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In the room adjacent to the plotting trio sat Dawn (Chris took great pride in where the contestant's rooms were placed. Despite all the stress that had occurred recently, she was actually able to clear her mind for the most part. She was definitely glad about that. If there was ever a day she needed it, today was the day.

As she got into her meditation pose, Dawn once again thought over her current situation. She could certainty see B's reasoning in the matter. He felt that Scott's actions didn't merit him any help for his current circumstance. Dawn was in fact the only contestant without that mindset. But Dawn also knew that B was much smarter, and quite frankly more compassionate, than all the others. She was almost certain that B would put his grudge behind him and help a person in need. The keyword being almost.

Dawn wasn't going to back down on her stance. Morals trumped everything in her book, and she planned to abide by that. But destroying her relationship with B over it was something she was far less comfortable doing. She hoped that B would change his mind soon, because a decision between the two was one that Dawn did not want to face. Hope. That was all she could do at this point.

"So you're telling me your master plan is just me sitting there and having her talk to me?"

B merely gave him a look.

"And tell me how this helps at all?"

"She can't read your aura..." B started.

"Then explain how she spent two hours telling me how I wasn't held enough as a child!" Scott cut him off.

"...When you have something to hide." B finished, shooting him an angry glare in the process. "Which you now have. If she talks it out with you, I can get better gage on where we stand. And what I have to do up make up with her."

"Ok, so what am I supposed to do then? Just suddenly be like, 'Hey, have you been having any problems with your personal life lately?' That's not suspicious at all."

Another look. "No, don't be like that. Look, she's going to be down today, I sure as hell am, so pretend to notice and don't shut up about it. Act like you normally would in this circumstance."

"Because I've had to do this so many other times before."

Yet another look. Scott indicated that he got the message, and with that, B left the room and joined Mike in his own.

"So is it all good? Is the plan still on?" Mike asked.

B nodded.

"What if he sabotages this on purpose?"

"I threatened him with Fang."

"Wow. Isn't that kind of uncalled for?"

"Yeah, I did not want to go there, but I doubt anything else would actually stop him."

"No kidding. I guess all is fair in love and war."

B sighed. "Apparently."

Dawn inhaled deeply as she stood outside of Scott's door. Though she was doing this voluntarily, that didn't make Scott's abrasive personality any easier to deal with. Sighing, she slowly turned the knob and entered Scott's room.

"Greetings, Scott. Did you have a nice evening?"

"Fabulous." came the sarcasm-laden reply.

Brushing off the snide remark, Dawn noticed that Scott's aura was back to being nearly unreadable. She had a feeling that it wasn't going to be an easy day. "Not everything has to be negative, Scott."

"Of course you're saying that. What do you have to be negative over? Other than reading my depressing aura that is."

"My life isn't perfect. No one's is."

"It's more perfect than my life. I'll tell you that."

"I never said that. I merely said that I have my fair share of problems to deal with as well."

"Ok, prove it. Tell me one thing in your life that absolutely sucks right now."

A long silence followed this statement. Dawn, in fact, did only have one thing in her life that absolutely sucked at the moment. But of course, describing her current relationship status with - dare she say it - her enemy was once again far from ideal. Yet there he was, waiting for an answer, rather impatiently she noted.

"Well..." she choked out. "My relationship with B isn't going as well as I would've hoped."

Scott smirked at this statement, for multiple reasons.

"What do you know, Beverly isn't perfect. Please tell me more."

"I'd... prefer not to go in depth about this."

"No, no, no, no, no. The cat's out of the bag now. You're telling me about this. Now."

"I really don't think you'd want to hear about it."

"Except I do. Talk."

Dawn sighed. It was clear that Scott wasn't going to back down from this. And in truth, she doubted that he would be offended by it. Given his nature, she reasoned that he might even be proud by causing such a rift in their relationship. (He was.) There didn't appear to be much to lose in revealing the truth.

"Umm... The issue was centered around you, really. B didn't particularly want to help you I'm your current state. Meanwhile, I believe that all living things should be aided in their time of need, so we had a disagreement regarding that."

Scott put on a look of confusion. "Really? That's it? You're fighting over something that doesn't even involve you?"

"It involves our principles. Seeing eye to eye is a key foundation or any relationship."

"Screw that. You guys have different opinions. It happens. This while thing sounds stupid to me."

"If you feel that way, then what do you recommend I do."

"I don't know. Make up, make out, move one. I don't care."

"I would prefer an apology."

"Then get it out of him. If he really likes you, then he'll do it. Now get out, I'm starting to get annoyed."

"Your aura says you're always annoyed."

"I'm particularly annoyed. Now get out."

"Thank you for your advice. I shall respect your wishes."


Dawn quickly left the room and headed to the room next door.

Given the proximity of the two rooms, B was able to overhear the whole conversation, again part of the plan.

"It could have been a lot worse. I think you're in good shape." Mike pointed out optimistically.

B's melancholy look provided all the response he needed.

"Don't worry, man. I'm sure it'll be fine. She's probably on her way..."

Mike was interrupted by a knocking at the door.

The two teens froze. They had a pretty good idea of who was waiting outside. Eventually, Mike got up and answered.

Dawn seemed somewhat surprised, but gave a friendly greeting anyway.

"Oh, greetings Mike. Was I interrupting something?"

"No, I was just heading out. You can do whatever you need."

He promptly left, leaving the couple standing face to face. They remained silent for a few seconds before Dawn finally spike up.

"So... B," she started.

"I'm sorry." B came out with it. "I'm sorry for everything. I was insensitive, I was a jerk, I didn't consider your perspective, and I'm sorry."

"I think I should apologize as well. I believe very strongly in my opinions, but I was wrong to force them upon you. You were uncomfortable with the situation, and I should have respected that. We both have things we need to work on."

The tension in the room cleared, the two shared a long kiss and smiled. Again, no words were needed. With the day still being fairly young, the renewed couple went out to enjoy the rest of it, their relationship now even stronger, having risen above the trials they faced.

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