The only one…

Summary: Hibari Kyoya's only exception…everyone knows about Hibari's 'possessiveness of Tsuna…no one can blame him…the boy is beautiful both inside and out. But is that the only reason Hibari is so protective of him?

I re-typed it because I have to admit, this story has a lot of grammar mistakes and missing several sentences here and there. Though I hope I improved on this one.

Chapter 1

Why…? Why did he felt…jealous? Every time this happened…


The little herbivore sat alone at the rooftop... why is that? Because his friends were preparing the herbivore's birthday celebration. It made him irritated for some reason… It was rather pathetic watching them make up ridiculous excuse from afar. Idiotic herbivores…

How dare they make happy what was his…

Taking a deep breath, Hibari ran his hand through his raven locks. He had to stay calm…losing temper won't get anywhere…not that he loses temper, only herbivores does that...he was calm...he was...

"JUUDAIME! I'M SORRY FOR MAKING YOU WAIT I LET YOU DOWN!I DON'T DESERVE TO BE YOUR RIGHT-HAND MAN!" Gokudera slammed open :-) the door at the rooftop and immediately he began bowing before his smaller boss.

Tch…of course he didn't deserve it…

Hibari smirked as he watched from above where the Decimo Vongola was.

"Gokudera-kun!Please stand up!There is no need to bow down." the brunette sweatdropped, holding up both his hands in front of him.

"B-But juudaime…even though I disgraced you-YOU ARE SO KIND TO ME!" Hibari eyes twitched as he watched the proclaimed right- hand- man tackle HIS herbivore into a tight embrace, nearly taking the smaller boy with him to the ground.

Someone was going to be bitten to death...he gripped the tonfas at his side.

"Ahahaha!let me join too are we having a group hug?!" Yamamoto's cheery voice interrupted from a closed distant

"A-AH!I'M SO SORRY JUUDAIME!I took advantage of you FORGIVE ME!" Gokudera backed away immediately from the blushing boy, face that can put tomatoes to shame.

"Mm? What's going on?" Yamamoto questioned dumbly.

"SHUT UP BASEBALL-FREAK!" the bomber scowled at the tall teen, his face still red.

"Ahaha!Maa maa, that's rude~" Yamamoto just grinned, as he made his way towards Tsuna, surprising the brunette suddenly when he was pulled into an embraced against the baseball expert's chest.

Hibari felt another twitch of his eye. They were gonna get it…NOW, he thought menacingly as he jumped down from where he was and just as he was about ready to pound the filthy herbivores...

"SAWADA!" Hibari decided to bite this one too…he was already pissed off by all the crowding on his herbivore…and this one was being too loud…

"Onii-san!" The brunette exclaimed, and let out a shriek as he was pulled into a bone crushing bear hug.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE EXTREME!" the boxer greeted, nearly breaking the poor boy's ear drums.

"TURP TOP!THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE UNTIL WE SHOW HIM TO THE PARTY!" Gokudera punched the boxer's head, causing Ryohei to let go of the brunette but luckily Yamamoto caught him bridal style.

"Maa maa, Calm down, it's Tsuna's birthday." Yamamoto gave Tsuna a grinned, making the brunette blush.

"I-I KNEW THAT, BASEBALL-FREAK! A-ah happy birthday J-Juudaime…" He smiled shyly at his boss, rubbing the back of his head.

"TO THE EXTREME!" Ryohei added.

Tsuna smiled brightly at his friends, turning all three into a frantic and a blushing mess.

That does it…Hibari narrowed his eyes.

"Herbivores…." all heads turned at the prefect.

Hibari took a step forward, tonfas out ready to pound them…

"HIIIIIEEEEEEE! HIBARI-SAN!" The brunette stared wide eyed at the newcomer.

"I'll bite you to death…" Hibari stated his infamous phrase before charging at them.

"HIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!WAIT HIBARI-SA-" the tonfas missed the brunette, instead swinging Gokudera on the head and the bomber fell down with a thud, then Hibari turned his heels and went to Yamamoto, kneeing the taller teen in the gut earning a small groan of pain before he too fell down.

Hibari growled at the last one, the boxer grinned and posed into his boxing position and threw fist at his opponent almost immediately but the prefect was too fast and dodged it easily before whacking the loud teen at the neck causing the guy to faint at the vital spot treatment he got.

Hibari was about to swing at the boxer the second time when the brunette stepped in front suddenly.

"H-Hibari-san h-he's already unconscious please step b-back!" he had his eyes closed as he shouted this, ready to take in any violence from the older teen.

But none came...


"HIIIIIEEEE!" the brunette shrieked as he felt a hand rest upon his chin suddenly, and on instinct he opened his eyes only to come face to face with none other that Hibari Kyoya...their faces only inches apart...

Tsuna blushed furiously, accidently taking in the prefect's cologne in his nostrils.

"Herbivore…you are to meet me at the Reception room…it that clear…?" the skylark smirked at him…looking a bit out of character that he suddenly had the urge to touch the older teen at the forehead to check if he was alright.

But he nodded instead, though very scared at the moment he was also curious as to what Hibari-san wanted from him.

He watched carefully as the prefect released him and heading to the door, disappearing from view.

After a few seconds of silence he shrieked realizing that his friends needed aid at the moment.

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