorite."

The pale girl widened her eyes in shock. "But... that can't be! His aura was..."

Scott cut her off. "I know it's probably seems shocking to you. I thought he was a nice guy too. But, what's done is done, you have nothing to worry about now."

"I guess so," muttered Dawn. She was about to ask Scott another question, but he had already fallen back asleep. Dawn quietly slipped out of the room and went back to her own cabin.

She hopped onto her bed and began to meditate in an effort to soothe her troubled thoughts. But it was no use. She couldn't clear her mind. Dissatisfied, Dawn got out of her pose. Something just wasn't right about this. She would get to the bottom of this, no matter what it took.

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