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The finale proved to be as good as advertised, as Lightning and Cameron had to engage in a giant robot gladiator battle for the ultimate prize. Defying all conventional wisdom, Cameron ended up "vanquishing" Lightning to claim the million dollar prize (which for once wasn't completely destroyed in the process.)

To everyone's delight - Dawn in particular - Chris had been arrested for completely destroying the island's ecosystem. While the show's lawyers worked tirelessly in attempt to free their host, the contestants were to be transported to Playa de Losers until that situation was solved.

With the exception of Scott and Dakota, who were airlifted to a nearby hospital to receive treatments, all the contestants were taken to Playa de Losers for the time being. They had been notified that a season 5 would take place as soon as Chris's legal issues were sorted out, and would remain at the resort until then.

After a season filled with grueling challenges, frequent humiliation, and the ever-looming factor that they could possibly die, the serenity of the resort felt almost strange to the contestants. Even when they were eliminated, there was always an eerie feeling in the back of their minds. They would definitely have to reacquaint themselves with their suddenly clear thoughts.

Most of the contestants seemed to be enjoying themselves regardless. Mike and Zoey's relationship had only grown stronger, and showed no signs of slowing down. Sam was depressed for a while about losing his girlfriend, but of course, he still had his video games to bounce back to, so he was unaffected for the most part. As for Brick and Jo? They still hadn't exactly moved on from their "rivalry" per say. Brick at one point had offered a truce, but Jo shot that idea quickly. Almost too quickly, one might note.

The two finalists were also doing reasonably well. Lightning had already begun rehabilitation, and while he likely had to sit out the next year or two, there seemed to be no effect on his long term prognosis. Cameron, on the other hand, was still contemplating what to do with the million dollars. He had already distributed it evenly amongst everyone, but he still had a lot of cash, and lot of opportunities with it. On the other end of the spectrum, Staci... well, she remained Staci. Dawn and B's relationship remained mostly unchanged. A strong bond, a mutual understanding, and still few words between them.

The contestants had just started to get used to life at the resort, but of course, it wasn't meant to last. A giant helicopter appeared over their heads one day, and that only meant one thing.

"Good afternoon, campers!" The egotistical host boomed. "I see you're having a nice time?"

His only response was a collective angry glare, but it wasn't like he would let them finish a complaint anyway.

"Well, too bad! I am now officially cleared of charges, and thus, season 5 will be underway immediately. You have until tomorrow to get your things, so use your time wisely."

With that, the newly-liberated sadist departed the resort, while to contestants were left to process the new information. After a while, they all dispersed, mostly to start packing. The moonchild turned to her boyfriend. His aura was a mixture of... pretty much everything. Though she couldn't read her own aura, she knew she was feeling the same.

Time passed by quickly, and before they knew it, the contestants were standing at the entrance to the resort, waiting for their boat to take them... somewhere. It would be a lie to say they weren't anxious. Rumors were flying that season 5 would be the last season, and knowing Chris, he was saving his best (a.k.a. worst) for last.

"I have a bad feeling about this season." Dawn noted. "Chris's aura has been increasingly unstable as of late."

B gave her a look that said "Figures."

"At least we'll be in a non-radioactive environment. I can't bear to see another poor mutated creature."

B nodded. He wasn't quite as environmentally conscious as his girlfriend, but he had to admit what Chris had done to the island's ecosystem was absolutely terrible.

"B, your aura was rather mixed yesterday. What are your thoughts on the upcoming season?"

B thought for a bit. "Well... they are mixed. Chris is dangerous. Very dangerous. But we've dealt with him before. I want to go back and redeem myself. I want to do well this season. All I know it that, any challenge I get, I want to face it head on."

Dawn smiled. "Your attitude towards this is very admirable."

B shrugged the statement off, attempting modesty (which of course Dawn saw right through.)

"Promise me one thing, B? No matter what we do next season, win or lose, we face it together. Whatever happens to us, I want it to happen as a unit."

Now it was B's turn to smile. "I wouldn't want it any other way."

The couple shared a long kiss, a new happiness building up in them. As if on cue, the boat arrived at the dock, signaling the contestants to board. As the couple left the certainty of the resort and entered the uncertainty of the new season, they didn't know what to expect. Yes, some dangers lay ahead. Yes, there was a lot to prove. They were entering a world of uncertainty.

But their minds were free of doubt.

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